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Monday, December 5, 2016
Episode 12,971
Length:1370 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara and Claire are enjoying breakfast with patriarch Victor at the lavish Kiriakis mansion. Claire complains about mama Belle bothering her all the way from Hong Kong. Ciara sighs she misses her mother and Claire immediately regrets her lack of tact. Deimos arrives in time to hear Ciara fume the one who had her dad abducted needs to pay for what he did! Victor spies him standing there ... As she plays cards in prison with Hattie, Hope laments she misses her family. Hattie, on the other hand, has no one to miss and praises her for offing old goat DiMera. She longed to do the deed herself. Hope wonders how she ended up here. Hattie sighs she met a man ... The two irate inmates are watching and grumbling ... Meanwhile at the station Rafe and Shawn have been pouring over piles of emails sent to Stefano. Rafe is losing patience. All of a sudden Shawn sees Stefano had an email from a certain George and wants to show Rafe. This same George broke bad news to the phoenix a mere few weeks prior to his murder. Rafe feels they have hit pay dirt ... At the hospital smiling Val reminds Abe she will not stay forever in Salem and hopes to keep seeing him afterwards. Suited Abe is happy to hear it. Theo and Abe have to pick up a Christmas tree and Theo slyly suggests she come tree shopping with them ... Hattie tells the tale of the man who swept her off her feet. But then she was accused of embezzling and transferring millions from her personal computer. Hope points out it might have been the man who set her up. Hattie knows it. However, she made a deal with the D.A, as she assumed she would never be able to prove her innocence ... Hope offers to help her but Hattie appears anxious ... Hope thanks her for her help and they chat like old friends. The two angry women who had a run-in with her earlier complain to the tough unspoken leader of the pack about the policewoman in their midst. She glares daggers at Hope and leers she will teach her a lesson ... Claire makes a bold move when Ciara steps away for more tea. She sweetly states she has insufficient funds for a project to help a friend in need. Victor is amused by her audacity and hands her the requested $200 from his own pocket. He does not believe a word of it. The material girl heads out on her petty mission ...

Rafe and Shawn have summoned Kate to the station. Rafe seeks to know what was the bad news Stefano received weeks before his death. Kate claims she has no clue ... Theo is having a few laughs at the square with Abe and Val. They tease him about the Christmas tree he had reserved and the young man takes it well. However, he looks intense when Abe invites her to their home for Christmas day ... The tough inmate orders Hope to give her that chair. Hope refuses. Hattie talks tough but she does not take her eye off Hope, who remains stubbornly seated ... Val must check her phone which she sighs has frozen again! Theo asks to help and Abe boasts his son knows his technical stuff. She hands Theo her phone and steps away with Abe to get coffee for a moment. The teen sneakily searches her texts and finds a telling one about her missing someone ... Victor ends a call about Adrienne, whom he is certain will be found ... Ciara returns with her tea and wonders where Claire went. Victor is amused and impressed Claire went on a mission with his cash. Ciara exclaims it will lead to disaster ... The irate lady inmate whips out a knife. Hope overpowers her and gets the knife within seconds. Deimos elegantly steps in and applauds. Hope is stunned to see him in the slammer. He clears the room by informing the ladies that he is a Kiriakis and wants a word with Hope ... Undercover Theo snaps a photograph of Val's texts. She comes back filled with gratitude that he fixed her phone ... Kate calls Stefano's personal physician, Dr George Kline. She alludes to getting him a title at DiMera. When she brings up Stefano and the state of his health, he hangs up on her. Rafe is convinced they are on the rigt track ... Deimos is sorry for his involvement in Bo's death ... He knows what life is like in prison and was innocent all those years he had to languish behind bars. Hope quips she is no innocent and lets him know she still hates him. Guilt ridden Deimos promises to make things right and departs ...

At the square Theo spies Ciara. He compliments her smile and wonders why she was on her phone. She gushes she got a message from the online dating site. The profile has a blurry picture but they have things in common like the fact that they are both fans of black and white films. He is supposedly a pharmaceutical rep. Theo tells his old friend to text him to meet. He will wait nearby just in case. Ciara appreciates it ... Hattie comes back and gushes about the Kiriakis guy. Hope dismisses the notion of Deimos doing anything good. When the two inmates attempt to hound Hope again the tough leader of the pack orders them to back off. Hope and Hattie are astonished by the about-face. Hattie investigates and the big lady reveals the guard is giving her big money to protect her friend. So now she likes her ... At the Kiriakis mansion Victor hears Deimos on a call, confirming he is paying someone in prison to protect Hope. The woman is being paid weekly though he did not like the look of her ...

Claire now catches up with Theo, who thinks Valerie has someone else in her life. He shows her the secret I miss you text to someone called Eli. It must be her boyfriend! Meanwhile Rory appears, declaring he is Ciara's date. She is peeved the pothead called himself a pharmaceutical rep and knows nothing about black and while movies. But he insists on at least having a coffee. Ciara ends up sitting with starving Rory at a table where she can keep an eye on Theo and Claire. Rory devours his lunch as well as hers ... Kate ends a call with smart son Austin of forensics accountant fame. He is following Stefano's money trail at her request. She updates Rafe and Shawn that Stefano applied for more life insurance a few weeks before he died but it was rejected. Kate is also convinced that Kline knows something. She smells a coverup ...

Claire convinces Theo that they can use her $200 to buy spyware for Valerie's phone. Meanwhile Ciara has her eye on the pair as Rory pigs out ... Deimos turns around and tells Victor what he did and why. His Greek brother is grateful. Deimos believes he is to blame for Bo's death. Victor sadly states the cancer would have gotten him as it did Isabella. He too feels at fault as he made Deimos the man he was and even encouraged Bo to go on his deadly mission. He is trying to do the right thing for Hope, as he is helping Justin behind the scenes with his appeal. He will do whatever it takes ... Deimos is determined to have Hope released from the dangerous slammer sooner rather than later. The clock is ticking ... Hope deduces it was Deimos who paid for her protection. Hattie now assumes she needs no help but Hope tells they are in it together, friends. Hattie agrees ... Kate recalls how she and Stefano took life insurance out on one another. Rafe mutters then he wanted more. He suspects the phoenix found out he was terminally ill and within weeks provoked Hope into pulling the trigger and killing him. Shawn suggests they claim suicide to get the murder charge dropped. Rafe vows to get Hope freed. This could be the break they have been waiting for ...


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