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Episode 13,782
1350 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kayla dreams of Steve promising the past was just a dream. She wakes up to Justin … Stefano looks at his patch in the mirror in a bad mood. Gina calls from the pub. He claims he is getting closer to his plan. Hattie walks in asking what plan … Rafe has a private meeting with Roman. It is about Hope … Hope hates the greasy breakfast Kate brings her … At the Kiriakis mansion Xander confides in coffee drinking Victor about Mackenzie. He suggests they do something for Victa’s other granddaughta. He found out she has been lying to the Greek patriarch … Ciara meets Ben, having spent some time with Will already. She is here for Ben. It is Justin’s last day in court to argue his appeal. Ben sighs … Hattie is confused cos she was told Steve was undercover. Why did he announce himself New Year’s Eve … Kayla admits to Justin when she saw Steve it felt like they were the only ones in the room. Justin wonders whether she has changed her mind about them … Xander updates Victor on Ciara breaking into his lockbox of secrets … Ben is so grateful for Ciara, who cries she will not give up. He feels he needs a miracle. She wants evidence against Xander … Blue pajama Kayla assures Justin that he is her present, her future, Steve was the past. They kiss in bliss … Steve lies to Hattie that as per Hope, Stefano is closing in and shows her the broach he left in Marlena’s bag. He believes he is verrrry close. Hattie gets the shivers but she wants to help. He suggests she move out. No way …

Kate sits with Hope/Gina and asks her to consult with her next time she wants to make a bold move like attending a party. Gina sips her coffee and refuses to consult with the help … In a room at the station, Roman hears from Rafe how Hope has changed. As per the facts … He caught her having a catfight with Kate at a crime scene! And she has been making mistakes as commissioner. Rafe has been documenting them. Roman asks point blank if he is building a case against her … Gina condescendingly suggests Kate work at her waitressing so Kate calls her crazy. Gina reminds her she has not done anything but spout off … Hattie threatens to go straight to Roman. Steve warns being here could be dangerous. Stefano might mistake her for Marlena and worse. She agrees to go – but where? Steve suggests she room with Kate and keep her eyes and ears open as they still need her. Hattie agrees and then realizes he is wearing a patch. He had claimed the ISA fixed his eye …

Kayla holds her framed wedding photo and sadly sits alone … At the prison lawyer Justin assures Ben and Ciara that everything against him was only circumstantial. Ciara hopes that means he has a chance … Victor curses after Xander convinces him Ciara has betrayed him. It all began with that box, and then there were the prison visits. She must be gotten rid of! The Greek patriarch glowers … Rafe reasons he is just writing things down. Roman shakes his head and warns him tis a dangerous path. Rafe promises it is not a power play. He wants to help Hope. He shows Roman the thick file. Roman asks about that crime scene where Stefano was suspected to be. Hope actually called Kate to come there. Rafe admits he also found a tiara there that had her prints. Roman suggests he talk to her. He tried but she acts like someone with a secret … Kate has concerns about Stefano’s Marlena obsession. Gina will not stand in the way of love. Kate snaps Stefano will never be Marlena’s choice though she knows Gina would love that for it would free up John. Gina calmly states no one will stand in Stefano’s way … Rafe asks Roman to keep an eye on Hope and he agrees. They now speak of Stefano. Roman suspects with Steve on the case with John, it will be hard for the phoenix to hide … Stefano fibs he did not feel like Steve without the patch. Hattie can relate as she always chews gum. She goes to pack and he breathes a sigh of relief … Xander argues to Victor that Ciara will not stop until she has exposed them. She should be fired and booted out of the house to keep her far from the secret. He already tried but she warned him whose granddaughter she was. Victor is aware how much family means to her. She would not side with Weston against them … Justin is hoping for a more sympathetic judge. Ciara talks truth. Justin sighs the circumstantial points to Ben as he was found at the crime scene. And the only DNA found on Jordan was from her son David and Ben. Ciara brings up Xander’s half burnt confession. Justin reminds her it did not mention Jordan and was vague, which means there is no proven connection to Jordan’s murder. Ciara cries she could testify she heard Victor and Xander admitting they had sent an innocent man to prison. Alas hearsay would not be admissible. Desperate Ciara wants to wear a wire and get a confession. Ben and Justin are against it as it is too risky but Ciara believes Victor would protect her no matter what …

Victor warns Xander if he fires Ciara he will fire him and worse! Xander offers to speak to her. Victor orders him to stay away. Xander reminds him he knows everything. Victor laughs all that means is that he has as much to lose as him … Kate calls Gina a fool. Gina stands up and calls her the fool. Enter Roman, wanting to know what da hell is goin on … Stefano cannot wait for Marlena to come home so he can court her. Knock knock! Tis Kayla … Xander wants the secret to stay a secret and refuses to let Ciara ruin everything. Victor thinks Ben will lose his last appeal and end up dead anyway so stay away from Ciara or else! Xander promises not to touch her … Ciara thanks Justin, who heads to court, Ben quietly thanks him as well. They nervously wait … Hope claims she was complaining about the uncooked eggs. Roman offers another order but she has had enough. As she heads for the door, arriving Hattie hugs her. Gina denies they are friends and departs. Hattie is hurt. Roman asks Kate to show Hattie around the kitchen and goes after Hope. Why was she so unkind to Hattie? In addition he and Rafe are concerned about her. She feels fine and airily suggests Rafe accept their divorce. Then she leaves. Roman gets a strange feeling …

Kayla demands Steve explain why he left the way he did. He reminds her of her relationship with Justin. He offers to apologize but she demands the whole story and grabs his arms. He asks her to unhand him and she wonders where his soul went. Then she whips out their happy wedding picture. Where did this man go …? Victor ends a call and updates Ciara on his prison contact updating him on her visit with psycho Ben. Meanwhile Ben gets a visit from Xander, who is here about his curious girlfriend. Curiosity killed the cat … Hattie gets her apron on and suggests to Roman that Hope must have a lot on her kind with you know what. Roman is confused. Kate pretends so is she … Gina sweeps back to the station, as Hope, and glares at Rafe. YOU’RE FIRED! …. Stefano rages to Kayla that the man she knew is long gone. She cries how could he claim he does not care! Stefano thunders he loves another woman, his furious face red …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday January 3, 2019