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Friday, December 9, 2016
Episode 12,975
Length:1300 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Replay of the Chad and Gabi moment at the park. Chad is incensed Stefano did not trust him enough to tell him his truth and now look where they are! Hope and her family are in hell. Gabi questions what he is really upset about ... At the hospital Brady suggests Jenny is hiding her texts from him. They were both at a meeting and he thinks something is off with Jen, who is now followed by an aura of mystery ... Down at the docks Abigail stares Dario down. She threatens to report what she saw to the law if he lets anyone know he saw her. Dario snaps she did not see anything significant. She solemnly states they both have a secret. Tis an impasse ... Meanwhile Chad is torn. Gabi says he is nothing like Stefano. She gushes he is amaaaazing and holds his hand, praising him for the way he loves ... Chad pulls away and leaves. Gabi now gets a text that makes her run and assume the worst of Dario ...

Dario cannot comprehend why Abigail would fake her death. She sighs she wanted to spare the family from the emotional wreck in lock-up she had become. He adds she did obviously improve so why sneak around and hide from everyone who loves her! She replies JJ and mama Jen have already seen her. Dario accuses her of being afraid to face Chad ... Kate and Eduardo stroll through the dark park together without a word. He suggests she has something weighing on her mind as she was quiet during dinner. She updates him on Adrienne being ill. Kate also tells him about her own cancer scare. Ed looks like he wants to kiss her but asks about Adrienne instead, sensitive soul that he is ... They have a long talk during which diva Kate shares her trust issues. He has them too as it turns out ... Brady has waited for Jen to emerge from her visit with Adrienne. Jen feels there is no need to worry about her but Brady begs to differ. She is hiding something and he automatically assumes it is addiction related ... Henderson now calls Brady that SHE is back. Brady shares more unsolicited advice with Jen and then heads home ... Abigail is a better debater than Dario and talks tough. Dario warns her Chad will move on if she stays away any longer. Abigail assumes he means with Gabi. They bicker about whose business is whose business and she demands he explain what he knows about Gabi and Chad. Gabi is heard calling out Dario's name as she gets closer. Abigail ducks behind a crate, thus disappearing from view ...

At DiMera mansion Chad has just updated Andre, who exclaims fatha was dying??? He hastily adds he had no idea though there were signs. It appeared that fatha had given up on life and planning for any kind of future. For Chad the deception is enough for him to change his view. Andre, on the other hand, thinks that Stefano was well within his rights to exact revenge on Hope Brady ... Ed and Kate discuss their almost relationship as they sit on a park bench. Ed lets her know he will be competing with DiMera. Kate notes there can be no mercy in matters of business. She purrs about getting satisfaction. Ed takes his cue and kisses her ... Gabi informs Dario his designer bag is fake but she wants it anyway. When she starts to walk away Abigail accidentally makes a sound against a crate so she stops and suspiciously turns around. Abigail starts to sweat ...

Eve explains she came to see Brady cos daddy told her Theresa had left him and Tate. Brady refuses to rehash what happened. Eve is sorry especially since her sister seemed happy. Brady bitterly asks why she is here. To help him with Tate ... Gabi thinks Dario has a woman hiding and teases she can smell her shampoo. Abigail blinks. When Gabi has gone she emerges and reminds Chad they were close to making a deal. He sighs so be it, they will both butt out of each others' business ... Ed gets a call and gets exasperated about the missing microchip. He has to take care of it tonight. He promises Kate next time the date will be longer. She likes the sound of that. KISS. ... Andre believes the Bradys and HOtons have always been out to get the DiMeras. He tells Chad to put their family first and excuses himself ... Harold the butler now has something to tell Chad about his father's death He places a mysterious wooden box beside him and Chad's blue eyes look up at the manservant ...

Brady believes he needs no help and has more than one maternal figure for Tate. Eve offers to spend the holidays. He acts like he is fine but she knows better and would like to stay for Tate's sake as well as her own. Brady assures her he does not take his son for granted ever. Eve tells him Tate is lucky to have him. Brady agrees she can stay a while. Auntie Eve gushes they have got to take him to see Santa. Tis the season ... Harold tells Chad his story. One day a man came to DiMera mansion and sold Stefano the unregistered gun in the box. He asked whether he would shoot someone, to which Stefano was heard to reply he was hoping for someone to shoot him this time. Chad now realizes Rafe was right ... At the club, Dario lowers his voice and lets Ed know that Gabi has the bag with the other microchip. Ed fears she could be in grave danger. They need to get it fast ... Abigail returns home and Jen gasps she was worried! Abigail tells her about Dario. Jen is done with the excuses. The hiding stops now! Abigail agrees the time has come for her to go to Chad and take back her life. Jen is relieved to hear it ...

Ed reasons he has a manufacturer in China and the DiMera microchips will seal the deal. By the time Andre realizes the microchips were stolen it will be too late ... Abigail gushes she is going to be there for the family Christmas and keep going with her therapy and medication as well. Her prescription has almost run out. Jen offers to fill it for her ... Chad wishes the butler had told him sooner but Harold thought Stefano was joking ... Ed concludes he can only close the sale with that last microchip in Gabi's bag, Meanwhile Gabi is on the move, feeling empowered with the almost designer bag she is carrying around ... Chad addresses the black king of Stefano's chess set. He is furious father is playing games from beyond and consumed with bitterness that he did not confide in him! He puts the black king back on the chess board where it belongs. Meanwhile Abigail is having a mood swing. She appears to already harbor second thoughts about her bold plan ... At the square, Eve and Brady took Tate to see Santa and Brady shows her the photos on his phone. Eve asks about Theresa and he tells her about the hotel room with the guy and drugs. He suspects she will have to hit rock bottom before she can get over her addiction. All of a sudden Jen bumps into Eve, dropping Abigail's meds. She picks up the bag and starts to scurry away but Brady stops her by asking about the pills. Jen turns around with dread ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, December 9