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Episode 13,773
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


In bed Gabi is sorry she was rude. Eli is sorry he did not get her Kristen’s shares. But the bright spot is Chad did not either. Gabi now listens to an unexpected message from Kristen … As they wine and dine in Rome, Kristen updates Lani on getting her phoenix tattoo back. They toast to taking everything back … John hides Marlena’s present behind his back. She sits on the sofa with him and gushes she got the best present. All of him for all of her. They hug … Rafe updates Abe with Hope, insisting Rolf was with Stefano in this room. Soon they will know more … At the pub Abigail is subdued. Chad is sorry Rolf has still not been found. Roman hands them menus, wondering where his best waitress is … Kate wakes up as Stefano snuggles in bed with her. She snaps sharing her bed was not in the agreement. He drawls the floor was cold and reminds her how warm their bed always was … Chad has no more messages from Stefano. Abigail assumes he helped Rolf escape. Chad will denounce him if he did … Kate suggests Stefano save it for Marlena and gets out of bed, miffed she is late for her shift. He hates the smell of chowder but where else to go? She blames princess dingbat. Knock knock! Tis boss Roman. The pub is busy …

Gabi listens to Kristen’s message about wanting to talk. It sounds optimistic. Eli showers while she returns the call … Kristen answers in her Roman restaurant. Gabi assures her she is interested … Marlena has gifts in a bag she plans to drop off, including a fancy one for Hope. She feels a bit badly. John drawls she did overstay her welcome and admits Hope came forward with her feelings … Gina does not think Stefano would risk coming back to Salem but Abe does. Marlena’s mysterious card with flowers was signed only S. Rafe is surprised … Kate shouts to Roman she overslept and warns Stefano to get dressed. He goes in the other room to do so and she opens the door. Roman demands to know to whom she was speaking … Back at the pub Chad puts his napkin on his lap, lamenting his father deceived him again. Abigail is sympathetic. He holds her hand over the table and declares he is dead to him if he had any part in what happened to Jen. Abigail eats her fruit and asks about Kristen. He hopes she has not sold her shares … Gabi heard Kristen wanted to give her shares to the convent. Kristen heard about her interest and hefty offer. Gabi assures her it still stands and asks about Lani being at her convent … Marlena wants to hear all about Hope’s moves on John. Hope realized she was wrong. Marlena agrees she was lost but she should not have gone after her man. John thinks the years have been hard. Marlena notes Bo was her rock and he admits she called him that as well. Knock knock! Dapper Abraham bears news. Marlena’s flowers may have come from Stefano for it appears he was or even is in Salem. Marlena’s eyes widen …

Kate faces Roman and fibs she was focused on the TV. She feels unwell so he can cover. Roman holds up a man’s black shoe, noting she was not alone … Rafe repeats to Hope he is searching every square inch of this room. She remembers wiping her fingerprints and hiding the evidence. Then Rafe reminded her she was supposed to go back to HQ to go over roadblocks. She now hopes she did not forget any clue. Rafe gasps and holds up her telling tiara … Abigail leaves JJ another message and Chad whistles as they meet up at the square. He has been Christmas shopping. She is worried about her brother and decides to go see him for herself … Eli appears. Chad gets sarcastic about Gabi’s non deal but Eli taunts not to rule her out … Phone Gabi wants to make sure Lani did not poison Kristen against her. Kristen innocently wonders why they would have issues … Rafe thinks this tiara was not Stefano’s. Gina suggests they might have planned to sell it with the real jewels. Rafe suspects money laundering or …. It might have bene for Marlena. He bags it and leaves to have it dusted for prints at the station. Gina curses … Abe shares the unconfirmed possibility that the phoenix is in Salem. John suspects he has a mission. Abe asks Marlena about her flowers and presents. She gets agitated. John holds her and wants to be at her side but she assures him there will be no Stefano at the pub today …

Kate lies this shoe was a memento from a one legged jockey. Roman wishes she would not lie. She just wants to medicate and rest in bed. Roman grins lucky guy and goes. Stefano Steve comes out for his black shoe. He makes her mad and she tells him to go … John and Abe are concerned. Abraham now gets the call from unseen unheard Celeste. John drawls tis Salem’s CSI. Abe has a favor to ask … Chad stands and faces off with Eli, who tells him he is too late cos Kristen called Gabi. Chad steps away to make his own call. Abigail asks Eli how he can be with someone like Gabi … Kristen fibs to Gabi that Lani never mentioned anything about being upset at her for being with Eli. She suggests they speak after Christmas … Stefano wants Kate to remember they are on the same side and promises her a DiMera position when he and Chad get the company back. She just wants him to leave but he wants her to get him a bottle of his favorite alcohol and a light lunch. She hisses go to hell and goes to change … At the pub Roman has displayed a help wanted sign. He complains to curious Marlena that a waitress quit cos of Kate. She hands him his Christmas gift wrapped in blue and asks to see Kate. He laughs about Blanche from Streetcar Named Desire still being in her room and gets back to work. Marlena decides to take her the gift herself and heads up to her room. Dangerous drums play …

Eli sits with Abigail and argues Gabi went through hell just as Abigail did. Actually she was partly to blame. Now she wants a new life. Abigail calls Gabi his rebound from lovely Lani. Eli scoffs. Abigail suggests she may have left him so as to protect him … At DiMera mansion woman in red Gabi brags to Chad she is getting the shares soon and then he is out … Abe thanks psychic Celeste. John waits for the verdict. Stefano has not returned. However, in another way he is in Salem …Kate approaches Gina at the crime scene that was once Stefano’s room. He wants to know when he can come back. Gina replies he cannot as this is now a crime scene. He needs a new hideout. Kate blames the airhead and says so. Words are exchanged and Gina slaps her … Lani and cackling Kristen toast. Now Kristen will up the game for Gabi … Back at DiMera mansion Chad questions why Kristen would give Gabi her shares. All of a sudden Kristen calls him with a proposition … Eli lets Abigail know he saw Lani recently in Rome and she still would not tell him her story. Abigail is stunned to hear she and Kristen are nuns. Eli now decides to depart. Abigail wishes she could find JJ. Eli softens and informs her he knows where her brother is … Kate warns Gina she will pay. Enter Rafe, demanding an explanation … Alas Celeste spoke in circles. So thinks John but Abe knows better. Looking back her messages always made sense in a strange way. A frown creases John’s brow. Stefano is back but not back? … Stefano is reading in Kate’s room when Marlena knocks on the door, asking Kate if she is there. He stops reading and mutters Marrrrrrlena ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, December 20, 2019