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Episode 13,783
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sonny drops by to deliver easy baker Evan an apology. Arianna refused to toboggan with him. Evan feels for her as Will is absent. Sonny wonders how to inform her he is divorcing daddy. Evan is relieved little David is too small to need answers since his Uncle Ben offed mama Jordan … Ben tries to blow off visitor Xander, who boasts he bribed the guard. He leers to listen unless he wants something to happen to his pretty little girlfriend … Victor wants to know why Ciara deceived him while visiting Ben. She remembers Victor and Xander’s discussion of what they did … At the station Rafe asks Hope her reason for ‘firing’ him … Steve suggests Kayla accept he is not the man he was. She protests. He thunders he loves someone else. Kayla wants to know who … As they sip coffee, Evan smoothly brings up Ben’s appeal. Sonny has no sympathy for him since he once tried to off Will. Evan replies he sympathizes … Xander demands to know why Ciara has been snooping. Ben stares him down and warns him away from her. Xander hisses Victa ordered him to leave her alone but not him … In the lavish Kiriakis living room Ciara confesses she is still convinced Victor paid Xander to off Jordan and set up Ben to look guilty …

Stefano Steve stands in front of the fireplace and airily reminds Kayla they are divorced. She demands to know who he loves … Victor denies everything. Ciara starts to record with her iphone and reminds him he almost strangled Ben to death. She has been spying. She heard him and Xander discuss the innocent man they sent to the slammer and dares him to admit he meant Ben … Ben is afraid of nothing and no one. Xander warns if he does not call Ciara off he shall kill them both. He lists the accidents he could cause so Ben grabs him, raging if he touches her he is dead. Enter Will, exclaiming what is this … Evan explains to surprised Sonny that Jordan does sound like someone insane and lists some of what he heard. Sonny still finds it hard to believe Ben could have strangled his sis. Evan quips Ben did David a favor … Hope is most miffed Rafe has been undermining her. She wants his badge. He answers with a defiant NO … Marlena and John appear and asks if everything is alright. Kayla complains about Steve’s other woman and adds he was about to tell her who she was …

Hope fumes she has full authority so Rafe is fired. He stands and talks union, who will find her firing unfounded. She would also need a case file. He warns he has already started a file on her inconsistencies. She believes Rafael is the real problem. He sarcastically heads off with his file to have lunch with David. Gina looks rattled … David denies being vigilante in thought but what kind of parent would Jordan have been? It is best the baby is with wonderful Rafe. Sonny praises him. Evan is grateful and admits his own part time papa was not nice. Sonny gushes one day he will make a great dad … Steve will only say his lover is beautiful, smart and captivating. Kayla wishes them the best and leaves. Marlena goes after her upset friend … John calls Steve harsh. Stefano Steve acts cold. John wonders whether what he said was true … Ben warns Will to walk away. Xander taunts Will for siding with the man who strangled him. He taunts Ben again. Will stops Ben from going ballistic as it might ruin his all-important appeal. Ben gasps like an angry buck … Victor scoffs Ciara is wrong. She claims to have proof cos she saw the confession Xander wrote and burned. She saved it from the fireplace but he did not reveal exactly what the misdeed was. She begs Victor to tell her the truth. Ben is an innocent man! When she refers to him as twisted he is insulted and loses consciousness …

John perceived Steve was trying to push Kayla away with a fake other woman since she is with Justin now. Stefano decides that is correct. Their relationship was in ruins. John believes he still loves her but Steve denies it. He swears him to secrecy about his fake lover … Marlena catches up with Kayla at the hospital. Kayla now has more questions than answers and wonders who the woman is. She will never be a fool for love again … Ciara cries but cannot wake up Victor so she calls 911 … Ben agrees with Will. Xander is not worth it. Xander growls his girlfriend is and he had better get her on a leash. After he leaves Ben becomes desperate to warn Ciara … Sonny and Evan are close to a kiss. Rafe walks in with an apology. Evan shows pics of David. Sonny is about to depart. Rafe asks him to hand his father an envelope. Tis the notarized and soon finalized adoption of David as his own son … Sonny is happy to hear it. Evan agrees. Rafe gushes he wants to give the little guy the best life and goes to check on the napper. Evan suddenly seems distracted. Sonny wonders …

John agrees to keep Steve’s secret. However he has no secrets from Marlena so that is his one exception. Hope appears asking Steve for his file as she wants to strategize about Stefano. Just the three of them. She urges John to not be distracted by their personal issues and hopes he will help her find the phoenix. He is in … Marlena’s pep talk to Kayla is interrupted when unconscious Victor is rushed in, accompanied by upset Ciara. The EMT talks stroke. Marlena holds Ciara close and assures the girl her grandfather is in good hands … Evan stammers he sensed he and Sonny were about to kiss when Rafe walked in. Sonny agrees … John has no problem being on the same team as Hope. However, she should be professional and accept they are friends only. She does and he grins they are gonna get the phoenix. Marlena now calls with the news on Victor. John leaves to track down Brady with the bad news. Stefano is smug when Gina states Victor had a stroke. She feels like the walls are closing in … Ben gets his call with Ciara, who updates him on having a confrontation with Victor, how sadly it ended. Ben believes she is not to blame. He too bears bad news. Xander was on the warpath and he is onto them. She must stay away since Xander threatened to do something and Victor could not stop him now ... Sonny sweetly reminds Evan he is getting a divorce. Evan teases if he kissed him Sonny would be innocent anyway. Sonny waits so he makes his lip locking move … Will tells Ben that Ciara is not to blame for Victor’s ailing health. He hopes she stays away from loose cannon Xander now more than ever … Marlena steps away to check on the status of Victor. Xander races in demanding Ciara explain how it happened … Gina complains to Stefano Steve about Rafe having a file on her as commissioner. She fired him but he only listens to the rules. He also told Roman he was worried. Steve reasons it makes sense since they were married. But time to keep her distance … She agrees and adds tis time to put into play their plan to break up John and Marlena. For real. Stefano is intrigued …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday January 6, 2020