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Thursday, December 1, 2016
Episode 12,969
Length:1270 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Lucas calls out to fainted Adrienne and props her head as Sonny calls 911. Justin gently strokes her hair. She wakes up feeling weak ... At home Steve and sweetness Kayla love their togetherness and he talks all their love. She wishes the same joy for his sister, who is torn between two lovers. Ring ring! Tis Sonny calling with an unsettling update. Steve and Kayla are on their way to the hospital ... Cop JJ is working late at the station as the lieutenant gave him a hard time. He wishes he could be with a certain someone and hurries to finish on his computer ... Meanwhile Gabi and Chad have taken their kids out together for an evening walk. She complains Arianna has a scarf stuck in her coat zipper. Chad bends down to help and they find themselves too close for comfort ... JJ is done and leaves Gabi a voice mail he will see her soon with a surprise ... Gabi, who does not have her phone turned on, thanks Chad. They almost kiss but stop and he pushes Thomas in his stroller ... Abigail is at Horton house telling mama Jen how much she misses Thomas. Jen lets her have a look at his history via photos on her iphone. Abigail admires them and flounces to the kitchen. Ding dong! Tis Laura, who is happy to see daughter Jen ... Laura and Abigail also hug and Jenny does the math. Laura admits she has long known she was alive. Jen angrily demands an explanation. Laura makes light of Abigail showing up at her house, after which she agreed to let her stay and treated her in private. It was for a while. Abigail anxiously apologizes for the secrecy. Jen is enraged Laura had the audacity to allow then all to believe she was dead and storms off ... Gabi and Chad are at the square. He is about to head home when JJ joins them in his uniform ...

Abigail now believes her behavior was cruel. Laura begs to differ. Abigail wanted them to think she was dead for a while as it was easier than dealing with her reality. She will be eternally grateful for Laura and Andre's assistance. Laura explains Jen gets angry too easily anyway ...Gabi kisses JJ. He teases he will share his surprise as soon as he gets out of his uniform. For now he has a letter for her to read, another kiss, and then steps away, alluding to their romantic night. Chad looks bugged ... Dr. Kayla pays Adrienne a visit in her hospital room. Adrienne is now sitting up in bed and speaking. She wants to believe she fainted from a lack of food and fluid during the day. Kayla asks when she had her last mammogram. Adrienne assures her she has attended all her appointments. Before she leaves the room, Kayla admires the wedding dress laid on her chair. Outside the room the men folk are waiting with Steve. Kayla emerges and suggests it could be stress. Sonny blames himself. Kayla dismisses the notion and explains she will do the usual tests. No one assumes the worst. She lets Steve visit first. Lucas and Justin agree then Sonny can see his mother. They sit back down and wait in mutual worry for the woman they love ...

Steve checks on the Salem patient, who laughs and downplays the latest drama. However he is worried. She warns him she wants no cancer talk. Sonny steps forward and laments she had him so scared. Adrienne notes how hectic her life has been and sends Sonny out to get ... Justin, who walks into her room with a smile ... Lucas pours himself a coffee and Sonny is sorry. Lucas just wants her to be well. He appears to think she has made her choice and that choice is Justin. Inside the room, Adrienne teases Justin about how lousy he looks. He feels badly about crashing the wedding. She likes the fact that he followed his heart BUT marriage is so much more than romance and grand gestures. Before she can continue a nurse interrupts ... Gabi has returned to DiMera mansion with Chad. She plans to take Arianna to Sonny's place and open her letter. All of a sudden she sees Sonny's text about his mother. Chad offers to look after Arianna ... Jen is back and confirms she is cross as ever with Laura, who explains when Abigail wanted her help, she made it clear she wanted to be kept away from all things stressful. Abigail felt she did not live up to her family. Jen wants to know whether Laura also helped fake her daughter's death. No and let it go! Jen gets teary. Abigail needs to get her life back for all of them. Laura notes she should not be pressured for she is still fragile and could lose it again. Up in the attic Abigail weeps at the snapshot history of her infant son, feeling somewhat stressed. Jen enters with tea for two. She assures her that she and Laura are good again. Jen is glad she is here and they hug. Abigail now has the full support of herself as well as JJ. Abigail sighs Salem might call her crazy for faking her death. Jen begs her not to go. Abigail starts to feel better about the future. Perhaps she will even come out of hiding ...

Chad will take care of both Ari and Thomas for the night. He gets Gabi her coat for her hot date with JJ ... Lucas is with Adrienne and acts like a good sport about her summoning Justin before him. He has no regrets but if she wants him to go ... Adrienne gasps NO! He is amazing and she wants to live life to the fullest with HIM. They kiss in bliss. Kayla comes back. Outside Steve asks Justin how the Kiriakis boys fare. Things are good but as the family counselor he answers to Don Deimos. He wants Sonny to find his way. Steve warns him he does not want his sister dragged into the darkness of the Kiriakis world ... As it turns out Adrienne has not had a mammogram for 8 months and even cancelled an appointment! She wants to go home and clean up. Kayla insists they wait for her blood work results and walks out. Adrienne the almost bride woefully looks away ...

At her computer Kayla finally gets the blood work and solemnly asks the lab for a redo. She has to be sure ... Sonny worriedly wonders what is taking so long. Lucas and Justin bicker about whether the Salem patient should go home or stay longer in the hospital. Justin rages at Lucas for hitting him earlier. Lucas rages at him for giving Adrienne so much stress. Sonny plays the peacemaker ... Adrienne sighs in her bed as she stares into space. Her eyes reflect her dread ... JJ visits Abigail in the attic, already dressed for his date night with Gabi. He assures his anxious sister she has nothing to fear for Gabi and Chad are friends only, Gabi is HIS girl ... Back at DiMera mansion Chad grumbles to himself that JJ had better make Gabi happy. That is all that matters ... Meanwhile Gabi heads for the DiMera door as she opens the letter from JJ that contains a card to a Salem Inn room. She reaches for one of the long stem red roses in the foyer and smells it with a smile. Now she is on her way ...


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