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Episode 13,774
1420 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jen loves the large Christmas tree Jack got for their happy home. She receives a text from JJ, who claims to be visiting Haley’s mom. Jack hugs her … Abigail visits Salem patient JJ, miffed he hid where he was from the family … By the hospital tree Justin asks Kayla if they could change their dinner plans from the Kiriakis Christmas to a pub supper since Roman invited them. She refuses as she would rather not see Kate … Rafe catches Hope and Kayla clashing at the loft and wonders what the conflict was. Meanwhile John and Abe mull over how Stefano could be there but not be there as per Celeste’s cryptic psychic message … Marlena is at Kate’s door. Stefano Steve seems mesmerized to hear his queen and heads for the door without hesitation … JJ did not want anyone to worry. Abigail knows everything thanks to Eli. JJ is upset Eli told on him. Abigail argues he needs the support of the whole family and must tell mom and dad ... Chez Horton Jen wants to text JJ. Jack suggests they give their son space. He teases his back hurts since he carried her over the threshold … Kate claims Hope summoned her. Rafe takes Hope aside, not impressed since Rolf’s loft is supposed be a crime scene. Gina/Hope reminds him Stefano considered Kate a confidant so she had questions. Rafe heard them fighting … Suited Justin tells Kayla that Kate is just bitter. She gets paged and promises to discuss where they can dine later … Stefano sees Steve in the mirror and decides he does not want Marlena to see him as such. But the door is already unlocked and Marlena slowly opens it …

JJ shakily refuses to ruin his folk’s first Christmas together. Abigail warns if he does not tell them then she will … Jack and Jen are happy as clams. She holds up their ornaments. Jack and Jen shall be together on the Horton tree again! He holds up JJ and Abigail’s ornaments as well. Ring ring! Tis JJ, who admits he is not in Chicago …. Gina pretends Kate just became defensive about Stefano. Rafe asks Kate if they have been in touch so she denies it and acts indignant. Hope steps in, suggesting he check on the supposed false alarm at the mall. She will stay here and finish questioning Kate. Once he goes, Kate warns they will all be in big trouble if anyone catches Stefano and his Steve face at her place … Marlena is surprised no one is in the room. Stefano soap stares at her, unseen … John points out Stefano could have had plastic surgery for a new face … Marlena decides to leave Kate a note and deduces there might be a pen she can use on the desk. Tis where Stefano left his telling phoenix ring … Gina has her own accommodations on her mind. Kate taunts John threw her out and assures the fake princess she told Marlena she posed no threat to her marriage. Gina calls her the fake princess. Kate warns she could blow her plan to hell and waltzes out… Abe feels Stefano was too vain to make himself look like someone else … Justin is surprised when Marlena opens Kate’s door. She heard she was not feeling well and did not find her here. Justin came to confront Kate and complains how hard she was on Kayla, rubbing in how Steve abandoned her. It remains a sensitive subject. Behind the wall Stefano Steve takes it all in … Abigail is proud of brother JJ. He is worried how to tell his parents of his addiction to painkillers. Jen and Jack arrive and she hugs her son, crying. Jack tearfully tells him they are on his side. He now confesses to the clan he attempted to kill Kristen … John suspects Rolf fled but Stefano the master stayed in Salem. Abe wonders what Hope thinks. John admits she moved out …

At the station Rafe is surprised when he finds out that Hope no longer lives with John and Marlena … Marlena believes there could be an explanation but Justin believes Steve is no good, given he did not even attend Adrienne’s funeral. Marlena is just happy Justin and Kayla found one another. He thanks her. They wish one another a Merry Christmas. He goes and Marlena stays to leave a note. She then spies the ring of the phoenix aka Stefano. If only she knew he was watching her from behind … After he finishes his story, Jen and Abigail realize JJ only wanted revenge. He admits if not for Lani he would have pulled the trigger and apologizes for everything including the fact that he exists. Jack and Jen wish he would not say such a thing. Ever … Outside the pub Justin Vs. Kate when he warns her to leave Kayla alone! He storms off and she scoffs … Rafe wonders why John wanted Hope to move out. She guesses Marlena wanted alone time with him. Rafe grins and suggests she stay with him. She claims to have made plans. He asks about her flight and she acts surprised. That surprises Rafe since she said she wanted to go to Hong Kong … Abe hears John’s story about Hope becoming too attached to him just as doc assumed. He wonders what they have planned this Christmas Eve. They have dinner planned and Abe has plans to visit Theo. He will also speak to Celeste while in South Africa in case she has anything more on Stefano. John bids his good friend Godspeed and they hug. But when Abe is gone he frowns for he has a bad feeling …

Kate comes across Marlena in her room looking serious. Marlena holds up the phoenix ring and awaits her explanation … Woman in white Jen gives unhappy JJ a pep talk. Abigail agrees he has great strength. Jack promises him things will be different. He will be a dad who is here for him always. They all cry. The clan is together … Marlena knows Stefano’s ring when she sees it. Kate claims she got it after Andre died. Marlena apologizes. She has been worried since she received flowers with a card signed S. Abe informed her Rolf had been staying at a loft in Salem. They suspect Stefano might have stayed there as well. Kate assures her she knows nothing of Stefano or his whereabouts. Marlena apologizes for barging in but the door was unlocked and she wanted to drop off her gift. Kate thanks her. Marlena hope she feels better soon and starts to go but Kate stops her. She feels gasps she feels guilty … Gina states she changed her mind and decided to stay in Salem given what is going on. She mutters she spent the night at the station after John made her leave. Rafe asks if she is really alright …

JJ admits he is afraid of the road ahead. Jen, Jack and Abigail are on his side. They are a family through thick and thin. Jen calls their reunion a Christmas miracle. Family hug … Kate fibs she meant she forgot to get Marlena a gift. Marlena thinks her friendship is a gift, bids her Merry Christmas and goes. Stefano Steve emerges. Kate is furious he forgot to hide his ring and left the door unlocked. He stands like a man obsessed, marveling Marlena his queen of the night was here. He longed to reach out to her but fought the urge with all his might. Strange music plays … Gina as Hope insists she is alright. Rafe lets her know she can stay at his place anytime. They hug and wish one another a Merry Christmas … Justin catches up with Kayla and updates her on his words with Kate. She calls him amazing and suggests they have sweets and cabernet. He loves the sound of that and they kiss. New traditions … Back at home with John, Marlena updates him on the phoenix ring that made her feel Stefano’s presence. He suggests they forget Stefano since it is Christmas and he plans to see Paul soon. Time to focus on his beautiful wife. He hugs her, though his eyes reflect his feeling of dread ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, December 23, 2019