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Episode 13,778
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Kristen and Lani are at the town square. Kristen vows to make Gabi pay … At DiMera mansion Eli gets himself and Gabi a drink, making small talk with Chad and Abigail. Gabi makes a snide remark about Abigail’s past wig after Abigail makes a comment about Arianna. The insults escalate as Abigail points out Ari had a hard childhood … Roman is surprised when Kate comes back to the pub. He admits he hired Hattie … Upstairs Hattie sees “Steve” dressed in a suit. He smiles after so long they are finally face to face, assuming she is Marlena … Nicole is finished with the Kiriakis party and meets Brady outside. He was avoiding Victor and his memories of Kristen by not entering. Nicole could use a drink so they depart together … Kristen has brought her and Lani’s habits so Salem will believe they became nuns. She grins they will dupe Gabi, get DiMera back and disarm Julie’s dangerous pacemaker. Pretty Lani likes the sound of that … Chad and Eli get the gals to stop the insults. Chad gets a call from sister Kristen …Kate is miffed Roman hired Hattie so he reminds her she helped save Marlena. Kate counters she also blackmailed John. She wonders when she starts. When Roman replies they will talk details after she comes downstairs, Kate panics.

Hattie is surprised to see Patch. Stefano Steve laughs and lets “Marlena” know he is no Patch. She lets him know she is no Marlena thanks to Rolf. She is relieved that Stefano is gone and now wonders who he is if not Patch … Kate calmly heads upstairs to find out what happened to Hattie … Chad pretends to be speaking to Jen. Kristen arranges to meet him at the park in 20 minutes. After the call Chad makes a comment about Charlotte asking for her doll with the cool haircut. Abigail gets it and goes with him. Gabi heckles … Lani hates hearing that Gabi is with Eli at DiMera mansion. Kristen has it all under control and heads out in a suit, carrying her habit. Lani gets an idea of her own … Abigail and Chad wait at the park. Here comes Kristen in her habit. She plays the part of the sinner turned saint and hugs them both. Chad wants to know how she plans to pass her shares to him instead of Gabi … Roman greets Brady and Nicole at the pub. They ask about Mackenzie and Nicole apologizes for keeping the paternity secret from … Roman stops her and adds that is between her and Eric. He takes their order – ginger ale for Brady and a martini for Nicole. Brady is happy to be her rock at this hard time. She thanks him for being a friend … Upstairs Kate interrupts and announces people now call Patch Steve. Hattie laughs he lost the patch and he credits an ISA scientist with restoring his bad eye. Hattie wonders why he is staying in Katie’s room … Kate can explain … Steve claims Kate is his cover for he is on a secret ISA Mission. Hattie assumes that is why he has a fake accent. Kate pretends Roman offered the pub as his safe house. Steve warns her not to say anything to Roman but Hattie argues he already knows ... Down at the pub Roman brings Nicole and Brady’s drinks. They toast to the great year they had with Basic Black. The work helped him get over his drama. Nicole pauses. He suggests she speak her mind so she blurts out how could he have fallen for that beech Kristen again, given their history …

Kristen admits to Chad she has not ruled out Gabi’s offer while she waits for a sign from the heavenly father. Chad counters the company was built by father Stefano DiMera but she fibs her faith shall show her the way. For the greater good it is best to keep Stefan’s widow in the dark. For now … Gabi is desperate to get Kristen’s shares to deal with insubordinate Abigail and Chad. Eli reminds her Kristen wanted her to wait until well after Christmas and seductively offers a distraction. They head upstairs …Seconds later nun on the run Lani slips into the DiMera mansion via the secret passage. She starts to search for Gabi’s phone and then hears her giggle, She hides again as Gabi and Eli enter. He hands her a drink and assures Gabi all he wants is her. They kiss and Lani opens the door a little to look … Brady calls his feelings for Kristen complicated. The loss of their baby made Kristen lose it. However he hopes she found her inner peace. Nicole suspects under the habit she is still only out to help herself … At the decorated park Chad assures Kristen he will accept whatever she decides. Abigail warns signing over the shares to Gabi would make a shift in the balance of power. Gabi would have complete control and there is the kids’ legacy … Kristen has heard the concern. Chad exclaims Gabi wants to destroy the DiMeras so they have to force her out first! When Kristen mentions the Holy Father Chad alludes to what their real father wants. Kristen gasps so Stefano is involved?!

Kate pretends she promised Roman to keep the secret of the secret mission. Steve agrees and warns Hattie not to betray the confidence of the ISA. Kate plays along and points out they would go to prison. Hattie is horrified. Kate hopes they can trust her … Chad comes clean to Kristen about father asking him to get her shares. She sighs so he is alive and well and reminds Chad that Gabi is family. Chad feels they should force her out and Abigail agrees she has no conscience. Kristen serenely states nice to know father is alive and well, tells them she will be in touch and glides away. Abigail and Chad are not sure what to make of the strange meeting … Brady appreciates being able to speak openly with Nicole. She slurs her too and he decides tis time to see her home. They walk out into the Salem night arm in arm. Kristen watches from the shadows and creeps after them … Gabi ends her long kiss and wonders where she would be without Eli. Livid Lani listens behind the door. Eli thanks Gabi for helping him get over his broken heart. They exchange I love yous and a kiss. Gabi suggests they take the party upstairs so as to avoid Abigail and Chad. Moments later Lani steps back into the living room and hisses how she hates her!

Gabi and Eli head to the bedroom … Lani passes the Gabi Chic window at the square and hurls a potted poinsettia through the glass. It shatters and the alarm goes off … Hattie agrees to keep Steve’s secret mission a secret. Kate gets her to go and tells off Stefano, who sighs he assumed she was … Kate snaps if that was Marlena the jig would be up! He hopes they can trust Hattie. She thinks they can. He coldly alludes to taking care of Hattie if she slips up. Dangerous music plays … Hattie heads back downstairs and winks at Roman about her and Kate’s understanding. Her lips are sealed! Roman is suspicious … Abigail and Chad are on a park bench. He cannot shake the feeling that Kristen is a woman on a mission and there is so much more to her story … Brady sees tipsy Nicole to her door. She kisses his lips, pulls him inside and shuts the door. Kristen the wolverine watches from the hall with a death stare ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, December 27, 2019