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Episode 13,780
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


The first guests to Doug and Julie’s party are Justin and Kayla. Julie loves that love is in the air … Salemites get ready for New Year’s Eve … Suited Chad admires Abigail in her silky blue dress and they kiss. Here comes glittery Gabi, toasting to them in the slammer … Kristen complains to Lani, lamenting Brady went to Nicole’s place dressed for a party. She ain’t woman enough to take her man! Meanwhile Brady comes to get Nicole for a New Year’s Eve but she is now sober and not dressed for a party, feeling foolish about last night. He teases he did kiss her back … Dapper John fixes his cuffs and admires his glamorous woman in black, not too happy to see her holding Stefano’s expensive broach …. Stefano Steve is back at the loft. Gina haughtily states he is safe but he blames her for botching things and suggests their association end. She boasts as commissioner she could change the DNA test results of his cigar when Rafe had it tested and tells him HE is the problem, running around Salem to see the object of his obsession … Marlena would never wear jewelry from Stefano. Rafe just gave it back to her. She adds she shared her annoyance with Hope about making a play. John hugs her ready, for the party … Nancy Drew Gabi deduces Chad and Abigail broke her shop window. They deny it and Eli appears with an announcement …

Eli explains the security footage showed the blurred image of a woman. A nun, not Abigail … Lani wishes Kristen would stop following Brady. Kristen hisses tonight was supposed to belong to her and Brady not Nicole … Brady suggests he and Nicole attend the party as friends. He now gets texted a Mickey update. The baby is doing alright. Texting Eric adds he is sending his love. Nicole sighs he still does not want to talk to her. Brady suggests she get dressed for a party. She should not be alone New Year’s Eve … Glam John and Marlena arrive at the club for the classy party. Marlena wonders whether Hope will attend. Doug did not get her RSVP but hopes so. She is so busy they hardly see her. John decides to hang up his and doc’s coats … Justin toasts Kayla with champagne but senses something. She blurts out she believes she saw Steve … Stefano concedes there was a complication as Kayla saw him but Kate helped him cover. Then Hattie found him in Katarina’s room but she will keep her mouth shut. Hope/Gina can see he is feeling cooped up and makes a bold brazen suggestion. It begins with a new patch. Ominous music plays …

The blurred image of the vandal is discussed at DiMera mansion. Chad did see someone in such a habit. Sister Kristen, who wanted to meet him to discuss letting him have her DiMare shares. She is still deciding. He scoffs Gabi will have nothing left but her broken storefront window and waltzes out with his wife, destination Doug and Julie’s party. Gabi grimaces with her crystal glass … Kristen remembers one year ago, when tuxedo Brady wanted to take her to the party. He was ready for something real with the mother of his child. Brady also remembers and blinks back the tears chez Nicole, who can see he is upset … Justin is surprised Kayla believes the Santa she saw was Steve though, as Kate argued, he had no eye patch. Justin wonders what she would have said to Steve … Designer suit Stefano does not want to be Steve! Gina dangles his freedom and suggests he start at the party … Brady admits to Nicole he was remembering last New Year’s Eve, a turning point for him and Kristen. He had admired her pregnancy glow. She gushed this time next year she would attend the party with him in her fav red dress. He let her know he loved that dress and she giggled next year would be their grand entrance … Kristen touches her tummy, noting nothing worked out. But she wants her moment with Brady … Gabi is furious about Kristen. Eli wants to talk to her before making any conclusion about the shares or otherwise … Chad and Abigail arrive for the party. Julie is sorry Jack and Jen are not attending. Abigail smiles they wanted to spend time with JJ. Next year will be better …

John and Marlena join Justin and Kayla, who are stunned to hear Marlena had a black broach slipped into her bag at the hospital. It sounds like Stefano. John explains Rafe found no one on the surveillance footage that could have been him. Justin wonders whether he was the mystery man in the Santa suit. Marlena recalls he did flirt with her but she assumed he was Roman. Justin brings up Steve again. John worries doc could have spoken to Stefano … Stefano asks if Marlena will be at the party. Gina assumes so. She is still smarting from John and Marlena booting her out and suggests they crash the bash together, making it a night to remember … Eli decides to have a discussion with Kristen. Gabi suggests he use her attack on Gabi Chic as leverage …Kristen has a plan. She gets a text from Chad, who wants to meet about Gabi and the shares. She ignores it … Brady informs fancy Nicole a year ago he and Kristen were almost together, then points out this is no pity party. They head out arm in arm to celebrate … Marlena hopes Stefano was not the Santa in her office. Kayla insists it was not his body type after John updates them on Celeste’s message from the supernatural – that Stefano was present but not … Gina playfully places the tiara on her head, anticipating her grand entrance. Stefano suggests they regally reveal who they really are …

Kristen decides to wear her red dress but Lani believes she is making a monumental mistake … Doug and Julie welcome Brady and Nicole. Julie offers champagne. Nicole accepts. Brady steps away for club soda. Marlena sees Nicole, who was happy to hear the baby was doing well with the treatment. Marlena realizes she heard the news from Brady, via Eric. Nicole knows she hurt Eric. Marlena hopes she will not do the same to his brother … John is surprised when Brady points out he is here with Nicole. They are here as friends … Abigail gets a call about Thomas and Charlotte both being awake and wanting their parents. Chad wants to come with and teases these events always end in scandal. She wonders whether it will be Stefano this time. Chad thinks not … Glamorous Gina awaits Stefano’s decision. The Phoenix flips a coin on who they will attend as … Sir Stefano and Princess Gina or Steve and Hope … Eli bangs on Kristen’s door as Gabi stands behind him … Nicole and Brady are outside. She sighs Marlena asked her not to hurt him. He reasons he hurt her more before and suggests they just enjoy being friends … Julie makes an announcement in the minute before midnight. All raise a glass to the future and count down together … Happy New Year! Doug and Julie kiss. Justin kisses Kayla. John romantically kisses Marlena … Chad and Abigail kiss in the dark … Gabi and Eli kiss as Nun Lani opens Kristen’s door … Outside nun Kristen glares at Brady and Nicole kissing … Inside Hope and Patch arrive for the party. Kayla freezes when Steve takes center stage, boasting he is back. The ball has dropped, the phoenix has landed ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, December 31, 2019