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Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Episode 12,972
Length:1450 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Chad clearly does not mind Gabi fussing over him. Gabi helps him by suggesting a chill look for his work thing. He admits he hates that it sounds like the others at DiMera might find him a blind date for the corporate function and impulsively invites the image consultant to escort him. Andre appears and elegantly disagrees! He notes Gabi has nothing to offer the corporate crowd. She fumes ... Everyone wonders where oh where Adrienne went ... Steve is with Kayla and has been making calls with nothing to report. Meanwhile Sonny, Lucas, and Justin confer. It is already morning in Salem and Sonny is worried sick. Lucas suspects she went looking for something. Sonny tries to call her ... Meanwhile Adrienne is sitting serenely in St. Luke's church. Father Luis let her spend the night. Adrienne admits she is afraid especially for her loved ones ... Up in the attic, JJ glances out the window and informs sister Abigail that she has to hide a little longer as Doug and Julie's car is not gone yet. They talk Thomas. JJ reasons she has no reason to hide if she is worried about Gabi as he and Gabi are back together again. She is not with Chad. He adds they are taking Arianna to Santa at the square on this day. Abigail remains anxious as he argues Thomas and Chad deserve to have her in their lives again so she should really stop this hiding. Abi announces her desire to depart and go back to Laura is for all of their sakes. JJ accuses her of being just like Jack and running away when needed. Abigail blinks ... Chad attempts to make Andre apologize to Gabi. Andre acts innocent and Chad leaves to change. Andre smiles to Gabi that he feels protective. His sensitive brotha did not realize it would be wrong and bad for business to be seen escorting an ex con ... Adrienne the lost soul is advised to pray for guidance from God and so she does ...

Adrienne prays ... Meanwhile Steve wants to make more calls instead of going home where Jade has Joey waiting hand and foot on her. Kayla noticed the same thing. Once Adrienne is found, they will set forth some house rules for the messy pregnant princess ... Back at the Johnson house, Joey serves Jade some fruit. She seems to want a slave man and suggests he stick only with strawberries on the next fruit spread, no pineapples please ... Downstairs at Horton house Jen and Abigail are sipping from mugs. Abigail starts to explain why she does not want to be pressured until ... knock knock knock! Tis Lucas, frantic to find Adrienne. Abigail has raced upstairs to the attic. Lucas spies the two mugs in the living room and suspiciously asks who was here. Jen claims JJ came by but Lucas thinks she is lying and hiding Adrienne. He starts for the stairs to search for her but Jen stops him ... Andre talks down to Gabi the ex con. The Hernandez hits back! She hisses Chad hates snotty hypocrites. Andre, in turn, accuses her of trying to take Abigail's place at Chad's side. He feels she is overstepping and out of her league. Chad returns wearing the cool casual look she chose. Andre acts nice again and goes, suggesting they talk travel at the function since it is always a safe subject. Gabi now announces she is not going. She is nobody's personal escort! Chad is sorry she feels like that. She realizes she was harsh and decides to resign for real. Chad thinks he knows the real reason why ...

Paul is said to also be searching for Adrienne ... Meanwhile Justin and Sonny catch up at the park. Sonny blames himself for locking her in the hotel room. Justin disagrees and leaves her another heartfelt message. There is no pressure but please come home ... Praying Adrienne has missed another call. She makes the sign of the cross and exits, leaving her phone behind on a pew ... Chad thinks this is about the connection he and Gabi have. He simply cannot let her quit! He attempts to argue but the girl stands firm. She must build her business on her own. He will have to make DiMera great again without her. She walks out and he curses ... Jade wishes Joey's old fashioned folks would let him share a room with her and also wishes he would marry her before the birth. Joey is not sure about marriage. He would rather improve his prenatal and baby knowledge by reading some books. He will never do what his father did no matter what, he will not abandon them ... Jade continues to repose on the couch eating fruit like Cleopatra ... New Abigail has a flashback in the attic. She remembers when Chad showed her the DiMera mansion with Thomas after he had bought it for them as a family. At the conclusion of the reenacted romantic scene they kiss in bliss. Back in the attic Abigail remembers ... At the square Gabi and JJ stop by the big Christmas tree. He tells her he is down about Adrienne, especially sorry for Sonny. She tells him she left her job at DiMera and he wants to know why. He had assumed she loved the work ...

Back at DiMera mansion Chad drowns his sorrows and demands an explanation from Andre. Andre assures him he was nice and informed the girl that plus one would not be good idea with the corporate crowd. He insists he speaks with love when he says Gabi must have seen what HE does - that Chad is ready to stand on his own two feet. Her resignation was a blessing! Chad soap stares ... Jade has gone shopping for the baby and especially herself with Kayla's credit card, courtesy of Joey. They sit by the square and he complains she bought too much. He proceeds to read a prenatal book and gasps it is not a good idea to conceive unless a woman has been off the pill for two cycles. He urges her to see a doctor. Jade replies she has been off the pill for a while ... Gabi thinks that Andre did have a point. It is public record that she is a convicted felonista and the charge was murder ... Steve comes upon Adrienne at the pub, where she is eating Caroline's famous comfort chowder. He sits with his sister and implores her to come back. She cries she feels foolish about having fled. However, the time has come to talk to Kayla. Steve squeezes her hand in support ...

Joey is horrified. Jade stammers she stopped taking her pills while away at her grandma's and she wants no lecture! Joey suspects she got pregnant on purpose ... Sad Chad lights a candle at St Luke's for Abigail his lost love. He admits to Father Luis he is torn. The idea of letting go feels like a betrayal ... Andre appears at Abigail's attic and gives her a warm embrace ... Lucas and Justin are at the Johnson house with Kayla and Sonny. Steve enters with Adrienne. Worried Sonny hugs his mother, who is sorry. She now hugs Justin and Lucas and is again sorry. She deduces they all want answers. Now she courageously faces Kayla and asks what ails her ...

Jade plays the I am emotional card. Joey asks if she got pregnant on purpose. She denies it and declares she got carried away in the moment when they made love, just as he did. She hopes he is not angry. Joey takes off to do some soul searching alone. The girl stands up and clutches her stomach ... Father Matt notes Abigail would not want Chad to live his whole life in mourning, nor would God. Chad laments there was no body for him to bid goodbye. The priest is sympathetic and suggests a shrine or monument to make him feel connected to her. Perhaps there he could find his closure. God's plan might be for him to find love again ... Andre gleefully tells Abigail he got Gabi out of the equation but there are more such women in the world ... so she needs to listen to him. He will help her ... Adrienne wants everyone to hear and they wait with bated breath. Kayla suspects she already knows the answer to her question. She quietly confirms she has breast cancer. The men folk look devastated as Adrienne nods bravely through her tears, bracing herself for the battle ahead ...


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