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Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Episode 12,978
Length:1420 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Deimos admires sleeping beauty Nicole and promises to make her dreams come true. He loves and kisses her and she smiles as she sleeps on ...At the hospital Adrienne does not want to book her next appointment now. She runs into Justin and accuses him of following her, storming off in a huff ... Jade and Joey meet at the pub. She has been feeling unwell. He quietly accuses her of stopping her pills to get pregnant on purpose. She gets upset and races to the bathroom, hand on her mouth ... Deimos heads downstairs and updates Brady. He is headed to Brookfield clinic. He will be back with answers ... Back at the table now, Jade reminds Joey he had no protection either and tells him she will be better off without him as a parent so she can be a single mom. His face falls ... Dressed Nicole wonders where Deimos is. Brady replies he went out and knows not where to. She is ready for a run and he offers to accompany her ... Back at the hospital Adrienne tells friendly Justin not to crowd her. Kayla and Steve appear and Kayla asks how it is going with the specialist. Adrienne is a mess and states she is stage 2. Kayla explains that means the cancer is not gone. Adrienne was also advised to have a double mastectomy as well as chemo, hence her agitation. No one knows what to say to make her feel better. She tries to hope the tumor will disappear prior to the surgery and talks reconstructive surgery with the "hooters of a 20 year old." Justin tries to go after her ... Nicole and fellow jogger Brady are joking at the square by the Christmas tree. Shopaholic Kate appears and lets Brady know how unforgivable it was of Theresa to be that way with him. Nicole urges her to let it go. Kate hisses she was being nice and moves on. Brady now notices Nicole is no longer wearing her engagement ring. Meanwhile Deimos donates a hefty check to the clinic and asks the doctor in charge for some bending of the rules. The doctor deduces it was a bribe ...

Nicole opens up to Brady about her Daniel dream. He wonders whether Dan would approve of Deimos. He notes his mom was Maggie and if she is happy then he is happy. However ... He will not comment on his doubts since Deimos seems to be trying and he knows he would do anything to make her happy ... The doctor is not interested in a bribe. Deimos apologizes for the misunderstanding and the doctor sees him to the door. Deimos reaches back and slyly unlocks it for his future return ... Back at the Brady pub Joey tells Jade that he could raise the baby without her. His folks would help. She accuses him of wanting to steal her baby and stands up. All of a sudden she moans in agony ... Dr. Kayla tells Steve that his sister is in denial about her fear. He feels that is to be expected and insists she is strong. In fact he gets testy the more Kayla tries to discuss the seriousness of the situation. He refuses to listen and storms off. Kayla now gets a text from Joey about Jade. They are en route to the hospital ...

Deimos gains access to the doctor's office and calls Brady's cell that he is IN. He places him on speaker phone as he looks through his computer records. It was last December that Chloe and Daniel and Nicole visited the clinic together. That one did not take but then in May Chloe returned alone. Before he can see the details of the appointment he hears a voice. The doctor is back! Deimos is standing far from the desk when he enters and explains he thought he had left his car keys, which he now realizes he has. The doctor threatens to investigate him. Deimos tells him to cash the check as he arrogantly walks out ... Brady becomes depressed when he opens a delivery box addressed to Theresa, which contains a toy train for Tate. How could she leave! Nicole has no answers. He wonders what to tell his son when he gets older ... Kayla urges patient Jade to relax as they await the specialist. Joey does not want her to lose the baby but she bitterly thinks he thinks otherwise. Kayla quietly asks him to leave the room. Steve consoles his son as he watches through the window ... Adrienne tells off Justin for following her all the way to the park. He demands she be straight at least with him ...

Joey sadly says how he and Jade argued before she doubled over. Kayla updates him it was just dehydration. He tells his parents how she was off the pill when they were together. Steve suggests they try to get along and Kayla agrees the baby will need them both. Joey hopes Jade will agree to see him and wants her to know he is sorry ... Adrienne sits on a bench with Justin and sighs she has not scheduled the surgery just yet. It is a tough call to make. Justin blames himself as he talked her out of that preventive double mastectomy. She reveals she would not have had it anyway and suggests an alternative to the surgery. Justin urges her to let him schedule the operation, adding they can all attend the appointments with her. Adrienne cries she sees their fear and would rather be alone. He respects her wish and woefully walks away. Adrienne now weeps alone ...

Joey is with Jade as Kayla prepares her for the ultrasound. Jade agrees Steve can be there as well. The baby is seen with a beating heart and she lets the teen mom listen. Jade cries with emotion as Joey strokes her head and the grandparents to be grin ... Adrienne has summoned statuesque Kate to the park and thanks her for holding her hand at the hospital. Kate sits and admits when she was diagnosed she also became withdrawn. Adrienne sighs it is stage 2 and Kate listens. Adrienne hands her the brochures her doctor gave her. Kate understands why she would be spooked and asks when her surgery is happening. Adrienne cries she is unable to make that call. Kate reminds her she went up against Sami and praises her courage. She calls her oncologist for her before Adrienne can stop her and hands her the phone. Adrienne makes the appointment for as soon as possible and Kate smiles, her hand on her shoulder ... Deimos returns to the mansion, where Nicole and Brady are playing with the loud toy train. He is elusive about his appointment. Nicole kisses him and heads for the shower. They are alone now so Brady asks Deimos what he has. Deimos updates him on Chloe's mysterious May appointment. That would make now the right time for her to be 7 months pregnant so it might be Dan and Nicole's baby!

Adrienne has made her appointment and cries on Kate's faux fur shoulder ... Jade admits to attentive Joey the baby did not feel real before. They will be parents! Joey apologizes for being harsh earlier. She has regrets as well but not about the precious life they have created. He smiles he feels the same way ... Outside the room Steve apologizes to Kayla for earlier. She apologizes for being blunt. He now asks her to be straight with him about his sister. She promises she will get the best treatment and so much progress is being made. They hold hands as they agree they will give the expecting teens tons of backup ... Brady is horrified Chloe would keep Nicole's baby a secret from her. Deimos suggests he is to blame as he did use and stalk Chloe but she will have to overcome. Brady wonders what his next move will be. To make certain his theory is accurate and get Nicole her baby! Meanwhile Nicole is texting with Chloe, who notes the time has come for them to talk face to face. Nicole texts back she hopes she will tell her everything, her eyes shining with hope ...


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