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Episode 13,777
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady bears a big box for Nicole, back from seeing Tate in California. Someone left the box at her door. The card is from Eric … Xander remembers appearing at Sarah’s door. She thought he was sweet but … He is in the hotel room about to leave when Sarah arrives, surprised he is still there … John kisses Marlena Merry Christmas at the loft and waits for her to explain how Hattie came to be there … At the hospital Kate is certain she heard Roman as Santa but he lets her know it was not him. Kate does the Stefano math ... Santa Stefano Steve cannot find Marlena. Kayla comes up behind him, and asks him to turn around. She senses he is Steve. ER pages so she asks him to wait and walks off. Kate comes to confront him … Marlena could not turn Hattie away. John gets it but she gave him grief about Hope. Marlena argues Hattie has no crush on him. Colorful Hattie emerges and agrees … Nicole feels she has been forgiven, hence Eric’s gift. She reads the card … that is only for Holly … Sarah is sorry Xander had to stay in the room. He asks about the baby. Mickey is a little trooper but mama Sarah feels like falling apart. She cries on his strong shoulder. He praises her as the perfect mom and knows Mickey feels her strength. Time for room service. She is grateful he came and goes to shower …

Brady uses the F word. Forgiveness. Nicole cannot forgive herself so how can Eric? … Hattie had nothing to wear so … Marlena smiles that suits her so she should keep it. Hattie thanks her. Marlena is eternally grateful that she saved her when she was in a coma. John seconds that. Marlena offers cookies and champagne but Hattie heads out to … look at the Christmas decorations. Marlena gives her her coat and she goes. John chuckles. Marlena too. They know she is really on her way to Roman … Stefano growls it has been too long without his queen of the night. Kate reminds him she does not share his sentiment and snaps to leave before Kayla comes back. He refuses to take orders from Katarrrrrrina or anyone! She warns he is making a mistake. He takes off the Santa mask, fed up with the charade on charade … John has champagne for himself and Marlena in crystal glasses. He gets her gift as she updates him on her visit with Will. She also saw Ben and Ciara. It worries her that Will seems lost and wants to divorce Sonny, since Kate warned him about Evan. John sighs Kate often does the wrong thing. Meanwhile Kayla comes back to Kate and demands to know where the Santa went …

Stylish Hattie finds Roman working at the pub, wondering about his missing Santa suit. She happily laughs she would like to see him in his birthday suit and boasts she is back … Kate casually suggests all Santas are the same. Kayla counters this Santa might have been Steve … Stefano returns to his room, hating the humiliation. However, he managed to slip his queen of the night a gift … Marlena comes across the gift box in her bag. John notes it is not from him. She opens it, finds the black jewel inside and note about undying love, signed S. Stefano! John stares like a hawk … Brady steps away from Holly and her new dollhouse. Nicole remembers the time they were on the run in Canada with the kids. He was wonderful but then she cheated with Eric. Brady assures her that is ancient history. She wonders how to tell Holly where Eric is so Brady offers to help … Post shower Sarah loves the candlelight dinner Xander got with a little help from room service. Being a Titan CEO has its perks … He ordered her fav meal of short ribs, brussel sprouts with bacon, salad and more. He pours the wine and she thanks him. They toast … Sarah is soon full. He hands her a plate of mama Maggie’s cookies. He helped her with that batch. Sarah takes a bite. Brings back the taste of all the great family Christmases. She is so happy he is here … Brady explains to fancy little Holly that some kids have two dads. Nicole explains Mackenzie needs daddy Eric right now. Brady reminds Holly she is still Eric’s special girl. Nicole agrees …

Perturbed John takes the box that might have prints. It had to be from Stefano but how could he put it in her purse? Marlena wonders whether he was at the Christmas party. She saw no one like him. John suspects he altered his appearance … Kate tries to convince Kayla she just wanted to see Steve in the Santa. Kayla argues he would not turn around so he had something to hide – the fact that he is Steve. Kate argues he had no patch … Roman congratulates Hattie on her Christmas miracle. She orders a cold one and slurps the ale, then she suggests he join her. He gets himself one and wonders where she is headed. Florida? Hattie gushes she has got friends in Salem and asks him to hire her cos she could use a job. Roman stammers he has had many applicants but smart cookie Hattie saw his sign was still in the window. She fumes he acted like her best friend when he needed her help with Marlena! Roman resignedly agrees she can have the job. She hugs him in thanks, then assures him she already worked with Katie before at the diner. They make a great team … Kate suggests Kayla imagining Steve stemmed from guilt. Time to let go. Kayla shakes her shaggy golden head …

John updates Marlena on hocus pocus Celeste claiming Stefano was present but not. It could mean he had plastic surgery to disguise his identity. Marlena thinks he would be too vain. John thinks he might go to extremes to get close to her … Brady sighs to Nicole he is feeling blue about losing his almost happy little family with Kristen. Nicole is glad Kristen is gone so she cannot hurt him again. Brady shares that she became a nun … Xander surprises Sarah with a diamond bracelet his mum wore to ward off evil. He fills her in on keeping the family heirloom safe in his lockbox. He shows her his phone pic of said lockbox. Sarah is surprised since Ciara had one that looked the same. Eric texts her. The doctors need to speak with them at the hospital. Xander wants to wait but she thinks that might not be a good idea … He does not want to create any conflict with Eric and agrees. She promises to call if there is anything and hugs him. Xander pauses at the door, then walks away. She is grateful for his gift and support … Nicole cackles about Kristen the nun. At least it means she will not be in Salem. Brady believes it was the loss of their baby that led her to turn to God. Nicole wishes she could take away his pain. He replies Holly the Christmas angel helped. She call him her Christmas angel … Back at the pub, Hattie hugs Roman. He sends her upstairs to tell the Kate good news and gasps God help him … Kayla concedes the Santa did not have a patch as Kate leaves … Hattie barges into Kate’s room to share her news, only to come face to face with Steve in a suit, sporting a Stefano beard. She gasps. He gives her a dark stare …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, December 26, 2019