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Thursday, December 15, 2016
Episode 12,979
Length:1500 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At Horton house Jen is holding a tray with coffee to take up to the fair Abigail in the attic. JJ cannot believe she continues to hide all this time! Jen admits she worries she will scare her off if she presses her to emerge. Abigail now appears and announces Chad will hate how she has lied. However, they need to be together again and he will need to overcome. She can wait no longer so today is the day. Today she will show herself to her husband and their infant son ... but ... not now. She must first make herself presentable. Abigail wants her reunion to be perfect. Jen will help her with her hair. JJ gushes that Chad loves her whatever her appearance. She gushes Gabi loves him and he blushes ... At the pub, Rafe has high praise for Chad the great guy who has been cooperating to help Hope. He gets why Gabi likes working with him. Gabi airily replies she ended their association and cites being busy among her many excuses. Rafe quips dropping a big client only hurts her client base. Dario enters, having overheard, and boasts his own business potential looks good these days. They all agree on one thing - that Hope has to be released from prison soon ... The lady guard watches Hope trying to work the computer and lets her know she knows what she did for Malone when he was down. They all do. She now introduces Hope the trustworthy to the newest inmate. Tis a pretty young woman who shivers in fear. Hope asks what she did. She was involved in fake prescriptions and selling pills. Hope warns her not to act afraid and avoid those two mean girls in the corner who are already watching and waiting like vultures ... Rafe seeks Gabi's advice on Christmas shopping so she steps away with him for a moment, asking Dario to keep an eye on her bag. The minute she is gone he opens it and looks for the last microchip ... Abigail flashes back to being nervous with Thomas. JJ thinks she is nervous too. She wants to find Thomas' lamb. He notes it is not here. Doug found it outside and is presently at the driving range. He offers to help but Abigail decides to take care of things in her own manner. With the floppy black hat back on her head, she is on her way ...

Gabi is shocked to catch Dario searching in her fake designer handbag. He flashes a wide smile and states he was simply trying to find a pen. Meanwhile Chad is outside with Father Luis, unveiling the beautiful angel statue he commissioned in Abigail's memory. At the bottom is a heartfelt plaque. Chad sighs Abigail was his angel and always will be ... The mean gals go up to the new girl. Hope stands in front of the furious females and warns them to back off. But they are frustrated and ready for a fight ... Gabi hands her brother a big pen ... Rafe catches up with Justin at the square. He ask about the case. Justin frowns he has been unable to find a precedent, though he has a good feeling about the outcome. After all, it cannot be disputed that Stefano DiMera purposely provoked stressed out Hope into shooting him. Rafe cannot wait to tell the woman he loves the good news ... Back in the slammer a fight starts. Hope gives as good as she gets though she does end up with a big bruise on her face. The lady guard intervenes in time and drags off the deadly duo ... Now near the pretty park Glenda the good witch Abigail hears Chad telling Thomas how wonderful she was. He laments he wishes he had another chance to tell her how much he loves her. Abigail is mesmerized ...

Chad continues to talk to Thomas on the bench, unaware that the lad is looking and gurgling at his mother a few feet away. He adds the time has come to move on and Abigail's fair face falls. He sighs he will always love her but surely she would want them to be happy. Thomas points to her but Chad is too busy taking off his wedding ring at his angel statue to notice. He hears a cry and turns around though no one is standing there. Abigail is on the move again ... Dario discusses relationships with Gabi at the pub. JJ greets them with a big bag of food for himself and mama Jen. Gabi notes it looks like an awful lot. JJ is looking forward to seeing Gabi soon and walks away with a goofy grin. Dario cryptically suggests Gabi could be in for more heartbreak from secretive JJ ... Andre flashes back to promising to help Abigail return to Chad and now meets Chad, who shows him the angel statue. Andre notes Abigail is not really gone. Chad claims he does feel her close at times. Andre has an announcement to make. One thing at a time. The first is that he felt the need to keep a secret but rest assured, his intentions were honorable. Chad chuckles ... Hyperventilating Abigail runs into a dark alley and right into Dario'S arms. He tenderly tells her to breathe ...

The lady guard praises Hope for holding her own in the rumble. Hope makes light of it and muses those woman are amateurs. The guard notes once a cop always a cop helping others. She rewards her by handing her an iphone for a video chat. Hope excitedly calls Ciara but must leave a message. She then primly puts the phone against a book and flips her hair over to cover the bruise on her face. Time to call Rafe, who is sleepless at the station. He grins she made his day and updates her on Justin thinking the appeal will work ... Andre begins with business. He has been working on a program. Tis technology to access any camera to locate anyone anywhere in the world within hours. Chad deduces that was how he tracked down Orpheus and Clyde. Andre does not deny it. When Chad sulks he did not use his new technology to track Abigail, Andre explains he was not back in the picture when she went missing. Chad asks why he waited so long before sharing. Andre admits that Kate was the one who advised him to tell him now. It was already a work in progress when he rejoined DiMera. Chad points out then it is Andre's property. Perhaps but Andre wants DiMera to have it with a catch ... Jen comes home and JJ panics they have neither seen nor heard from Abigail for a long time ... Dario helps Abigail overcome her panic attack and asks about the trigger. She gasps she might not be able to undo the very big mistake she made ... Hope would rather imagine what she and Rafe will do together once she is free. He suggests camping again or an island hotel with some wine ... Hope suggests a fireplace and alludes to their own romantic fire. Rafe now notices the big bruise on her face and worriedly wonders how it happened ...

Gabi remembers once upon a time in a romantic hotel room with JJ and a red rose ... She now calls him with a message that she finished early and is on her way ... Andre admits to Chad that there is a slight snag in his business model. Some fiend stole some of his plans and microchips that were being shipped from the plant in China. Kate is helping him find them.The race is on and the stakes are sky high ... Dario encourages anxious Abigail to confide in him. She gasps she saw Chad and was going to go to him. But there was the memorial and she heard him talking to Thomas about moving on. He even removed his wedding ring! That was when the panic hit her and she ran away. Smooth Dario acts sympathetic ...

Hope makes light of her bruise. Rafe gushes he loves her and the guard comes back for her phone ... Dario advises Abigail to go back and make Chad happy again. She agrees that would be best ... Andre purrs he wants to help Chad and is about to reveal more when Chad announces he is only interested in business. He wants to hear the whole story about his revolutionary program ... Back at Horton house, JJ and Jen loudly discuss Abigail. As Gabi arrives at the door, she overhears JJ complaining he cannot let Gabi know this secret he is keeping, he cannot let her know about HER! Gabi looks ready to explode ...


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