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Monday, December 12, 2016
Episode 12,976
Length:1300 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Replay of Jen bumping Eve at the square and Brady noting she has pills. Jen asks all about Eve, who is teaching in New York, back to see her sister's son. Jen wishes them luck and wants to leave but Brady stops her for a private word ... At the station Rafe has agreed to meet Chad, who bears earth shattering news ... In prison, Roman agrees to help Hattie since she helps Hope. Enter the Hattie, who gushes as the gentleman commissioner greets her. She compliments his handsome face, clearly crushing. Hope raises an eyebrow ... Nicole is restless and opens her eyes in bed to an apparition of Dan who smiles lovingly ... Meanwhile Phillip is cruelly strapped to a chair. The thug is smug about the drug he gave him. Enter big boss Deimos, angry for answers. He removes his jacket. Phillip's head rolls ... Jen shows Brady the refill for ... She fibs Laura got her an antidepressant. Brady remains suspicious. Jen babbles. Brady just wants to be a friend. He is here for her. Always. They embrace and Jen diverts her gaze ... Dan now sits with Nicole and she gets emotional. He declares this is a dream. She wishes this was their forever. Alas they almost had it all! He calls every day special and suggests there are good things, those who care and love her. It begins with Deimos ... Back in the room, Philip gasps why as Deimos rolls up his sleeves and demands he start talking ... Back at the station, Chad shares his intel about Stefano's new gun from Harold the British butler, how Stefano was overheard hoping someone would shoot him. Rafe says WOW! Chad realizes they were right. Hope happened to be the one who walked into his trap of revenge ...

Hattie discusses speed dating with Roman, who chuckles. She updates him on how she met Alfonso, aka Alfie the sweet talking conman who set her up and stole millions. She stops and smiles Mr. Roman is now a commissioner. He blushes and lets her know how sorry he is she was taken advantage of. He is sending for a sketch artist to capture this Alfie character's image and promises to investigate. He is grateful she is watching Hope's back in here. Hattie has to get back to work at the kitchen. She calls him sweet like her souffle and leaves as Hope laughs ... Rafe wonders whether Harold is willing to testify. Check. Rafe thanks Chad from the bottom of his heart. Chad admits he was aware of what kind of man Stefano was and it seems he never changed. Hope was his victim that fateful day ... At the square Brady is still speaking with Jen about the hard holidays. He assumes she misses Abigail. Eve comes back and Brady excuses himself on a work call. Eve asks Jen about JJ. Jen starts to leave but Eve emotionally suggests she can speak with her about her suffering. Anytime. Jen wishes her happiness and thanks her for the kindness. Eve wishes her happiness right back ... Dan assures Nicole that their love will never die. However, he is unable to be here for her on earth. She still needs someone. He urges her to live and love and she sniffles. He will always be with her. He disappears and she wakes up weeping. Alone again. She reaches for the engagement ring on her finger ... Deimos plays the role of the interrogator and warns Phillip no lies. He demands to know the secret he is hiding from Nicole! Shirtless Phillip groans he cannot think. Deimos demands to know where he was about to go. To meet with Chloe. Why! To try and get back together with his first love. Deimos gets exasperated and shouts to stop lying and spill the secret. His eyes reflect his rage ...

At the square Jen thanks Chad and insists on sending someone to get the important statement. They will wait to release it until they get the go-ahead from legal eagle Justin. Chad sits with a sigh and woefully states since losing Abigail his life has not been the same ... Eve returns to the Kiriakis mansion, where she and Nicole catch up. They talk about the tragedy of Theresa ... Phillip gasps he has to help Chloe. Deimos advises him to answer so he can go to her. What is the big secret? Phillip replies with one word. EMBRYO!

Roman sighs to Hope this Alfonso likely had a false identity and will be almost impossible to find so Hattie should not expect miracles. Hope teases him about her crush and the commissioner exits ... Eve reasons she came back as Tate needs both a mother and father figure. She admits she has felt emptiness akin to hell. How she misses Paige! Nicole can relate to losing a loved one and the two women embrace ... Meanwhile Brady praises Tate and tells him he misses his mommy too. He now gets a call that shocks him to the core ... Deimos questions Phillip about the embryo and grabs his face. Nothing. He decides to give him more truth serum and then stops after Phillip gasps embryo again. Now he starts to understand ...

Jen sits by Chad as the Christmas music plays at the square. She smiles he should think and talk about Abigail often as she does! She tells him to be patient, it will get better. Chad assumes she means moving on and announces he is planning an Abigail memorial. Jen wishes he would wait but he intends to make it an affair to remember ... Romeo Rafe visits Hope in prison with the latest. According to Justin this information will assist her appeal. He is counting on an early release and Hope smiles ... Deimos shakes Phillip and demands to know whether Chloe is carrying Nicole's baby. Phillip loses consciousness and Deimos gets angrier. Did she betray her former best friend?! He curses and raises his hand to strike him. Brady bursts in and rages what is he doing! Deimos is ready to explode ... Chad visits Hope in prison. She has already heard from Rafe and thanks him. Pause. Chad points out he wants to make peace ... Brady blasts Deimos, who claims he got carried away in his quest for the truth. He unties Phillip and Deimos orders his man to return. He admits he was desperate for answers. Brady believes he went too far. Deimos notes there are no side effects. Brady assures groggy Phillip he will be fine. Deimos sends his man out to take him to another room where he can rest until he wakes up. He is free to go. But now he must answer to Brady, who overheard something about Chloe and Nicole. He orders Deimos to explain ... Chad and Hope sit at a table and she assures him she does not blame him for what he said in court. She still killed Stefano. Chad disagrees. He states he hates seeing her so punished ... Deimos denies speaking any such names. Brady calls him a liar and threatens to tell Victor of his thuggery ways and within the family at that! Deimos admits he heard Phillip speaking about a secret and suspects Chloe is carrying the baby of Daniel and Nicole. Brady's blue eyes soap stare in disbelief ...


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