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Friday, December 23, 2016
Episode 12,986
Length:1440 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the pub Steve, Roman, and Kayla enjoy being together at a table as Joey dutifully clears the dishes. Patch the sage states being together is their Christmas miracle. Joey greets Jade, who feels rather uneasy about intruding. They let her know she is family now ... At the Kiriakis mansion Justin, Adrienne and Sonny end a Christmas video call with Sonny's two brothers. Sonny heads for the hospital party, making jokes about their Christmases past. Once they are alone, Adrienne admits to her ex she wore a lot of blush so no one would see how tired she was. She sighs she does not want her sons to worry. Justin is sympathetic when she runs to the bathroom to get sick ... At DiMera mansion Chad stares at a very undead Abigail. He breaks down sobbing could this be her, could this really be her and comes closer. He cries he does not understand. She puts the baby down without a word. Chad trembles and touches her face, which is real. He holds her close and they cry together for themselves, for the whole world ... Roman gets lots of laughs when he opens another fruitcake. Jade and Joey talk at their own table. She laments her lack of funds prevented her from having presents to give. Joey thinks she should be getting gifts as she is having a baby and presents her with a pair of crystal earrings. He grins he paid for them this time and they agree to always do right by the baby ... Chad asks Abigail if she is real. She feebly nods. He gasps how can it be ...?!

At the hospital Dario disagrees with Gabi wearing her amethyst necklace from Chad. They have arrived for the kids hospital party. Arianna joins the other children as they get ready. Sonny appears and the tension between the two guys is intense. Dario rages about Sonny spying. Gabi orders them to stop ... Legal eagle Justin shouts on his phone he is going all the way to the supreme court with Hope's case and ends the call. Adrienne feels she should go to the hotel. He asks her to stay a little longer. She agrees to a ginger ale. Ater all, it is Christmas and Justin is wearing a bright red sweater to mark the occasion ... Jade loves the earrings. Kayla is being sweet and Jade appreciates it. Kayla talks the importance of family and the teen glows ... Back at DiMera mansion Chad gasps there was a plane crash! Where was she, who was she with, why is she not speaking, where the hell has she been! His voice grows louder with the bitterness of betrayal. Abigail silently weeps without answers. But still he waits ...

Sonny compliments Gabi's new necklace, assuming it was from JJ. Dario snaps it was not from JJ. Gabi happily explains she and JJ have ended their relationship. Dario voices his protest. The almost argument is interrupted when Santa elf Paul walks in with the kids. Sonny likes what he sees ... Back at the pub, Steve and Kayla exchange thoughtful gifts. He provides her with a portable multi-tool which can do anything, even act as a nail file. He excitedly asks for his present. Kayla gushes she is giving him something to listen to this year ... her own harmonica to compliment his. She surprises him by playing jingle bells. Steve laughs and they head to the hospital party, where their grand entrance is highly anticipated ... Chad and Abigail are in their old bedroom now, the baby monitor is on so they can speak. She notices he has not changed anything since she left. Chad has questions. She cries it should be enough that she is home. He demands to know why she disappeared. She cannot face him as she tells him her tale of woe. The truth is she was imagining Ben 24/7. The hallucinations were caused by the pills she was pumped with at that horrible facility he took her to. She decided to make her great escape and did so by imagining she had to outfox Ben. Chad weeps why did she not think to call or come home to him? He is astonished to hear she did, when she gave Andre the letter as he was not home at the time. Chad wishes Andre had stopped her. She adds she assumed he was better off without her so Andre talked her into faking her death. Chad bawls he cannot believe it. He thunders about his brother lying to him about the death of the woman he loved. However, what she did was even worse ...

Sonny takes a picture of Paul and teases him. Dario quips Paul could also be spying on Santa. Gabi makes him stop. Arianna points at Santa the pirate. Patch Claus and Kayla Claus are in red suits. Ho ho Ho! ... Abigail mentions the pills being the problem and Laura helping her. She is still getting therapy and is on anti-depressants. Chad is crushed she did not come see him when she first came to town. She cries she really came back only cos JJ got shot. He gets even more upset. She explains she was going to flee but found herself wanting to see Thomas. Chad stops her from taking off again by blocking her path to the door ... Justin and Adrienne sit quietly and laugh about the old Christmas days with their three sons. Happy times. Then the boys grew up. Justin muses it really was a wonderful life and tenderly takes her hand ... Dario has a new gift for Gabi - a real designer handbag instead of that knockoff! She loves it. Sonny soap stares with a frown. He senses Dario is up to something ... Mrs. Kayla Claus is reading the Christmas story to the children. Joey watches with an arm around smiling Jade. He tells her their kid will be here next year too ... Abigail calmly notes she knows Chad moved on. Chad is flabbergasted. She cries she saw him bury his ring and saw him with Gabi. She believes he hates her. He cries she came back and did nothing while he had to move on, the grief was killing him! She weeps she wishes she had died for real. Chad is horrified to hear her say such a thing ...

Sonny wants to show Ari the town square tree. Gabi will catch up with them soon and suggests Sonny invite Paul the cute elf! Sonny asks about the purse ... the knockoff from Dario. Gabi has already transferred her items into the new one and notes she left the knockoff lying around somewhere. Sonny steps away to hook up the car seat for Arianna, then stops at an open door, where Dario has his back turned. He takes something small out of the knockoff bag though it remains unclear whether Sonny recognizes it as a microchip ... Adrienne wonders what Justin got the boys. Gift cards plus he wrote something special. He suspects next year she will sign her Christmas cards to her sons from mom and Lucas. She says to stop. He apologizes and she thanks him ... Chad emotionally begs Abigail not to let Ben win. She sobs he already did since she is not the same woman he knows, not the woman he now needs. Thomas cries and Chad asks if she can be the woman her son needs ...

Santa Steve wants a beer! Jade, Joey, Steve and Kayla converse about the Christmas story. Jade notes there was no mention of labor so it must have been written by a man. They laugh and leave together ... At the square tree Sonny tells Ari that the angel looks like her, the part that looks like her daddy. After referring to Will he kisses her cherub cheek. Paul arrives in his street clothes, no more elf costume. Sonny plans to take Ari home with Gabi and put out cookies for Santa. Paul wishes him a Merry Christmas and hopes all his wishes come true. Sonny says the same and woefully watches as he walks away ... Adrienne is sleeping like a baby, her head on Justin's lap ... Gabi and Dario disagree about her having any chance at romance with Chad. She blasts him for bringing up Abigail as she is dead! They storm over to the angel statue where Dario drops a bombshell. Abigail is alive in Salem and he saw her himself ... Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Abigail holds Thomas and he stops crying in her arms. Chad watches the fragile woman he loves and their son in silence ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, December 23