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Episode 13,772
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Ciara hears from Victor that boss Xander removed her from an account. How unfair! Xander has not been himself since Mickey. Enter Justin. Victor rages at him for representing “psycho” Ben … Ben cannot sleep after that rat in his bed. Will sighs he cannot sleep either. Ben is surprised when he states it was not Sonny who asked for the divorce … Evan treated Sonny to his homemade sugarless brownies. Sonny was his dinner guest. Evan apologizes for having to spend so much time with David due to a nightmare. Sonny understands as he and Will were there with Ari. Evan is aware Kate wanted Will to fight for his marriage. Sonny sighs he did the opposite … Pub waitress Kate is curt with Kayla, who is waiting for Justin, and wonders what Steve would say … Before Stefano Steve can speak to Gina of his plan, Rafe beats on the door demanding Rolf. Steve suggests she use her gun so she gets it out … Rafe whispers to his backup they are going in. The door is open. Rafe springs into action, gun drawn, surprised to see … Ciara pretends to support Victor’s view of psycho Ben. The Greek tycoon growls he deserves death. Pragmatic Justin pauses. Ciara gets tense. Justin remembers agreeing to help Ben secretly for Ciara … She now pretends to be against Justin, who states Ben says he was framed. She wants him to apologize to Victor but he refuses to do that or drop the case …

Will woefully updates Ben on Sonny’s kiss with another guy. As per Sonny it meant nothing and he did not initiate. He explains to baffled Ben that he set him free so he can find happiness. He is stuck here forever. Meanwhile Sonny updates interested Evan on Will wanting him to be free in case he wants to be with him … Back at the pub, Kayla gets testy that Kate brought up Steve, who deserted her. It has been a year! Kate brings up Adrienne. Kayla also revered the late Adrienne but she is gone and Justin is alive! Kate gets catty … Fake Hope lowers her gun and lies she got a tip she came to check out. Rafe is ready to search the room but Hope argues she already did. He sends his backup to search outside and insists on searching every single inch. He gets his gloves on. Stefano Steve, who is barely concealed behind a wall, freezes … Evan is sympathetic. Sad Sonny is still wearing his wedding ring. He was certain they were solid. But then that awful night happened … Suited Justin excuses himself to dine with Kayla. Victor growls he got Steve Johnson’s leftovers. Justin talks back and waltzes out … Ciara is not impressed. Victor wonders whether she changed her mind about Ben. Never! Then why all the secret visits in the slammer …

Ben knows Will loves Sonny a lot. Will admits he is the love of his life and this was the hardest decision. Ben lies on his bed and sighs about putting Ciara through hell. Will points out it is not just prison that came between himself and Sonny but the fact that he killed his mother … Gina rushes to Rafe as Stefano sweats. She babbles she did not finish searching the bedrooms so he unsuspectingly goes to get started. She now takes Stefano to the door and makes him leave in a hurry. Rafe returns and she pretends she heard someone outside, hence the door opening and closing. Rafe now notices a covered painting. He removes the cover and gasps at the real Stefano DiMera’s portrait, wondering how it got there. Gina remembers ushering Steve away, promising she would cover the portrait. Now as Hope she pretends to believe Rolf stole it. Rafe refers to the treasure trove he must have left behind and vows to find something … Steve has a hat on and feels cold outside … He sends Kate an SOS text. Kate informs Kayla she needs a break and takes off as Justin arrives … Sonny confides his hurt to Evan. Evan has been there. Sonny touches his wedding ring, upset they were unable to save the marriage. Will is having his lawyer get the divorce papers ready. Evan wonders if he is going to sign. Sadly he is for he fears their marriage is over. Evan is sympathetic … Ben notes he and Will never discussed what went down with Sonny’s mom. He is here to listen but Will reasons he would rather not relive it. Ben lets him know the offer still stands. Will ironically thanks his killer turned friend …

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor waits for an explanation. Ciara states she was at the slammer to see Will, not Ben. The Greek growls he killed Adrienne. Ciara knows how he feels, hence her silence. She asks if she passed his test. For the moment yes …Late Justin sits down with Kayla and complains about Victor giving him hard time about Ben. Kayla, however, has Kate on her mind. That woman claimed they were disrespecting Adrienne by being together. Justin quips he will not tip her well but Kayla cannot laugh. It made her remember Steve’s strange absence. She insists she is over him but wishes she could ask him face to face why he vanished without a trace… Kate finds Stefano at the park. He updates her on the cops and the fact that his place is being searched by the Salem P.D. Gina helped him slip away. He wants Kate to hide him. She only has a room above the pub. The continental heavy hates the sound of that but beggars cannot be choosers … Rafe is surprised Rolf stole Stefano’s portrait. Hope reasons he must have missed him. Rafe realizes there are two luxurious chairs in the room. One was for Rolf and the other one for …?

Kate hurries Stefano Steve through the darkness toward the pub with its ominous lanterns aglow. She glances through the window and is surprised to see Kayla and Justin are still inside. That means they must enter through the kitchen in the back. She will check first and orders him not to move … Rafe deduces whoever sat in the throne like chair was an egomaniac. He now notices the interrupted chess game, the fresh cigar, and Stefano’s favorite drink. Rolf must be obsessed! Then again, perhaps the phoenix really rose from the ashes again … Steve stares at Kayla through the window. She wants to go home and heads out with Justin. Steve steps back and hides in the shadows … Still sitting by the Christmas tree, Sonny the sage notes sometime love just ain’t enough. Evan has been there. Sonny is intrigued. Evan sighs his present is better than the toxic past. He suddenly remarks the late hour. Sonny thanks him for dinner, gives him a hug and sweet kiss on the cheek, smiling they will see each other soon. Evasive Evan watches him leave … Will wants to change the subject and asks about Ciara’s plan. Ben explains she is pretending to be on Victor’s side. Will warns him that man is paranoid and vicious. Even being a granddaughter would not protect a woman from his wrath … Ciara promises Victor there are no secrets between them and excuses herself to her bedroom. The Greek bids her goodnight. Drums play as he makes a call, ordering his goon to get him the name of the prisoner Ciara meets with the next time she shows up at the slammer … Outside the pub, Kayla realizes she forgot her gloves. Justin goes back to get them. Steve secretly watches her with probing perturbed eyes … Hope lies to Rafe she just received a message about a Rolf sighting at the pier that is across town. He is on it. She offers to stay and search. After Rafe leaves, she takes out the portrait of Stefano Steve. Unholy music plays … Kayla is jittery when Justin returns with her gloves. They walk away together. Steve steps out from the shadows and stares as they vanish from view. Kate comes back, pleased they left. Now that no one is around they can take the stairs to her room …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, December 19, 2019