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Episode 13,779
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Elegant Marlena assures honey John on the phone she understands his private eye hours. She picks up the black jewel from Stefano, adding she has an errand … Tipsy Nicole ends up kissing Brady at her door and they fall in together. Kristen has followed them and fumes … As Eli and Gabi are making love at DiMera mansion, Lani lets out a war cry and breaks the Gabi Chic shop window with a poinsettia. The alarm goes off … At the pub Hattie lets boss Roman know she spoke with Kate, winks and shows her lips are sealed. He realizes she saw someone in Kate’s room … Upstairs Kate tells off Stefano Steve for taking so many risks. He had to get close enough to Marrrlena to give her a gift … Hope is about to leave the station when Rafe gets an update on two prints on the princess tiara –those of Rolf and HER … Kate cannot believe Stefano slipped the black broach in Marlena’s bag and warns he is supposed to be Steve. He sighs … Gina/Hope lies she went to the lab to look at the evidence and must have forgotten to wear gloves. She was distracted that day. Ominous music plays. Rafe is just relieved he also has DNA from the cigar. The database might have a match by nightfall … After the loving Gabi and Eli gush they love each other. He now gets notification her store security system was breached. They are on their way … Raging Kristen is back in her room with Lani and complains Nicole threw herself at her Brady …

Brady stops since Nicole had two martinis. She calls him Eric and he notes he is not him. She slurs she wants to forget but he wants no regrets. She does not even have a slim chance … Roman is already aware Kate is hiding a man in her room. Hattie remembers Steve and Kate warning her ISA betrayal could see them tried for treason. She exclaims she knows nothing. Roman assures her he does not mind Kate has a man upstairs. Hattie hates having to lie to him and wants a beer … Hope suddenly decides to stay and wait for the results, then reasons Stefano probably left Salem with Rolf. Marlena appears and announces he is here … Gabi gasps at her broken shop window. Eli checks it out and states nothing was stolen but he has the broken plant holder … Lani tries to talk wolverine Kristen down but to no avail. Kristen now grabs a bottle of wine and announces she will off her rival … Brady wants no one night stand though they did have a connection. Nicole tries to convince him … Stefano shall eventually reveal his identity to Marlena. Kate urges him to focus on DiMera and drop his plans. He suspects Katarina could be jealous and knows she wants something. She talks seat at DiMera. He scoffs he is not surprised but bursts out laughing when she starts to call Marlena to expose him …

Marlena shows Rafe and Hope the gift and note from Stefano. Hope wonders how he could get close to her bag. Marlena believes he was at the hospital party. Hope suggests he had a flunky do it and is not even in Salem. Rafe takes the evidence to the lab. Marlena now confronts Hope for trying to come between her and hubby John … Lani stops Kristen at the door. If she offs Nicole she will lose instead of win as they planned. Kristen complies when she tells her to put down the bottle. Lani is sympathetic since she herself saw Eli and Gabi. Kristen is shocked to hear she actually headed to DiMera mansion and assumes she kept her cool. Not exactly … Eli assumes the broken store window was caused by kids as nothing was taken. Gabi believes it was a message … Hattie enjoys her beer at the pub and refers to Roman and Kate’s history. Are they really not romantically involved? They are not for he does not date employees. Hattie looks disappointed … Stefano dares Kate to come clean to Marlena. He doubts she, John and Roman will ever forgive her for being in league with the phoenix and Gina. Kate calls what he is doing wrong. He warns she is one of them now and there is no going back … Marlena knows Gina tried to convince John he wanted her and coldly warns she has issue with that. She gives her an icy stare …

Gabi suspects Chad and Abigail. Eli suspects a lawsuit would be more their style. She pouts this was personal … Nicole and Brady enjoy dessert together. He likes that they are finally friends again. Then there is their working relationship. Sobered up Nicole is glad he talked some sense into her … ‘Hope’ gasps she moved out as Marlena asked. Marlena heard from John that she almost crossed the line! Hope apologizes and asks it they are still friends. Rafe comes back, explaining they are dusting for prints. He senses something. Marlena politely smiles Hope will do the right thing … Back at the pub Hattie lists couples who came together at work. Ro talks reality, not fiction. Hattie argues Hope and Rafe got together. He quips they are divorced and refuses to break his personal rule. Hattie agrees to start tomorrow and emotionally thanks him for giving her a chance … Stylish Kate warns Stefano his Marlena obsession will spell his ruin! He promises Katarina she will get what she wants for he will win in personal and professional matters. A man who has it all …

Hope sips her coffee as Rafe waits for the results. Gabi arrives with Eli and he announces Stefano could be alive. She came about the plant that broke her window. Eli suspects vandalism but she wants to report it. Rafe suddenly gets back the cigar results. Hope tells him she will take care of that so he can file the report for his sister. Once alone, she opens the file. The DNA match to the cigar is Steve Johnson, whose mugshot appears on the monitor …. Nicole loved the hot fudge sundae with Brady and they laugh like friends … Eli is back in bed with Gabi and offers to take a closer look at the surveillance footage. She fears Stefano could be alive! Eli laughs he would be an old man by now. She just needs Kristen’s shares and admits she cannot really trust her … Lani and Kristen drink the wine from the bottle. They toast to winning … Hattie comes home to Marlena’s place. Marlena teases how was Roman? Hattie gushes she got a job at the pub. Things are looking up and she did not even have to be Marlena … Gina/Hope has deleted the file implicating Steve as the man who smoked the cigar at Rolf’s loft. Curious Rafe comes back. She claims the DNA matched Stefano. Meanwhile Stefano informs Kate he must remain in her room for another night. She only gives him the floor. The Phoenix decides to make his big bold move before the clock strikes twelve tomorrow night. Salem will not see it coming ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, December 30, 2019