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Episode 13,775
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hattie decorates her sad little tree in the slammer. The guard wishes her Merry Christmas and hands her a gift bag. Eve flounces in gushing Justin got her released … Jen tends to Salem patient JJ and assures him he can share anything. He reveals someone else was aware he was here … Doug wonders what has Christmas Julie so nervous. She kept a secret that could ruin tonight … Maggie ends a call with Sarah at the Kiriakis mansion. Xander hears and wants to call her. The redhead informs him Eric and Sarah will be meeting with Mickey’s doctor so not now … At DiMera mansion Chad reads his two kids Scrooge and suggests they wave to her when Gabi walks in. Gabi counters he is cross cos she is getting Kristen’s shares whereas he will get coal this Christmas! Chad decides to depart for Jen’s to see the tree. Gabi will be at the mansion alone as Arianna is with Sonny. Chad hopes her ghost of Christmas past visits to change her ways like Ebenezer in the story … Julie is relieved when Jen calls, assuring her she appreciates how she cared for JJ. Julie hopes they will all be able to attend. Jen tells her they will try. Relieved Julie is now ready for Doug’s Christmas tree lights … Jen gets back to JJ’s room, where Abigail and Jack are sitting. Her son refuses to ruin today for the family … Maggie mentions the big teddy bear Xander bought for the baby. He sighs Mickey’s room must be sterile. She is sorry he was shut out and so is Sarah but Mackenzie is all that matters. She has to attend the Horton tree ceremony and invites Xander along as Victor claimed another headache. He will stay home but wants his driver to take her as the roads are snowy. The redhead thanks him, hugs him Merry Christmas and gracefully goes …

Chad arrives at Julie’s and updates her on Abigail hoping to make it but … She wants to discuss Gabi … Back at DiMera mansion Eli insists Gabi accompany him to the very Horton Christmas Eve. He has a special gift for her … JJ wants the family to go to the Horton party without him. Jack remembers how a year ago he was at Jen’s bedside and they sang Come all ye faithful accompanied by JJ’s guitar. He jokes and threatens to loudly sing again. JJ laughs … At the ornate Kiriakis mansion Xander remembers a year ago, when he wore a Santa hat to cheer up pregnant tired Sarah. Now, however, he is alone … Julie hopes that Chad and Gabi will put aside their differences for the sake of the family tonight. That girl gave her the gift of life … Eli has gifted Gabi with a frame. It all started one year ago, when she found him drowning his sorrows at the festive square. She had just closed up Gabi Chic and did not want to go to Rafe’s as the widow DiMera. Besides she had to change the window display. She invited him over for Chinese food … Now she chuckles these are their fortunes from that meal. That was when they got together. She kisses him with a smile … JJ wants a doctor to grant him Christmas leave. Jack, Jen and Abigail are elated …

Julie stands before golden reindeer, worried the whole family will not come. Doug promises they will. Ding dong! Tis Jack, Jen, Abigail and JJ. Julie is delighted as they enter and greet Doug, Maggie, Chad and the two little ones. Julie is so happy to see JJ, who thanks her for her love and support. He promises to stay the course. Chad kisses Abigail, glad she came. They hope Gabi and Eli will not come. Two seconds later they do … Santa Xander is alone with a pink toy and precious memories … Sarah was happy he was at her side but reminded him he was not the baby’s father … Eli wants a word with Jen. Gabi asks JJ how he is. He is still suffering a little withdrawal so she tries to make him feel better. He thanks her and gets busy with the kids tracking Santa via satellite. Eli and Gabi recall how they helped one another out of the darkness last year. He now announces this is not a night to think about shares. Abigail agrees. She and Chad appreciate what he did for JJ. Julie loves their peace and so begins the official decorating …

The guard comes back to Hattie and lets her know she is being released. She yelps and finishes her sad little tree … Julie admires Tom and Alice’s ornaments on the tree, reminding Chad and Abigail’s little lad he was named after the great Tom Horton. Chad is moved. Julie and Doug hang one another’s ornaments as they have done for decades. Then they share a classic kiss … Abigail puts her head on Chad’s shoulder. Now their family ornaments are hung. Jennifer and Jack. Maggie hangs hers, Sarah’s as well as Mackenzie and Mickey’s … Xander spikes his classic Lenox china Christmas mug ('holiday collection')and calls Sarah, but does not leave a voice mail since that might cause her stress … He remembers a year ago when Sarah admitted she was afraid. He had assured her he would be there for them both … Eli solemnly hangs an ornament for David. Julie asks Gabi to hang hers next to hers for she opened her heart and gave her the gift of love. All of a sudden … Eve interrupts with a BAH HUMBUG! She runs up to hug Abigail and thanks her, then blames Jack and Jen for locking her up. She warns she will make them pay … Even liquor in his Lenox Christmas mug cannot make Xander happy. He glances at the teddy bear that had to stay behind and remembers. His Christmas wish last year had been that he, Sarah and Mickey would be a real family. Alas his wish did not come true. He raises his Lenox mug to toast the teddy bear …

Eve calls Jack a hypocrite and blames him and Jen for losing a year of her life. But she bears a gift in her designer purse … Eli tries to stop her suspecting it is a gun but it is her plane ticket out of Salem. This is her gift to herself. She hisses she hopes Jack and Jen get what they deserve and sweeps out. Abigail is stunned … Back in their room, Gabi gasps Eli should never put himself between someone and a gun! They now read the fortunes from their first date about loving someone that will change you. Each had the same fortune that night. He feels lucky. She kisses him and they fall back on the bed … Downstairs Chad has a drink and starts to kiss Abigail He wants to snuggle in bed … Hattie heads to John and Marlena’s door since Marlena had admitted she owed her bigtime for saving her. She needs a nice place to stay, with satin sheets. She knocks on the door … Julie is grateful when Doug states JJ is settled in his room. She thanks him for his love. Always. Jen marvels and Jack calls this the best Christmas Eve ever as they cuddle by the tree bearing their ornaments side by side. Doug and Julie join them … Maggie comes back to the mansion but Xander is not there … Sarah is surprised to open her Boston door to Xander. He could not stay away from his two fav girls and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Sarah is moved ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, December 24, 2019