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Episode 13,776
1280 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara visits Will, who wonders why … Kayla wishes Roman a Merry Christmas at the pub! Sarah updated her on Mickey responding well to her treatment. He heard the same and appreciates her help, hence his decision to donate tons of pies to the hospital. She thanks him for agreeing to be Santa and also saw his help wanted sign. He admits he needs a new waitress. She hopes Kate is going going gone … Stefano Steve is holding a box with a gift for Marlena. Kate lets him know she will not help and explains she is going to the hospital party to help Roman. All the staff have the day off. He notes Marlena as well? … Having returned from visiting Paul, John excitedly greets ponytail Marlena, who is reading a magazine. Hattie informs him she is NOT Marlena! … Pretty little Arianna is at the square with Sonny discussing Christmas gifts. Evan runs into them with David. Rafe is busy with the Stefano case. He is interested to hear Sonny and Arianna are headed to a hospital Christmas party. He smiles when Sonny invites them … Ciara lowers her voice and admits to Will her visit with him is a cover story so Victor will not know she has been visiting Ben. Will teases his ego can take it. But how is she gonna see Ben? With help from … Helpful Marlena appears …

Roman gets Kayla her coffee, sits back down and admits a waitress may have quit cos of Kate. Kayla admits she is just annoyed as she was meanly needling her the other day about Steve. Roman sighs how insensitive. He agrees to talk to her about it and now regrets asking her to the party. She seems to be seeing someone in secret … Suited Stefano assures cross Kate he will not make a move on Marlena at the party … John gasps Hattie is supposed to be in the slammer but here she is wearing Marlena’s stuff! He accuses her of breaking in but she boasts doc invited her. John peers at her … Marlena primly thanks Ciara for visiting her grandson. She came to see Ben her former patient she says as the guard lets him in. Ben greets Ciara, who bats her eyes … They are all in the same room so Ciara sits with Ben while Marlena sits with Will. Ben is worried about Xander so Ciara assures him he left town to see Mickey. That means he is preoccupied. Ben is still worried about her investigation. She suggests they think about Christmas instead. Meanwhile Marlena is worried about Clyde so Will explains good friend Ben is now looking out for him. She asks about Sonny, assuming Will is not giving up but Will decided on a divorce, given how he accidentally offed Adrienne …

Mini Sami Arianna and Sonny head to the party with Evan and David ... Roman realizes his sis is having a hard time without the kids and not knowing Steve’s whereabouts. She sighs Steve stopped caring and she knows not why. He praises her as a beautiful woman and adds she shall overcome. Justin is her new love. Kayla feels she is not completely free for Steve is somewhere out there. Roman reminds her he disappeared and signed the divorce papers. Kayla laments they were so in love. The lack of answers makes her feel she is cheating with Justin, who is now in Arizona with his sons. Roman asks about their living together. They have been creating their own holiday memories. Roman suggests the soap heroine will overcome and be able to appreciate their relationship. The holidays are often a time of reflection. Kayla now remembers Christmases gone by with Steve. He always made her happy even when he was dressed as Santa. Feels like yesterday once more …

Kate suggests Stefano stay hidden with Steve’s face since it is not Halloween and haughtily leaves but seconds later he is out the door. Familiar phoenix music plays … Back at the condo John is astonished he was not asked by Marlena first and here is Hattie! Hattie reminded her she saved her when Belle almost pulled the plug and agreed she could have a warm bed here. John wants to know where his wife is now. She is at the hateful …In the slammer Will explains Sonny should be free in case he wants something more with that guy. Marlena does not agree with his viewpoint … Ben feels badly about Ciara ruining her Christmas with him here. There is no other place she would rather be and she promises next year Christmas will be better … Marlena respects Will’s wishes. He knows he will never be able to make up for what he stole from Sonny so he is stepping aside. Marlena wishes she could hug him but it is against the rules. Will asks her to wish Sonny a Merry Christmas … Kate corners Sonny and Evan at the hospital and wishes Sonny a Merry Christmas. He says the same back. She wishes he would not parade around with this person! Sonny sarcastically states Will gifted him with a divorce …

Kayla appreciates Roman’s support. He loves his sis. She hugs him and will see him later when he is Santa. The party cannot start without him … Stefano Steve is in his Santa suit, having written a hasty note about the token of his undying love. Ho ho ho … John wonders why doc is taking so long. Hattie heard her mention the hospital Christmas party. John gets his jacket on. Hattie wants to wrap Marlena her regifted underwear … Ciara turns to address Will, sorry about Sonny. Will wants to hear something positive and praises her and Ben for staying together. Ciara admits she needs another favor … Sonny snaps Will decided to divorce him because of what Kate said. Marlena appears in her red suit and says Merry Christmas. Kate scoffs. Kayla wonders where Roman is … Roman sighs at the pub and wonders what da hell happened to his Santa suit … Stefano Steve in said Santa suit arrives without a word and Kayla goes to get the Christmas story … Ciara asks Will to do her a favor regarding the guard. He is on it … Kayla reads the Christmas story as all gather round. Santa Stefano stands by Marlena … Will remembers when he dressed up as Santa to sneak a magical moment with Sonny … Stefano silently slips his little gift box into Marlena’s bag … Sonny and Evan head back to the square with the kids. He suggests they all go sledding. Arianna would rather go with daddy Will. She can wait until he can. Evan discretely departs … Will asks the guard about his holiday plans. Ciara sneaks a sweet Christmas kiss with Ben … Santa Stefano Steve hands out the gifts and invites Marlena to sit on his lap. She giggles and gets a call from John, who got home early. Time to talk! She grabs her bag and goes … Kayla watches Santa handing out more gifts and is reminded of Santa Steve. When he leaves she is in hot pursuit … Roman approaches reindeer Kate and admits his Santa suit disappeared. She claims he was there and he warns that would have been another Santa … Santa finds Marlena’s office empty and gasps where did she go. Kayla comes up behind him, feeling the pull, and gasps is he her Steve? BOOM!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, December 25, 2019