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Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Episode 12,982
Length:1444 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Adrienne waits while she attends her first hospital appointment alone. It is not easy so she texts her new friend ... At the festive square Jade looks longingly at baby clothes and wants to buy. Joey comes behind her as she gets depressed about her lack of cash ... In Chicago Chloe remembers Phillip's claim about possibly being kidnapped by Deimos in Salem. Nicole admits she tracked her down to talk. Mediterranean music plays ... Phillip storms into the Kiriakis mansion, accusing Deimos and they struggle. The Christmas tree is almost a casualty ... Adrienne attempts to reschedule so Kate sweep in and stops her! She is here for her friend ... Victor orders Phillip off and Phillip accuses Deimos of having a goon grab him, then give him truth serum. Deimos denies it. Phillip warns Victor not to be crazy enough to believe his dastardly brother ... Nicole suggests Chloe come home to Salem for Christmas. Chloe sighs she just turned down Phillip. Nicole believes they will find their way back regardless. Chloe doubts it. Not this time. Nicole is sorry. Chloe questions that as she soap stares with suspicion ...

Kate enters the treatment room with Adrienne and sits with her. Adrienne appreciates her taking charge with the nurse. Kate assures her she will be by her side for every single treatment ... Jade gets testy when Joey assumes she was going to break the law again. She laments she cannot afford gifts. He explains he wanted to check up on the young mom to be. She wonders whether he really cares ... about her. She now gets hormonal about him blaming her and asks how he really feels. He stammers and she wishes he would leave her alone, assuming he regrets having to have any kind of relationship with her ... Nicole offers to be there with Chloe when her baby comes. She should come home to Salem! Matter of fact they should head home tonight! Chloe admits she has been feeling alone. Nicole emotionally states she is like a sister and Deimos made her see the light! Chloe cries they cannot be friends and blames Deimos ... Phillip rages about all the lies and blames Deimos directly for his father's heart attack and Maggie's illness. Deimos is a man of self-interest. Phillip thanks the heavens Chloe is not having his baby. Victor frowns and Phillip asks him to stand up for his son. The patriarch pauses.

Kate explains experience taught her that one needs support and love through sickness, even more in life. Adrienne listens as Kate admits there is no greater comfort than leaning on loved ones. The two women talk and bond. Adrienne appreciates her and Kate holds her hand. Adrienne asks what to expect. Kate tells her of the saline drip, the chemo going into the IV. There are anti-nausea medications that will help so she might feel fine, though a tad fatigued. Lucas now arrives with a bouquet of flowers and an admitted agenda. He is astonished when Adrienne alludes to Kate being her rock. Adrienne asks him to stay. Kate adds he was a comfort to her as well. The nurse arrives. Adrienne smiles. She feels ready ... Victor points out Phillip has given him no proof. He suggests his son substantiate. Phillip fumes it would not make a difference for Deimos gets away with everything! He declares he knows what Deimos did, what he is and they are done. Matter of fact he is done with the family. Today he leaves Salem since there is nothing for him here. Victor's eyes darken ... Chloe and Nicole disagree about Deimos. Nicole wishes she would give him another chance. Chloe refuses and refers to his latest misdeed ...

Adrienne gets the chemo drip while Lucas and Kate wait with her. Kate offers to stay longer but Adrienne says not to cancel her dinner date. Lucas will take her home and have Sonny drive Adrienne's car home. Until tomorrow. Lucas tenderly talks takeout and a movie tonight. Adrienne smiles ... Jade sits sadly at a table. A Santa also sits at her table as he is taking a break. He sees she is sad and asks what is troubling the teen. What would her Christmas wish be? She starts talking as Joey appears behind her ... Nicole notes she should stop upsetting Chloe by speaking of Deimos. Chloe warns her he will break her heart. Nicole decides to stay in town with her today and Chloe laughingly lets her friend help her out of the chair. Friends forever. They hug. But Chloe's beautiful blue eyes reflect her worry ... Back in Salem, Victor snaps Phillip has been swayed by that sl*t Chloe. Phillip snaps not to judge him. Victor rages to be a man as he has a family and a career here. Phillip wants nothing to do with him or Titan. He is done reporting to Deimos and plans to make his own way in the world. Victor refuses to financially support him. Phillip fumes he would rather be left alone and turns to the door. But the patriarch softens and suddenly stops his son from walking away while there is bad blood between them ...

Magical music plays. Jade lets Santa know she seeks a healthy baby and also for the father to love her! She turns and notices Joey, then joins him. He apologizes for listening and she apologizes for wanting to make him love her. She leaves him standing alone ... In their private moment, Victor lets his son know he will not stand in his way nor will he give up on how close they have become. They exchange an emotional embrace and intense I love you. Phillip will stay in touch no matter where in the world he is ... Deimos is happy to hear from Nicole on his phone. She notes the snowstorm has not started and promises to leave in a few hours and text him. She adds she was unable to convince Chloe to come back to Salem. Chloe now joins her with a strange pout and exhales like a woman whose water has broken, a woman who is about to give birth. She was told it would not happen for a few weeks. The wicked winter wind blows in the background ...

Adrienne admits she is tired. Lucas offers to drive her home. No pressure. He has her favorite music and refers to Michael Buble as Michael Bubbly. She lets out a laugh. Lucas wants to stay at her side and wonders what Kate said to get close to her. Adrienne notes some people can surprise you move you in times of trouble. He sure did and they share a sweet kiss ... Kate joins Eduardo at the pub. They exchange Christmas gifts. She loves the colorful scarf and wears it well. She also got him a scarf and wraps it around his manly neck. They snuggle and start to kiss until ... Phillip interruptus, wanting a word with Kate. She is stunned to hear her beloved son is leaving Salem ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor growls to Deimos he believes every word Phillip spoke. Demos does not deny it and pours a drink, adding he did what was best. Victor is admittedly relieved Chloe the gold digger is out of the picture but issues Deimos a warning. No such stunt ever again - or he will have to answer to HIM ... Chloe feels in labor and leans on Nicole. They head to the hospital together as the wicked winter wind picks up speed ...

Joey stares into space at the square. Santa suggests that girl seems sincerely in love with him ... Adrienne now sleeps through the treatment holding Lucas' hand ... Kate is sorry for the sadness Chloe caused her son. She praises him for standing up to his father and denouncing Deimos. Phil sighs he has made bad choices so he needs a new start in another location. She tearfully tells her son she will not stop him and wishes him happiness. They share I love yous and a last hug. Then he walks out into the night. Kate's tears of torment flow down her face ... Chloe and Nicole were unable to pass the blocked roads and had to stop. Nicole has managed to find them a room at a closed motel. She gets them inside with ease. Chloe suddenly gasps and clutches her abdomen, confirming her labor is officially HERE.


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