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Episode 13,781
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve comes into the club with his cowboy walk after midnight. Gina is pleased as punch … Lani opens the door and glares at Gabi kissing Eli … Kristen spies Nicole and Brady together … Steve is back. John chuckles. Kayla is stunned … Eli wonders why Lani is in Kristen’s room. She let her stay. Curt Eli only wants a conversation with Kristen. Lani admits to suspicious Gabi that Kristen is currently crashing a party … Kristen insults Nicole for making moves on Brady… John mutters to Marlena this is unexpected. Marlena is surprised Steve is with Hope. Kayla stammers is it really Steve? He wishes sweetness a happy new year. She wonders why he came. Justin also wonders and calls him cruel. Steve suggests he take it easy. Justin is livid he did not attend Adrienne’s funeral. Steve counters he sees hubby moved on. Justin possessively points out he is with Kayla so Steve counters that ship has sailed for him. He is not here for her … Eli and Gabi get sarcastic about Kristen. Gabi is here for her DiMera shares. Lani smugly states Kristen seems to have changed her mind … Nicole grills Kristen, whom she suspects of stalking her and Brady. Brady tries to stop Kristen’s rage. He insists he and Nicole are only friends. She fumes she saw something before. Brady points out she chose God so she removes the habit to reveal the red dress he used to love … Nicole calls her a crazed butterfly. Kristen atoned and is sorry about Haley. Brady feels for JJ still. She argues she felt horrible, hence her departure. The pain was too much and the church was her salvation. JJ, however, called her a killer and then the Lord opened her eyes. Only God’s opinion matters. She alludes to Eli wrongly judging Lani. Now she is back for Brady and waits for him to give Nicole her walking papers …

Glam Gabi hopes Chad did not get the shares. Lani primly points out Kris is keeping them cos she is not becoming a nun. Eli realizes Lani was the nun who broke the Gabi Chic window. Gabi accuses her as well. Lani counters Kristen must have done it as she was upset about what Gabi did to her … Gabi wants to go and Lani lets Eli know he is in her prayers. Eli is not interested. She adds she also prays for Julie … Julie tries to save the party with food. Kayla demands an explanation from Steve. John seconds that. He is an expert in the ISA and finds Steve’s sudden appearance odd. What is the deal? Justin also wants to know the deal. Stefano Steve claims to be there to reassure Marlena, who appears puzzled. Hope/Gina claims she sent for Steve since she was worried Stefano was stalking Marlena again. His DNA was found on a cigar at Rolf’s hideaway. John mutters his next move will be a big one. Steve smiles no one knows the phoenix better than him and tells Marlena not to be afraid. As long as he is around Stefano will not pose a threat. Drums play …

At the square Gabi pouts about Kristen’s shares while Eli wonders about Lani, but insists he does not want to see her again. Gabi lies she must have lost an earring back there and flirts he can get them champagne while she goes back to get it. She returns to Lani and accuses her of the poinsettia attack, then hisses Eli loves her. Lani counters if he knew what she had done to his grandmother he would change his mind. Gabi threatens Julie’s life again. Lani quotes the bible. Gabi scoffs about her commitment … Emotional Kristen is convinced Brady still cares. He laments her leaving him after they lost their daughter. She wants to mourn together now but he doubts she wants to change. She tells him their baby made her a better woman. She is back on track. Brady is not impressed when she calls Nicole a predator. He points out she was his rock whereas Kristen was nowhere. Nicole suggests they go so Kristen grabs her. They start to struggle …

Eli waits for Gabi with the champagne remembering last year when they got together … Alone in her room Lani wishes she could turn back time but she did what she had to … Marlena and John are curious about any new leads on Stefano. Steve slyly suggests they wait until tomorrow with the shop talk. He compliments Marlena on how lovely she looks. Hope is sorry she could not tell Kayla she had summoned Steve but Stefano’s eyes and ears are everywhere. Before she leaves with Justin, Kayla confronts him for being the Santa. He denies it. Justin gets mad at him calling her sweetness and escorts her out, Steve makes light of their breakup …Brady breaks up Kristen and Nicole and rages at Kristen. Nicole lists her soap sins. Kristen warns Nicole really wants Eric. Brady should be with her since she loves him with all her heart … Back at the club Gina sighs it is is no fun acting like Hope as she sips her champagne. Stefano loathes having to be Steve but he enjoyed rattling Kayla and Justin. She suggests he keep his eye on the prize. Marlena for him and John for her … John steps away with Marlena and decides they should be grateful Steve came back to help catch Stefano. Marlena feels for Kayla. Steve overhears and argues Kayla has Justin’s support. His only focus is Stefano. John finds it somewhat strange Hope did not fill them in. Steve notes no one knows the phoenix better thank himself and John and slyly suggests he stay at their place. In the morning he and John can Stefano strategize. Marlena replies their guest room is filled. John offers the sofa. Smirking Steve suggests they head home …

Lani remembers loving Eli, who remembers loving her a year ago. Gabi comes back with her earring as he pours champagne. She let Lani know she could not hurt him again. They are a couple now … Kristen weeps this was supposed to be her and Brady’s night, hence the red dress. Brady changed his mind given what he now knows and orders her to leave him alone. She blames Nicole, who is holding his hand. Nicole quips there were consequences to stealing her life and they walk away like a couple. Kristen howls like a wounded animal … Gabi toasts to her and Eli. He wonders why Lani left Italy. Gabi smiles no matter for they are solid and kisses him. He kisses her back on the bed … Lani takes a sip from her coffee cup. Kristen comes home feeling defeated. Lani is not surprised. Kristen insists the only obstacle was Nicole and vows to fight for the man she loves … Back at the apartment Nicole assures Brady she is alright but worries about him. He admits the appearance of Kristen with her crazy talk affected him. But he realized she had not changed. They are done … Outside Kayla assures Justin she is alright, shock aside. Justin believes Steve should have been more humble. Kayla believes she is with the best man now and thanks him for his support. Always … Steve happily calls the townhouse home as he enters with John and Marlena. Black Patch is back in biz! John cannot wait to bring down Stefano the narcissist who has no chance with his wife. He steps away for bedding. Steve places his hands on Marlena’s shoulders and promises to protect her. She is precious … as a friend. He hugs her like a madman obsessed ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday January 2, 2019