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Friday, December 16, 2016
Episode 12,980
Length:1510 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Gabi overhearing JJ and jumpy Jen again as the Horton front door is slightly open ... Meanwhile at the pub Claire rubs in sad Ciara's disastrous blind date, boasting sometimes it takes time to find the right one like herself and boyfriend Theo ... Chad is playing chess with Theo at DiMera mansion. Theo is all smiles playing on nono's board but Chad has an intense update about the phoenix. He explains how it appears he set someone up to kill him, hence Hope's appeal. Theo rages he now hates Stefano and sends the chess game flying. Chad suggests he not lose sight of the fact that Stefano loved him a great deal. Theo now thinks of Ciara and Chad notes she must know by now. Still Theo seeks to speak with her ... Gabi hears JJ inform Jen he cannot let Gabi know he has a secret and she cannot know about HER. He steps away to take a work call and Gabi makes her presence known at the door. Jen greets her graciously. JJ returns, glad to see her and she sneakily smiles he seems surprised. Her voice is dripping with sarcasm. Jen sends them off on their date and Gabi wonders ... Abigail shows herself to muttering Jen, apologizing for the angst she has caused her mother. She announces the drama is almost over. Matter of fact she did see Chad and Thomas at her angel memorial. She pauses and remembers Chad revealing to Thomas that he would never love another like her, then removing his ring in the symbolic gesture of moving on. She admits to Jen she did have a panic attack but Dario brought her down. She adds she intends to tell Chad she is alive TONIGHT.

At the square Abe is having a wonderful time holiday shopping with Val. He asks about her son's plans for Christmas. Before Val can reply, Julie the shopaholic shows up with her own curious questions. Val confirms she is staying in Salem for Christmas. Abe brings up her son in D.C. and Julie wants to know whether he will be joining her ... Gabi and JJ end up outside near the angel memorial. They sit and talk. She asks if something is going on with him that he would like to share. JJ is tight-lipped and claims if he seemed tense when she arrived it is due to his workload. She questions his sincerity and states he has not been able to look her in the eye. He stares to prove her wrong. JJ thinks she is overreacting but she begs to differ. No more secrets! ... Chad gets Theo to calm down and asks about his life. Theo states he is seeing Claire. Chad cannot conceal his surprise as he assumed he would date Ciara. As Theo leaves, Andre arrives. Chad sighs how unforgivable it was of Stefano to deceive them and play God with their lives. Such lies! lies! Andre pauses.

Meanwhile Abigail looks at the woman in the mirror, who is now wearing a beautiful dress, her hair and makeup perfect. She is ready for her chance with Chad again ... Val states her son just started his D.C. job and feels he should stay. Julie is even more intrigued. Work calls Abe and he steps away. Julie woefully opens up to Val about being very unhappy this holiday season since Hope is not home. Val innocently asks about her son David. Julie sighs she has not seen her son a while. Matter of fact they are better off being in different time zones as they do not get along. She walks off in the snow. Val seems to have something on her mind as she stares into space ... Abigail feels like Cinderella about to go to the ball. She imagines her prince charming Chad being thrilled to have her back, ending the fairy tale moment with a kiss ... Gabi gets more glum by the minute that JJ is hiding something from her. When Julie happens by with a happy greeting, she takes off.

Theo is sitting with Ciara at the pub, asking about Hope getting out. She sighs it might take a while and adds she understands that he loves his grandfather Stefano. Theo thinks Stefano was wrong to do what he did. She notes they never let their family history come between their friendship and he takes her by the hand. Claire comes in and glares daggers at the sweet scene ... Ciara presents Theo with some ginger molasses cookies she baked just for him. Claire looks like she could KILL her ... Gabi walks alone and remembers JJ admitting he cheated with someone. It was a classic case of blackout soap s-e-x. Meanwhile she refuses to answer her phone as JJ leaves her groveling messages. She sheds a few tears and walks through the alley, destination unknown ... Jen assures Abigail she will have her happy ending and the girl now calls Andre, who is delighted to hear from her. Abigail announces she is really ready to return to Chad ... Ciara goes to see Caroline upstairs to get a card she has for her, as per cold Claire. Claire now brings up the cookies and Theo babbles she likes him. Claire pouts Ciara is only like a sister and kisses him. Ciara comes back in time to see the passionate pair. Her face falls ... Andre meets Abigail halfway and discreetly warns her to be ready for Chad's response, no matter how brutal it might be. With time it will all work. Abigail admits she already saw Chad today. Alas he removed his ring and mentioned moving on! She simply must see him now. Cinderella senses the clock is ticking ...

Gabi ventures to DiMera mansion, where Chad lends a sympathetic ear to her trouble with JJ. She laments JJ still lies and the pair embrace ... Outside to mail a card, Ciara runs into shopaholic Julie. Julie wonders why the long face. Ciara admits there is a boy who is only a friend. Julie the sage suggests it is unwise to try and force matters of the heart. Ciara looks down and makes no mention of the fact that she was the one who rejected the boy's romantic overtures ... Outside the pub Abe spies his son through the window and laughs he would like to join him. They both should! Val believes he is on a date so they should not intrude. Nevertheless he would like to pop in. Abe teases his son for not telling him he was on a date. Claire is all smiles. Val makes a cute comment about enjoying Christmas shopping with Abe. When they step away, Theo fumes they are on a date. He rages that she is nothing but a liar. Claire slyly states to play it cool as they await the arrival of the spy gear she ordered online. Then they will go after Val. Moments after the mayor and his date depart, a waitress hands Theo his father's wallet that he left behind. Theo goes after him and Claire angrily crunches Ciara's cookies. Ciara comes in asking after Theo. Claire pouts and boasts her Uncle Paul just got her a classic baseball card for Theo for Christmas. Ciara wishes she would leave Theo some of the cookies. Claire gets catty about the cookies being of no consequence and her and Theo having a perfect couples Christmas ... Abe and vivacious Val walk and talk outside. He invites her to have dinner with him. She smiles she would not want to intrude. Abe gushes she is never an intrusion and moves in for a kiss. Theo, who has now caught up with them, stares in horror ... Back at humble Horton house jumpy JJ updates Jen on Gabi's strange mood and suspicions. He cannot lose Gabi again because of a lie! Jen assures him all the secrets will end soon. Abigail is on her way to Chad as they speak ...

Gabi complains about JJ's endless lies. Chad reminds her they are in love and love is to be cherished. He laments he said goodbye to his love today and had to take off his ring. Gabi gazes at him and is sorry ... Andre reminds Abigail how much he helped her. It was about getting closa to his brotha so he wants to be there for this momentous occasion. They walk together arm in arm. The future feels bright ... Gabi tells Chad she is done with JJ as the trust is gone. So on this day it seems they both said goodbye. Chad returns her stare and states he is happy she came. She moves in and kisses him. He kisses her right back. Andre opens the door with Abigail at his side. The smiles fade from their faces as the couple continue to kiss, unaware that they are being watched by Chad's very much alive wife and the DiMera brotha who helped fake her death ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, December 16