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Thurday, December 22, 2016
Episode 12,984
Length:1400 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Behold unhappy Abigail as she accepts the bag of food mama Jen has packed her. Tonight she is Boston bound. Abigail looks at the baby ornament in her hand with longing, thinking of Thomas. There is one last thing she wants to do. Jen's heart is breaking as she hugs her daughter ... Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Chad shouts and shuts down Andre and his advice. He rages at him for getting Gabi to quit. Andre patiently points out he is his protective olda brotha. Younger brother Chad orders him out of his house. Andre sighs he wishes him happiness regardless and glides out with his pride intact, a glint in his eye. He did try to warn him ... At the cold motel Nicole begs Chloe to wake up for her baby girl. She needs her mother now! The baby makes a sound as though she knows it is Nicole ... Abigail assures Jen she will continue her therapy and JJ and Jen can visit. Jen hates lying to Chad. Abigail believes he will be busy with Gabi. It gives her some comfort to know that Thomas will have Jen. She gets a faraway look in her eye ... Deimos shouts on his phone he paid big bucks and wants that chopper to take off! Nicole now gets a call through and announces Chloe gave birth to a baby girl! Deimos and his chopper are on their way, but Brady - son of John Black man of action - gets there first. Nicole shows him Chloe with her eyes closed and woefully wishes she would wake up. Brady goes to her side and gets a worried look in his eye. Chloe is not responding ...

Romeo Rafe has arranged a secret Christmas Eve visit with Hope at the prison as a guard stands by. Hope is all smiles as he presents her with a chocolate cupcake and a candle. He urges her to make a wish and she does even though there is no flame on the candle ... JJ puts down pretty gift boxes by the Horton tree and wonders why Jen is so sad. She gasps Abigail left again! JJ grimaces. Enter Doug and Julie, wearing holiday red and good cheer but this Horton holiday will have its hardship. Lucas is with Adrienne at the moment and Chad changed his plan to come. That means no grandson to comfort Jen, who misses her daughter ... At DiMera mansion Chad and Gabi excitedly exchange gifts. She chose him amethyst cuff links, unaware that he chose her an amethyst pendant. The two lonely hearts laugh they will be a good couple ... Brady gently places a warm blanket over Chloe. He is anxious to get Nicole and the baby to safety soon. The sound of a helicopter is heard. Tis Deimos with the EMT. They now attend to Chloe as Nicole thanks Deimos ... At Horton house the gathering gets underway with Lani, Abe, Val, Theo, Claire, Ciara, Doug, Julie, Shawn, Maggie, Jen and JJ. The presence of Alice and Tom Horton permeates the air. JJ the host offers holiday cheer though Lani says no thank you to anything with alcohol. Oooooooo. Jen lets Ciara choose the music. Meanwhile Abigail appears at a window, a woman on a mission ...

At DiMera mansion Gabi comes in the bedroom just as Chad is changing his shirt. Things are different than before, they agree. They have no idea there is now an intruder in the mansion ... Abigail! She silently hunts high and low for Thomas as Gabi and Chad discuss themselves as an up and coming couple ... Hope cannot believe Rafe left his family to be with her Christmas Eve. The big guy gushes she is family and presents her with a relic from Our Lady of Guadalupe to give her faith. He tells her she has faith, family and him. She agrees through her emotional tears as they hold hands ... Julie takes the floor to speak about the ornaments. Maggie looks especially emotional about those they will remember. She is alone due to a bad back that prevented Victor from attending. Abe is happy with Val, who loves the magic in the house ... Tom and Alice's ornaments are shown, then Doug and Julie's. The rest follow, including Nick the late outcast. Maggie weeps as she hangs Mickey's ornament on the tree. Ciara is with Shawn as she hangs ornaments for Bo and Hope. Will's ornament is seen as sad music plays ... Jen hangs ornaments for Jack and Abigail and hugs JJ. Elegant Maggie holds an old photograph and gets nostalgic ...

Deimos, Nicole and Brady are now at the hospital. The doctor emerges with an update on Chloe's condition. A sudden increase in her blood pressure caused her to fall into a coma after a stroke. They gasp. The doctor adds the next 48 hours will be crucial ...Upset Nicole goes to see the newborn in the nursery. Deimos is convinced he and Brady must tell Nicole the truth that this is HER baby so they can bond at the beginning stage ... Back at DiMera mansion Chad and Gabi believe their future could be bright. They passionately kiss, falling to the bed. Ominous music plays in the background as Abigail slowly and silently turns a door handle ...

Back at Horton house Jen complains to Julie and Maggie that she could not be with Thomas tonight. How she misses her daughter! Claire gives Theo his baseball card gift. He kisses her on the lips and Ciara looks livid. Doug lets JJ know he too overcame relationship hurdles with Julie and urges him to fight for his girl. Claire has another item for Theo and whispers she will slip the recording device in Val's handbag as he distracts her. Theo does just that and Claire drops the device that will transmit all Val's conversations to them in her bag. Ciara sees. Shawn wonders what is bothering her. She replies she misses her mom but stares suspiciously at smug Claire. That girl will only get Theo in trouble ... Brady will not let Deimos tell Nicole unless he is 100% certain that is her baby. Being wrong again would ruin her. Deimos has an idea how to get proof ... Nicole is holding the baby and is asked to name her by the nurse. They need to prepare papers. Nicole smiles Chloe did ask her to name her. The girl in pink inspires her ... Abigail slips into Thomas' room and he is not sleeping. She loves him and cries over his crib, stroking his chubby cheeks. She believes his future will be better without her ... Chad and Gabi get hot and heavy but agree it is too soon and stop. Gabi must get Arianna ready for the hospital party. But she will be back to dine in with Chad at DiMera mansion. He gasps he loves her and she says the same, though both seem to have a classic case of rebound fever. On some level they sense they were simply not meant to be ...

Deimos plans to take a DNA test without permission. Brady is against him going behind Chloe's back but Deimos will not be deterred. All he needs is DNA from the newborn ... Nicole warmly welcomes baby HOLLY to the world as they continue to coo and bond ... Julie the sage speaks to the Horton clan of miracles as well as unanswered prayers testing the faith. Doug adds he has faith that all struggles matter so be thankful as they are. They break into Come All Ye Faithful as Alice and Tom's ornaments shine brightly atop the Horton tree of life ... A phone rings. Justin has an update for Rafe - but it is not good news. Rafe scowls Hope will not be sprung after all. The appeal was denied. Hope's face falls. Back to square one ... Gabi pauses on her way at the angel statue dedicated to Abigail. She cries and confesses she has never been happier than she is with Chad ... Abigail longs to hold her son one last time and takes Thomas in her arms with tears in her eyes. Chad suddenly enters and their eyes lock. "ABI?" he whispers ... BEHOLD THE SECOND CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!


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