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Thursday, December 8, 2016
Episode 12,974
Length:1460 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gabi runs into Dario with his bags of designer purses at the park. He was on his way with the goods ... She stops and demands to know what he did. Dario plays it cool in that park ... Doug and Julie visit Hope in the slammer. They convey that Roman has agreed to meet with Hattie regarding her request. Big Chile interrupts, glad to see the family. She eagerly lets them know how much they love having Hope here. It is all rather eerie ... In the Horton attic the fair Abigail flashes back to a tender time at the park as she and Chad watched over Thomas together. The result was a frozen memory in the form of a photograph followed by a sweet kiss ... Real time Chad now pays a somber visit at the police station. He asks Shawn for an update on father's found emails though he still thinks Hope killed Stefano. Rafe shows up with Stefano's physician, Dr Kline ... Nicole is having a Dan flashback in her sleep. It is about Chloe's gift to become their surrogate. She wakes up with sadness and bed partner Deimos asks what is troubling her... She eventually confesses she cannot get over not having Dan's baby. He was so real and now is gone. She weeps she lost him and Deimos consoles her ... Gabi accuses Dario of spooking Blanca out of Salem. He changes the subject by asking about Chad, the black market designer bags held behind his back ... Gabi states Chad is no issue in her life as she decided to try again with JJ ....

Back at the station, Kline claims the only pre-existing condition Stefano had was diabetes ... Rafe leers his legacy was to leave millions to his descendants via the life insurance policy that was denied in the end. He had refused to allow the insurance company's doctor to examine him. Rafe accuses Kline of committing fraud with the forms ... Dario needles Gabi about not letting Chad come between her and JJ. She shares her view - that what she and Chad felt was a slight case of rebound fever. Dario thinks otherwise and harps on it so sis she will not notice what he is hiding behind his back. He praises her when she boasts she left DiMera and plans to build her client base on her own. When she brushes by, however, one black knock off designer bag falls to the ground. The felonista turned fashionista is fascinated ...

Chad demands to know more about the fraud for his father and fumes Kline did not disclose Stefano's other problems. Kline counters Stefano did not want him to. Chad DiMera makes it clear he gives no damn about doctor patient confidentiality. Tell HIM now ... Julie and Doug arrive home to Horton house. Dapper Doug is glad Hope has a friend in jail but Julie has a bad feeling about big Chile. Doug decides the time has come to put up the outdoor Christmas lights. The family needs to feel festive. Julie climbs the staircase to the attic, where they are stored, where Abigail is now sleeping in a chair. She wakes up to the sound of Julie singing and panics ... Back at the park, Dario feels his plan is in peril ... until Gabi gushes she knows and loves that purse! She thinks he got it for HER for Christmas so he plays along. She wants to take it now to wear at the holiday party! It would certainly made a statement. Dario lets her go with it and heads off with the remaining nine bags ...

Rafe and Shawn warn Kline he is the only one left to pay for what Stefano did. He blurts out his boss made him lie on the forms. Chad is not surprised and wants to know what was wrong with him. STEFANO WAS TERMINAL AND HE KNEW IT ... Julie shivers when she finds the window open in the attic and shuts it. Meanwhile Abigail has dropped to the ground with a thud. Doug opens the Horton front door and soap stares at the sight he sees... Hope is making a homemade Christmas decoration. Hattie admires it. Hope smiles make one too you will be a free woman one day. Hattie hangs her head about her plight until Hope points out Roman has agreed to meet her and look into her case. Hattie jumps up and hugs her bff, then becomes bashful about meeting the cute commissioner when she has nothing nice to wear ... Nicole is evasive about the content of her dream. Deimos coos and claims he needs to hear more. She talks the love of Dan the great man and the tragedy that they could not have a baby together. Deimos starts to put the pieces together. Nicole states Chloe was ready to be her surrogate but the first time the implantation did not take. Alas there was to be no second time as Dan died too soon. Deimos says he is sorry, his eyes darkening ... Nicole cries having a baby with Daniel meant everything and he hugs her. He now suggests Dan has appeared in her dreams again due to the Chloe connection ...

STEFANO HAD BONE CANCER. The doctor claims he was coerced to cover it up. Chad scoffs Stefano "coerced people into doing WHAT HE WANTS." No one seems to notice his usage of the present tense, not even himself ... Rafe and Shawn have his permission to study Stefano's medical records. Exit Kline. Rafe theorizes with Shawn. He tells Chad he owes him. Chad solemnly departs ... Doug has found Abigail's stuffed animal outside and shows Julie. She worries there was an intruder ... Dario has only 9 bags for the slick guy at the docks but also nine lives. The client cuts a zipper to get what he has been waiting for ... Abigail creeps behind some crates and watches the scene unfolding ... Deimos thinks Nicole is confused. She claims her heart broke but Chloe did try. The baby was not meant to be. If only her old bff would stop giving her the silent treatment! Deimos theorizes that the baby Chloe is carrying could very well be Dan and Nicole's ... Pause.

Big Chile hands a fresh bar of soap to Hope, which she snatched from another inmate. Hope is aware that Deimos is paying her. Hattie calls her a celebrity. Hope sighs now she has an even bigger target on her back. The last thing she needed was to call attention to herself ... Nicole patiently explains to Deimos that Chloe's baby cannot be hers and Dan's as that story ended over a year ago. The timing is impossible. Deimos hopes she will heal. She gushes she is healing and cares for him a great deal ... Julie and her baseball bat have searched the whole Horton house. She reports to Doug nothing is missing. He agrees with her earlier assessment, that the window being shut made the stuffed animal fall from the sill. It would be like the ghost of Christmas past when Abigail left it out for Father Christmas ... Dario's contact produces the first microchip from behind the zipper inside the purse. Abigail peers through the crates. The client now needs the other but departs with the remaining bags. Once alone, Dario hears a noise. Much to his astonishment he realizes Abigail was hiding and very much alive! He knows he is not seeing a ghost ...

Deimos kisses Nicole and gets a call. She will wait for him in the shower ... Meanwhile Phillip is tied up by Deimos' goon, who has made the call. Deimos reminds him to do as ordered and is on his way. The goon gives shirtless gasping Phillip an injection that will lead to the truth. The prisoner tied to the chair is already half passed out and groans ... Gabi comes across sad Chad alone at the park. He tells her that Stefano was terminal and he knew it. Matter of fact it looks like he went back to his dark side by framing Hope for his murder. That means father was bad until the bitter end. Gabi reaches for his hand ... In prison, visitor Rafe informs Hope that Justin is going to use what they now have and Stefano will not win from the grave. It is looking good ... Dario starts to call Chad to tell him the love of his life is alive. Abigail warns him not to or else she will expose his illegal dealings, though she knows not all the details. Dario cannot believe it. This is BLACKMAIL.


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