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Friday, December 2, 2016
Episode 12,970
Length:1200 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Woman in red Gabi joins JJ at the Salem Inn. He is happy to see her holding the rose and suavely escorts her inside the romantic room ... Meanwhile at DiMera mansion committed corporate Kate tries to talk business with distracted Chad, who clearly has Gabi on his mind ... Back at the Salem Inn, Gabi and JJ kiss in the candlelight. This is just the beginning of their night together ... Kate suspects Chad has a certain someone on his mind. He confesses he thought it was too soon for him to care for another girl but as it turns out he does ... Jen arrives at the attic, only to find Abigail sitting on the floor, unhappily holding the decoration she gave Thomas once upon a time. She weeps she wants to see her son! Her maternal arms are aching. She begs Jen to bring him to her from the mansion but Jen believes she would be better off revealing herself to Chad and asking him herself. The fragile girl pleads to bring her her baby. Jen eventually agrees only because she believes holding Thomas will work miracles and make her daughter see the light ... Adrienne can hear Lucas and Justin shouting in the hospital waiting area. Sonny snaps at Justin the expert arguer to stop. Marlena comes running to see what all the commotion is about and threatens to summon security. She learns they have been waiting for word on Adrienne, who was admitted after she fainted. The family is frantic for an update. Marlena warns no more testosterone filled events or else and goes to find out more ... Back at DiMera mansion diva Kate fully supports Chad moving on with a girl like Gabi. However, he is torn. He still loves Abigail but is bothered by the notion of JJ being with Gabi. Kate refers to the phoenix as a go getter in love. She urges him to pursue the girl a la Stefano the great romantic. He should tell her how he feels ... JJ has planned a night of romance for his second chance with his girl. He even got champagne on his policeman's salary. When he hears she left Arianna with Chad, he grimaces. Chad had harsh words for him regarding their relationship ...

Jen has been admitted to DiMera mansion and gingerly joins Chad and Kate. She tells Chad a story about missing Abigail and wanting grandmother time. Kate the sympathetic grandmother who also would rather Chad get to work with her is all for it. They have much DiMera work to do on this night. Chad uncomfortably agrees and offers the guest room but Jen would rather take Thomas home for the whole night. She promises to have him back by morning ... JJ brings up Abigail and Chad's love story. Gabi wants to get back to them ... They declare their love and end up on the bed ... Marlena finally finds Dr. Kayla and warns her of a mutiny! The family needs an update on Adrienne. Kayla confirms the need to have more tests run, though her eyes are troubled. Marlena seems to sense a sad ending ...

Adrienne eventually comes out in a wheelchair and hopes they were not the clowns making that noise! Justin, Lucas, and Sonny are relieved to see her. She complains about the tests. The men will wait and try to act upbeat. Marlena offers to push her to the lab ... Back at Horton house, thanks to Jen, Abigail is now with her sweet boy. A piano tinkles when she takes him in her arms. She says hi and he makes a mini gurgle. Jen watches approvingly. So far so good ...

Gabi and JJ are getting passionate. All of a sudden he flashes back to being with a wild slim woman. He sits up with a start, horrified. Gabi wonders what is the matter. New improved honest JJ is going to have to tell her. He gulps ... Chad and Kate are interrupted when Shawn and Rafe show up at DiMera mansion. They ask Chad for Stefano's access codes as they investigate the night his father met his murderous fate. Chad quips the case is closed as Hope already confessed. Kate explains they think there could be more. Chad agrees to oblige them. But after this, he wants it all to end ... Gabi gets worried when JJ gasps he is going to tell her the truth as per their agreement. He admits he suddenly remembered the moment he was with the mystery woman in Miami ... When Thomas nervously cries, Abigail gets even more nervous ... Back at the hospital, worried Justin tries to make up with Lucas with the peace offering of a can of soda. The tension starts again so Sonny bellows ENOUGH! They will have to accept Adrienne's decision no matter what ... Marlena is now with Adrienne, who is reposing in a hospital bed. She sighs about the stress of having to make up her mind all because of that envelope! Marlena the emotional healer deduces at times the best decision is no decision at all ... The baby stops crying and so does Abigail. Jen encircles them both in a Hortonesque family hug ... Gabi does not react well to JJ admitting he thought of another girl in the middle of their passionate moment ...

Rafe and Shawn now have Stefano's email access codes. There are emails to be printed and read ... Jen feels her daughter is doing fine. Abigail, on the other hand, still feels she cannot take care of Thomas without Jen's help. Jen wants her to go to Chad for he will help her but Abigail wants to go to grandma. Jen is against the idea of her running away again. Ding dong! The baby is put down in the living room and Abigail is sent up to the attic lest she be spotted ... Yesterday Adrienne told Lucas she wanted to be with him for her future and blew off Justin. Today she feels unable to make a decision, and weeps about what might be happening to her ailing body. In her office, Kayla has the second results on her computer. A frown creases her brow ...

Rafe and Shawn end up with pages of lengthy emails to go through. Rafe is surprised by Stefano's romantic writing and refuses to stop reading until he finds something that will help get Hope out of prison. He is convinced she was set up ... Jen rejoins Abigail, noting it was not important. It was about a work related reporter matter. She suggests Abigail stop the hiding so she can see Thomas all the time ... Chad lovingly tends to the lavender he asked the gardener to grow. He gushes they are Gabi's favorite flower to Kate. She gathers how much Gabi means to him ... JJ insists he loves only Gabi. She tells him to show her and he kisses her passionately ... Marlena walks toward Sonny, Lucas, and Justin, who have been patiently waiting. Kayla appears and heads into Adrienne's room. All follow. Alas Adrienne is nowhere to be found! Justin, Sonny and Lucas look worried and wonder where in the world she went ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, December 2