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Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Episode 12,977
Length:1480 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the pub, Sonny curses about his computer not connecting. Kayla appears to be on a break from the hospital, having come for coffee, and brings up Adrienne, whose spirits seemed better following his visit. Sonny is feeling stressed as she did not want him to stay. Kayla sympathetically states his mom did not want to make him worry. Here comes Steve! Sonny is waiting for a hard copy of the surveillance report. Kayla realizes this is a business meeting ... Nicole is reading to tiny Tate at the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie appears and praises her making Tate forget he is teething. Nicole sighs she misses little man Parker. Maggie does not understand why the appointed aunt is unable to see him all of a sudden ... Brady tells Deimos to his face that his idea is INSANE to believe Chloe is actually carrying Nicole's baby ... Paul arrives at the pub. Kayla quips their meeting seems to be top secret. Steve flirts she will not be disappointed if she meets him at the park soon. Kayla takes the bait ... Paul sits with Sonny and Steve joins them. Paul assures sad Sonny that mama Adrienne does want him around. Sonny now wants to get down to business. He asks about the Hernandez shipments. Steve suspects they are dealing in more than the occasional knock off designer bag as those would be brought in bulk, not one by one. Sonny is determined to find out more and make Deimos cut all ties with Eduardo's shady business. Steve believes it could be just about anything, given Ed's murky past ...

Deimos updates bewildered Brady on Nicole and Chloe's surrogate story. Brady had no idea. He then states that story ended a year ago so Chloe cannot be pregnant with Nicole's baby now. Deimos suspects the truth serum he had pumped into Phillip made him speak the truth and that was why he blurted out the E word. EMBRYO. Brady heads for the door, having heard enough of the madness, but Deimos has something else ... After the mini meeting, Steve concludes they will keep digging for a couple of days before the next briefing. Paul stays at Sonny's table. Sonny starts to feel better about Adrienne as the doctors caught her condition early. Now she is waiting for more tests. Paul feels Adrienne was avoiding Sonny as she was waiting for answers to questions she could not answer. Sonny looks serious about people not having answers to questions, perhaps because Paul has hit a nerve. Paul flashes a wide smile and insists they take a walk together. Some fresh air will make Sonny feel better ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Nicole complains about Chloe's conduct. Maggie is not surprised Chloe got mad about her bringing Deimos with her before. She advises her to repair their relationship and make the first move. They have history ... Brady and Deimos discuss embryos and it sounds crazy to Brady but Deimos claims he is considering the facts. Brady quips he is living in a fairytale. Deimos now realizes there was a reason Chloe took off without telling Nicole the truth about the baby ...

Steve has a big box waiting for Kayla at the park and laughs he likes to play Patchy-claus. She knows he loves doing Christmas early. He smiles this present is seasonal and urges her to open the gift ... Paul and Sonny walk and talk at the festive square. Sonny opens up about Adrienne' thoughtfulness every Christmas. Sonny still has a heartfelt pillow from his mom years ago. He treasures it today. Paul calls Adrienne a force like Sonny and adds he is here for him anytime he needs him. Sonny looks at him with longing ... Nicole leaves Chloe a message to please get in touch ... Deimos concludes Chloe ran cos she did not want HIM near Nicole's baby. Brady can understand why, refers to what he did to Phillip, and warns him to leave Chloe alone. Obsessed Deimos continues. His next great idea involves asking Nicole to check with the clinic in case any of the embryos went missing. Brady warns him not to dare do that! It would be the worst possible thing to bother Nicole with. Deimos does not comprehend his concern ...

Kayla admires the lovely photo album that starts with a photograph of their first wedding. They gush they took each others' breath away. Nothing could come between them forever. The last page is their new wedding announcement for Valentine's Day ... Paul admits he is hoping for a white Christmas as he converses with Sonny in front of the ornate Christmas tree at the square. Sonny spies the mistletoe above and they discuss what it means. They come close to kissing until ... Derek interruptus! Sonny makes himself scarce as Derek suggests a bite to eat ... Brady warns he does not want Nicole to be hurt again and Deimos could be wrong. Brady was with her when she miscarried the first time and then it happened again so say nothing unless you have facts. Deimos suggests Brady team up with him to find out the truth. Brady agrees to help him find out the truth for his good friend. However, there shall be no breaking of the law this time! Deimos declares he has another idea and Brady eyes him with suspicion ...

Kayla giggles they need to wedding plan. Steve states they have plenty of experience. She loves this best Christmas gift, his best proposal and the super couple kiss in bliss ... Sonny has summoned Brady to the pub to talk about the family ... and the future of Titan! He updates him on Eduardo and Deimos' dirty dealings. Brady is furious to find out he hired Steve and Paul to do some digging ... Deimos is back with Nicole at the Kiriakis mansion. She nervously admits she reached out to Chloe but has yet to receive a return call. Deimos supports her all the way and calls Maggie a wise woman for suggesting it. He wants Chloe in Salem as well. Nicole still senses something spooked Chloe and that was why she vanished ...

Steve is over the moon the woman he loves agreed and Kayla cannot wait to be a Valentine bride. They kiss under the romantic stars ... Brady blasts strong willed Sonny for going behind his back with his bad business idea. He snaps it sounds like he wanted an excuse to spend time with Paul. Sonny insists there is smuggling going on that could hurt the Kiriakis image. When he has more he will inform Victor. Brady scoffs to leave Victor out of more drama. He has no interest in fake designer stuff nor does he think it poses a threat. Sonny mistrusts Deimos. Brady now believes there is more to Deimos. He appears to have his reasons for his actions, though he rarely shares them. Sonny snaps he sounds like he is after a promotion. Brady accuses Sonny of wanting to stage another coup. Both are wrong. Sonny cares about the company and wants to protect the family brand. Brady warns him to let it go or else Deimos will fire him. He leaves him sitting alone at the pub...

Deimos and Nicole are in bed and he is excited about ... Christmas. She laments last year was different and admits she dreamt of Dan again. Deimos wonders. Nicole notes Dan said he would be with her always. Deimos muses he must have meant in her heart. She gushes she and Deimos are in a good place. He agrees and stares into space as she snuggles against him ... Kayla thinks this was the best proposal and they need no mistletoe to kiss and kiss ... Meanwhile Sonny interrupts Paul and Derek the mistletoe crasher as they dine at the square. He tells Paul to drop the investigation as Brady was against it. Paul warns him that would be a bad move as there must be more happening. He senses danger. Strong willed Sonny is not listening and leaves with his mind made up, not wanting to rock the boat with Brady. Derek steps back and states he looked serious. Paul is perturbed that Sonny suddenly fired him... Alone in Deimos' bed, Nicole decides the time has come to say goodbye to Dan's engagement ring. She assures herself she is moving on and has a meltdown ... Downstairs Deimos calls for an appointment with Dr. Lee to discuss making a massive donation to his clinic. Then he stands in front of the mantelpiece like a man on a mission ...


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