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Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Episode 12,973
Length:1300 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Adrienne hears she has breast cancer ... At the Kiriakis mansion Brady is busily putting all things Theresa in bags as Deimos tries to distract him with business talk. No luck. Nicole arrives with an embrace and he bitterly says to go to her boyfriend. Deimos motions she needs him and Nicole asks how he fares, about Theresa. Brady bitterly blasts Theresa for not wanting to be a mother. Deimos soap stares ... At the park Phillip leaves Chloe a message cos he has an idea and will wait to hear from her ... Adrienne staggers and Sonny sits her down. She feels dizzy and Justin asks if she hears him. She confirms she heard Kayla as Steve stands speechless ... Brady blows off both Nicole and Deimos and departs. Deimos praises Nicole's great numbers and she marvels over the Asian market. They get cute and he kisses her. Now to the bedroom ... Sonny, Justin and Lucas ask Kayla about what comes next. More tests and she has reserved a room at the hospital for the Salem patient. The guys are all ready to take her but Kayla suggests Steve. Adrienne attempts to put on a brave face as Steve observes her with sympathy. He gets the car. Sonny sees his mom to the door. Lucas wishes he had insisted she attend her screenings. Kayla suggests peace and support as the order of the day. When she heads for the hospital, Lucas excuses himself to get the bag. Justin hugs his unhappy son and assures him she will be alright. Sonny sits alone and shakes his head in despair ... At the festive square Paul bumps into Brady and shares his sympathy for his situation. Brady sighs he needs all signs of Theresa out of his life. He feels more badly for his boy. What can he say to him when he is older? He cannot himself comprehend it ...

Deimos makes mad passionate love to Nicole in his big bed. After the lovin he holds her close and notes no more travel! They kiss in bliss. She broaches the subject of Chloe and her baby. Deimos sighs Phillip has not keep him in the loop and lashed out when he deferred to Brady in business. Nicole is more concerned about Chloe and has been unable to reach her. Deimos wonders why bother and makes it crystal clear he cannot stand her. Meanwhile frustrated Phillip comes in from the cold downstairs only to find fancy Nancy at the door. She has come about Chloe ... Lucas visits Kate, who deduces Adrienne chose bachelor number two and left him high and dry. Lucas laments Adrienne chose no one as she has cancer. Kate gasps she is sorry and hugs her hurting son ... Brady confides in Paul as they sit at the square. Christmas music plays in the background as Brady tell him his tragic story of Theresa, who wants not to be a mother. Paul praises him as a fab father and grins he has lots of connected relations, Tate does. The little lad will be fine. Paul the hopeless romantic even believes Brady will find love again. Brady laughs it is too soon to tell. Paul points out Tate has close relations he can rely on just as Brady does. He pats him on the arm and Brady appears to feel a bit better.

Nancy was just with Chloe in Chicago. She now knows the whole truth! Phillip suggests she keep her silence as there could be someone in the mansion. They leave to talk freely at a safer location where no one can listen ... Kate apologizes to Lucas for her lack of tact and wonders how he heard. Lucas updates her. He cries about the woman he wanted to marry missing her last screening and being in denial. Kate reminds him she is a cancer survivor. Nowadays many end up in remission for a lifetime. She explains the treatment is hard but has faith in Adrienne's strength. She predicts she will win this battle. Lucas nods though his heart is heavy ... Sonny is hanging his head on a bench at the square when Paul finds him. He asks what happened. Sonny sadly states his mom fainted. He blames his plan for putting her at risk ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Justin helps himself to a good stiff drink to numb the pain. Brady wishes he would drink elsewhere. Justin gets sarcastic about his sorrow. At least Theresa is not ill with cancer! Brady blinks his blue eyes and does the math ... Paul is sorry for Sonny and his mother. He remembers he told him about the gene mutation she had. Sonny wishes he had not put pressure on her but Paul thinks that is what made them realize she was unwell so he did something good. He lets him know he is here for him night or day. Always ... Brady is horrified to hear Adrienne has breast cancer. Justin blames himself for not doing more. Brady believes she still has a chance and she is a survivor! He hugs him in support and Justin soap sighs ...

Phil has coffees for himself and Nancy at a secluded park bench. Fancy Nancy knows Chloe wanted to give Nicole the baby of her dreams and who the daddy is. Phil grumbles Nicole is now cozy with dastardly Deimos. Nancy replies Chloe cannot raise that child as her own for the next 18 years! Phil passionately suggests Chloe needs a friend now more than ever, someone who knows her story and is on her side, meaning HIM ... At the hospital Adrienne thanks concerned Kayla for all she has done. Steve is at her side. Kayla insists they will find out what it is and destroy it. Steve stays at his sister's bedside and whips out his cards for a game of five card draw. Adrienne flashes back to finding out she had the same gene mutation as her mom. She now sends Steve to go get her a burger. He assumes she wants to be alone and lets her know they are all standing by her. After he gets her promise she will not flee again, he kisses her head and steps out into the hall. She cries thanks. Once alone she takes a deep breath, digesting the last 24 hours ...

Nancy knows Philip has always been a true friend to Chloe. He tells her he told Chloe he loved her still and asked her to wait until she responded. He is anxious to meet with her face to face to take the next step ... Meanwhile Nicole is having a fun time with Deimos. She wants to spend the day in bed, have Chinese takeout and orange juice. He gushes he loves her. She knows ... but she has not said she loves him back. Nicole's heart is filled with hesitation regardless of the good times ... Deimos comes downstairs later when Phillip is on his phone with Nancy, his bags packed. No one can know he has gone especially not Nicole! He opens the door as his car has arrived and slips out. Dangerous Deimos wonders what he is up to ... Sad music plays about dreams as Kayla consoles Steve ... Lucas weeps ... Justin drowns his sorrows in front of the Kiriakis fireplace, then smashes his glass ... Sonny sits heartbroken in the park. Paul joins him without a word and places his arm around his shoulders. Sonny weeps ... Adrienne is surprised to see Kate in her hospital room. She watches with dread but the diva holds her hand, fighting back the tears. Adrienne understands and appreciates the gesture. Salem solidarity ...


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