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Monday, December 19, 2016
Episode 12,981
Length:1285 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Phil is seated at a restaurant table with Chloe, where they had arranged to meet in the windy city. He complains about the mysterious memories in his mind, the time he cannot account for. She thinks he should call the cops about being kidnapped. Phillip has a feeling it was Deimos though he remains uncertain due to the lack of clarity. If it was Deimos, he fears may have blurted out Chloe's secret while drugged ... Back in Salem Deimos wants to watch IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE with Nicole but she is going to meet Chloe in Chicago! He will come with. Nicole turns him down ... JJ has brought a big Christmas tree home to Horton house. Jen loves this Christmas especially. She updates JJ that Abigail is having her happy reunion with Chad as they speak ... Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Gabi and Chad realize they are not alone. They stop kissing and soap stare at the door, where they now see ... ANDRE. Andre enters and overreacts, raging at Chad for his unacceptable actions. Chad channels his inner Stefano and rages right back. Exit exasperated Andre ... Abigail runs all the way to her angel memorial and has a meltdown ... JJ is on the move as he ends a call about an important Christmas gift he is desperate to deliver in time. After he ends the call, he runs into lovely Lani ... Chad now acts like he did not want that kiss to happen and continues to rage about Andre attempting to interfere. Gabi complains he claimed she was bad for Chad's corporate image. Chad gets madder by the minute ... Chloe wants Phillip to think clearly cos Deimos is in the dark. Only Phil, mama Nancy and herself know about her baby. Phil still feels the truth serum might have made him say too much. Chloe vows as long as Nicole is anywhere near dangerous Deimos she will not let her near her baby. Phillip reminds his pregnant pal she is actually carrying Nicole's baby, not her own ...

Deimos notices Nicole is no longer wearing her old engagement ring. She lets him know she is done living in the past, as Dan would wish. They kiss in bliss. Nicole notes he is so honest. Brady emerges and learns Nicole is Chicago bound. He solemnly states they are expecting a snowstorm and offers to drive her. Nicole makes light of it and leaves. Deimos is ready to explode. Brady warns him not to go crazy again ... Back in the windy city, Phillip wears his heart on his sleeve. He seeks a new start with Chloe and Parker and loves her. She sighs thanks. He thinks that does not mean much. She apologizes for not loving him like the old days and refuses to take advantage by drawing him deeper into her deception. Phillip decides the time has come to go. He lets her know he will always take her calls no matter where in the world he is. Always ... Lani is back in Salem for the family. She was unable to get away earlier. JJ suggests they catch up and hastily adds he is heading out to pick up a Christmas gift for his girlfriend. Lani covers up her hurt by acting blase and busy ... Chad and Gabi decide to discuss their situation. He does not want to be enamored of a ghost anymore. He needs someone who is alive ... Abigail the non-ghost weeps and woefully looks at the angel memorial dedicated to her memory. Returning from the dead is not as easy as she was expecting ...

At the square Val and Abe are having supper. Abe perceives Lani and excitedly greets her, making the introductions. Theo soap stares and steps toward them ... Gabi wants to get closer to Chad and suggests they speak of their feelings openly. She complains about JJ keeping another secret from her. She does not like men who lie, men with secrets. There is nothing to stop her and Chad from being together ... Heartbroken Abigail remembers Chad removing his wedding ring from the love of his life and collapses to the ground in tears. Andre appears with a sigh and a sympathetic stare ... Abe introduces vivacious Val as a friend. Theo approaches with the wallet his father forgot. Abe invites Lani and Theo to join him and smiling Val at their table. Theo wants a word with Lani first. Abe looks concerned so Lani covers it is about a Christmas gift. After all tis the season ... Andre argues Abigail is alive and Chad is just lonely and lost. He helps her through an almost panic attack with a hug and advice to breathe deeply. She cannot give up on Chad, she has to fight ... Back at DiMera mansion Gabi tells Chad she tried to be perfect with JJ and look what happened. With Chad, however, things feel easier. Chad smiles he likes having her around. She praises him and he praises her right back. He muses she makes him feel young again and lets him live for the moment. She wonders whether he wants to kiss her one more time ... Nevertheless, the reality is that Chad and Gabi are in rebound denial ...

Theo updates Lani that Val the liar has been in touch with a guy called Eli and lied to him as well as Abe! The dedicated detective agrees to help him if he comes up with something solid ... At the Kiriakis mansion Deimos stares darkly by the fireplace, with his drink. Victor suspects he has killing someone on his mind but who? Meanwhile Chloe talks to Parker on the phone having arranged for him to stay with a friend for the next 3 days. She has no idea he also spoke to Nicole on the phone and revealed what restaurant she would be at for dinner ... Chad admits he always wants to kiss Gabi but now she is vulnerable. He calls her beautiful and looks deeply into her eyes ... Andre wants to take Abigail back but she gasps never! Andre wants her to not misunderstand Chad's lonely moment. Abigail is aware he only wanted to regain his brother's trust to get closer to the DiMera money. As it turns out the hopeless romantic in Andre also wants Chad and Abigail to be happy. Abigail woefully states she would not make Chad happy anymore. She thanks Andre for everything and decides to disappear forever. Andre purses his lips ...

Lani warns Theo that things could be complicated. Val might be lying to protect someone. Theo insists he will get proof that he is right ... JJ is elated as he heads home with a very important item - a Horton Christmas tree decoration with Gabi's name. He has high hopes about their future together. Meanwhile Chad and Gabi get back to passionately kissing ... Abigail cries her heart out on a Horton armchair. Jen asks what is the matter. She caught Chad kissing Gabi. Jen gasps OH GOD! JJ and Gabi just got back together! Abigail sadly states she does not like being in Salem anymore ... she wants to go live her life with Laura. Mother and daughter weep together ... Deimos was thinking of Chloe. Victor is done with this discussion, though he understands the dark thoughts she inspires. He walks away, leaving Deimos to leer to himself about revenge ... Nicole arrives at Chloe's Chicago table with a greeting. Chloe gasps what the hell does she know! Nicole soap stares in surprise ...


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