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Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Episode 12,983
Length:1570 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Tis a new morning in Salem. At the town gate elegant Andre paces in exasperation. Abigail arrives in her black floppy hat. He is relieved and wrongly assumes she is staying in Salem. She explains she simply stayed the night at the request of mama Jen. Nothing has changed. She leaves today. Andre argues and urges her to show herself to make Chad forget Gabi exists. He threatens to tell his brotha she is alive if she does not do so herself. The waif woefully watches him for a moment and the gets a glint in her eye. Her response surprises him ... Paul is off the job but on the move, determined to protect Sonny from the sinister shipments down at the docks. He hides as a new bunch of crates come in and waits until the coast is clear. He almost opens one until ... Dario comes around the corner and catches him in the act. Paul pretends he accidentally bumped into the box but Dario grabs him by the collar. He knows he is John Black's son, also a P.I. and demands the name of whoever hired him to snoop ... Sonny meets with Chad at DiMera mansion. Chad is sorry to hear about Adrienne and offers to cover any unexpected expenses. Sonny explains the Kiriakis clan has it covered and now gets a call. Sounds like trouble ... Gabi is Christmas shopping for Chad, checking with a store, all smiles. Meanwhile JJ admires the ornament he ordered for his love to hang on the Horton Christmas tree ... At the Kiriakis mansion Deimos comes downstairs, desperately seeking Nicole. Brady has not seen her and states the storm wreaked havoc in Chicago. Roads are blocked. No one has heard from her and Deimos starts to go crazy ... Chloe has spent the night on the bed in the closed motel. Her contractions now come every ten minutes. Nicole has returned with groceries she obtained after breaking into a store. It appears they are completely stuck, surrounded by snow. Chloe gets a stronger contraction and howls. Nicole wants her to breeeeeathe ...

Abigail advises Andre to back off. He refuses as Chad happens to be his brotha. She threatens to expose his involvement. Andre notes the not so fragile flower is capable of blackmail. She holds her head high and confirms it. She even threatens to ruin any possibility he has of a relationship with Chad by telling him he let him mourn when he knew she was alive and arranged for her to fake her death ... The contractions now come every 7 minutes. Bff Nicole plans to play the role of the midwife though she is nervous. Chloe screams in agony and the midwife gets ready ... Dario demands Paul start talking about who hired him. Paul counters Dario is the one with something to hide. Regular restaurant supplies would not need to be secretly shipped down at the docks. Sonny storms over and orders Dario to leave Paul alone. Hothead Dario doubts it is his problem. Sonny snaps it is totally his problem as he was the one who hired P.I. Paul ... Nicole has water ready and prepares to deliver another baby into the wild world. This one has to survive longer! Chloe begs her to raise both kids if anything happens and gasps she has been so unfair. Nicole does not understand ...

Chad has an expensive jeweler in the house. The jeweler suggests the sapphire pendant but Chad favors the amethyst for the dark eyed girl ... Gabi the shopper ignores a call from JJ. He leaves her a message inviting her over. After the call, which Abigail has overheard, his sister sees he has an ornament for Gabi. Abigail bears bad news. She saw Chad kissing another woman! JJ wants a name. Gabi. Jump Street JJ is in denial and storms off to settle this once and for all ... Dario comes to the Kiriakis mansion to complain to Deimos about P.I. Paul snooping around into his shipments. Brady watches without a word. Paul and Sonny arrive as Dario storms out. Sonny admits he hired Paul and wants to explain why. Deimos angrily insists Paul get out. Sonny may meet with him once he is alone ... Chloe is close to telling Nicole the truth but gets another painful contraction. She lets out a long moan ... Deimos suddenly gets a call through and Nicole updates him on Chloe being in labor. Brady is all ears. Nicole notes they are at Lakeview Inn near a park. Pause. Alas the phone has gone dead again. Nicole tells Chloe it was Deimos and Chloe cries NOOOOOOOO. Nicole is baffled.

JJ confronts Gabi at the square, where she is sitting with her shopping bags. He demands to know why she was kissing Chad. She demands to know who told him as they were alone at the time. He sighs he cannot give her that information. Gabi blasts him for his secrets and snaps he did not deserve her second chance. JJ's face falls ... Brady reports the emergency to Chicago emergency services, then gets hung up on by busy Chicago. They will have to get to the girls themselves ... Back on the bed, Chloe hyperventilates Deimos did a bad thing to Phillip, hence her fear, and starts to push. Nicole is ready. She counts down like a midwife as the surrogate mom pushes will all her might ...

JJ will not spill his secret so Gabi screams they are done and departs. He soap stares ... Sonny returns to speak to Deimos and updates him on Dario's secrecy surrounding his handbag shipments. Deimos deduces he has to be hiding something and agrees to allow the investigation to continue. That means Sonny may engage John Black as well as Paul ... Desperate Deimos now tries to get the state police involved to help Chloe and talks tough on the phone, feeling the clock ticking ... Chloe is in pain. Nicole uses the m word. MIRACLE! Chloe wants to tell her the truth, that this is her baby, but has to push again and again. Seconds later a healthy cry is heard. Nicole gazes down at the baby in her arms and gushes she is perfect. If only she knew she was holding her own daughter ... JJ sadly sits at Horton house with the ornament he will never be able to give Gabi. Abigail asks what happened. He laments Gabi heard him talking to Jen about the secret about a woman. She assumed the worst and Christmas dumped him! He loves his sister but she is wreaking havoc in his life. He would like her to tell Gabi that he was referring to her being alive! Abigail apologizes and blames Gabi for going running to Chad. She should have come to JJ first ...

Chad stands before the angel statue representing the wife he believes to be dead and discusses Thomas' Christmas. Gabi arrives in tears and tells him she just ended it with JJ. Chad asks about her plans and asks her to spend time with him before taking Arianna to the hospital Christmas party. She agrees with a smile and flirtily flounces away with a bounce in her step ... Brady must have google map on his computer cos he finds the right road in Chicago, which emergency services was unable to do. He decides to save the day on his snowmobile but Deimos has a more daring plan. He wants to go bigger, makes a snide remark about Dr. Zhivago Brady, and calls about a snow helicopter. Three lives now hang in the balance ... Nicole marvels baby girl has got good lungs. Chloe is grateful for everything. Nicole enjoys planning the infant's future, filled with her advice, and feels admittedly overwhelmed! Chloe sighs her too. Nicole places the baby in Chloe's arms. She notes she looks like her mom. Chloe woefully agrees. Chloe starts to tell her the truth but cannot find the words. Nicole asks about a name. Chloe wants her to choose She gives her back the baby when she cries. The baby girl stops crying as Nicole holds her ... Dario meets his sister at the closed club. Gabi gushes about her gift and chance with Chad. Dario warns her not to go near the DiMera, they can never be. She wonders ... Back at DiMera mansion delighted Chad announces to Andre he intends to have a relationship with Gabi. They both decided. Andre hisses not to be a fool for they can never be. He warns him he is not even remotely aware of the real reason why ... At the square Paul apologizes for snooping after he asked him to stop and assures Sonny he wanted to protect him. Sonny lets him know he is now officially rehired. Paul looks at him with longing as they stand near the Christmas tree ... Chloe is about to tell Nicole the truth about the baby's biological mother but before she can say the words, her head starts to hurt. Her beautiful head now rolls back, eyes shut. Nicole is left holding the baby and urges her friend to open her eyes. Silence. Nicole gasps and grabs her phone again, desperate for a signal as her baby girl gurgles ...


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