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Monday, December 26, 2016
Episode 12,987
Length:1445 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the club, Steve and Kayla feel good about feeding the homeless. A new tradition, although Steve harbors regrets regarding his own kids. She gushes they are getting a grandbaby and he gushes he is here with her to stay. Always ... Claire is online with Ciara speaking of the apartment they could share on campus. They come out of the club and Claire glares at Joey and Jade, getting catty. Joey praises how she was helping the homeless kids. She says the same of him and is touched by his attentiveness. Jade now excuses herself to the ladies room and alludes to being pregnant. Ciara suggests Joey do something about that girl ... The new girl in the slammer gets harassed by the two mean girls Coco and Sheila. They read her letter to home praising Hope, calling them horrible. They attack and Rambo Hope runs in, tossing a chair, shouting to leave her alone ... Chad stands by the DiMera Christmas mantle. Gabi arrives, as she attempted to reach him all night. He stammers about his long walk without a phone. Gabi is here to tell him but he already knows - Abigail lives. Abigail appears and Gabi turns around to face her ... JJ is with Rafe at the station, who feels like the Christmas Grinch ruined things for Hope. He asks about Gabi, only to hear how she has been hanging around Chad ... Back at DiMera mansion Abigail whispers hi. Gabi is shocked and gasps JJ knew. As of last night. Gabi gushes this is a Christmas miracle and hugs her. Chad uncomfortably looks away ...

Joey states Ciara and Claire are immature. They are against him being saddled with the teen mother of his child. They offer to assist him and Jade reappears, standing by her man. The verbal fur flies. Jade tells them Joey is not trapped and she could raise this baby on her own. She storms off leaving him standing alone ... Hope saves the newbie and orders the two mean girls away. They leer Chile cannot help her every minute of every day. The pair prepare to take on "princess." ... Gabi gasps how did she survive the crash? Chad steps away when Thomas cries. Abigail explains she faked her death to spare them all. Gabi cries Chad was in a state without her. Abigail bitterly notes but she was there to help him, no? Abigail is evidently not amused ... Jade storms back into the club, where Steve and Kayla are kissing. Kayla thanks her for helping with the homeless. She and Steve see the girl is bothered. She complains about Joey's female bodyguards who feel she tried to trap him but it was an accident! Kayla admits family is into family out of love and loyalty. Steve suggests it felt strange for him too at first but there is nothing like being in the Brady family. Ciara and Claire appear and Ciara assures Jade they will be there for her and the baby. Joey stands by Jade's side and she tries to accept the peace offering. Ciara now sighs she is worried about Hope and would like to attend mass ... Hope is about to be beaten ... until big Chile interruptus, shoving the mean girls out. Now back to her jingle bell soul solo. Hope thanks the new girl for getting big Chile ... Abigail admits she watched her bff kissing Chad right here in their house. How long have they been an item and how long did she wait? Gabi assumes JJ spoke to her and babbles she and Chad ... Abigail asks about love ... Gabi gasps she was presumed dead. Chad returns and suggests Abigail blame only herself for what happened. He stares at her with his betrayed blue eyes.

Steve senses something is happening with Hope. Ciara agrees. Claire now gets a call and tells Theo it seems Ciara will be their roomy! Ciara soap stares. She was not expecting a Three's Company kind of arrangement ... The mean girls decide to convince big Chile to let them go after Hope ... Abigail apologizes for putting Chad through hell. Gabi excuses herself in tears. Chad feels terrible. JJ runs into her at the door and she deduces this was his big secret. She wonders how Dario knew. Chad thunders who did NOT know his wife was not dead! Gabi gives Abigail another embrace and cries she was the best Christmas present. Chad and Abigail are alone again. She was with Thomas all night and missed him. He admits he went for a long walk and is at the same time furious and thankful. He rages he cannot forget this and questions whether he will be able to move on with her. Alas this is not what Abigail was hoping to hear ...

Ciara tells Claire she knew not Theo would also be their roommate but feels too uncomfortable to change her mind. The family will head to St Luke's to pray for Hope together. Claire makes Jade feel unwanted so Joey leaves with her. Rafe comes looking for Dario bearing a Christmas present. They discuss the Hope drama. Rafe assures stressed Ciara her mother is strong ... Outside Joey begs Jade to attend the St. Luke's prayer with the rest of the family. He gets emotional about their unborn baby representing the best of them ... JJ follows furious Gabi outside. He tries to explain himself but she blasts his lack of trust. Again! She has seen the light and lets him know Miami is another matter. Her trust in him is totally gone. JJ snaps was that before or after she locked lips with the husband of his sister ... Back at DiMera mansion another argument escalates. Chad blasts Abigail for playing games with his heart. He would have been there for her! The burden of her loss was worse than any burden she felt she would be. He cries he would have stood by her. She woefully wonders whether he will do so now ...

Gabi gets madder at JJ, who accuses Chad of going after her. He questions if she will step aside. Gabi claims they got close as at least he was honest. JJ asks for another chance and believes things can be like before. Gabi begs to differ. Things are now different for them forever ... Chad sighs she is his son's mother. Abigail adds she is also his wife. She tries to get close and he withdraws. She emotionally apologizes and adds just as Jack came back for the family so did she. She feels it was fate that he found her with Thomas. They were meant to be despite the difficulties. She was wrong to disrespect their love and begs him to believe she loves him and is here to stay. He weeps he loves and would do anything for her and their son. However he knows not when this hurt and lack of trust will leave him! She wonders what comes next. He cries he cannot let her go again and tenderly takes her face in his hands. She starts to smile ...

Joey and Jade discuss bonding over the baby. He feels this could be a fresh start, to get over what happened with Ava. He warns her it is not easy living with his family. She is in and he promises good things await. They hold hands and head to church ... Inside the club the gang get their coats on. ISA Shane shows up and wants a word. Steve suggests the girls go ahead. Kayla stays with Steve and Rafe, waiting to hear his news. Shane dramatically declares this development could save Hope ... Meanwhile in the slammer Hope approaches Chile at her computer and thanks her. But Chile is not responding as she has been stabbed in the heart. Hope is horrified! ... JJ realizes Gabi is not about to give up on Chad. Gabi knows not whether Abigail and Chad have a future but she and JJ certainly have none! She leaves him standing alone ... Abigail admires sleeping Thomas. Chad sighs he needs some time. However she should stay here. No more hiding, no more running away! He wants them to solve things together. She feels the same way ... The guard radios for an immediate lockdown. The two means girls already have their evil eye on Hope ... But back at the club, Shane drops the biggest bombshell of the year. STEFANO THAT OLD S.O.B. MIGHT STILL BE ALIVE! And so it begins...



All the drama in Salem on Monday, December 26