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Episode 13,772
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jack and Jen are slow dancing at the house when Abigail bursts in with big news. The person who put Jen in the coma was … Rafe walks in after Chad sends Stefano a message they must discuss Rolf. Rafe has the same idea … At the pub Kate complains on her phone that Stefano did not tell her Rolf pushed Jennifer. The phoenix ends the call when Rolf appears, having been summoned. Stefano Steve asks his faithful servant for a sacrifice … Marlena comes in from the cold and confides in waitress Kate about Hope … Meanwhile Hope smiles about Marlena being gone. John is sorry to say there can be no more dinners here for her. Tis time to move out. Gina’s face falls … Stefano pours himself a drink and confirms it would be the ultimate sacrifice. Gina cannot be linked to Jennifer’s fall. It would risk ruining his plans for Marlena. Dangerous drums play … Kate sits with Marlena, who wonders whether she was wrong to make John kick Hope out. Guilty Kate remembers giving Stefano his phoenix ring, which she had been safekeeping since Andre’s death. He put it on and that was when she saw Gina, who had taken over Hope’s mind. She now assures Marlena she is not the bad person in the story … Gina deduces it was Marlena’s decision to make her leave. She wonders whether she fears John has feelings – for her – and awaits his reply …

Abigail assures Jen and Jack that Rafe has a guard posted outside the house, given that Rolf pushed her. She hopes Jen is alright. Jen thinks something feels off. She offers to look at the footage and wants to head to the station to see it. Jack accompanies her … Rafe grills Chad about his recent meeting with Rolf. Chad replies it was only DiMera biz. Rafe asks him to be in touch if the mad scientist contacts him again or if he remembers anything. After he leaves, Chad messages Stefano wanting to know where the madman is … Rolf realizes he is but a pawn when Stefano states the footage was doctored to make him appear guilty. He then gets a text and tells him there is another problem … Kate advises Marlena to believe her instincts. Marlena sighs Hope does not seem herself. Kate remembers running into Hope Chez Stefano, who introduced her as Princess Gina. She agrees Hope does not seem like the person she used to be … John just wants no one to feel awkward. This would be best. He suggests Hope see him only as a friend. Gina retorts it is more than friendship. John peers at her …

At the station Jack and Jen watch the footage. Jen has had no new epiphany. Rafe returns and updates curious Abigail about Rolf being spotted at the Salem Inn a few days ago. He promises frazzled Jen he will find him and make him pay … Father messages Chad back. Why does he wish to reach Rolf now? Cos he tried to kill his mother in law! Stefano acts innocent. Chad insists he make Rolf pay or he is not his son anymore! …Kate pours the coffee as Marlena wonders about Hope’s bizarre behavior. Kate remembers Stefano explaining that he was in Stefano’s body while Gina was in Hope’s. She was less than thrilled to hear Gina allude to the plan to break up John and Marlena … Back to the present. Kate sighs she cannot explain Hope’s behavior … Gina states her feelings took her by surprise. John tries to stop her. She gushes he was her rock. She believed she helped him when Marlena was not around. She makes the monumental mistake of assuming he feels the same way … At the pub Marlena is puzzled by highly principled Hope going after her husband. Kate cryptically tells her friend to follow her most excellent instincts … Then she remembers refusing to let Marlena get hurt. Gina had warned her to keep her silence and Stefano had said the same … Kate suddenly whispers she wants to say …

Stefano messages Chad that he had nothing to do with Rolf pushing Jennifer and gives his word she has nothing to fear from his faithful scientist … Chad writes if any of his loved ones are harmed he will track him down. Rolf wonders whether he could. Stefano states he is a smart and resourceful. He assures his son he understood. He now lets his old friend know his time is up … Jack wants to take Jen home. She admires Abigail’s determination. Abigail grins she got it from her. Rafe will be in touch if there is anything and gets a call. The scientist has been spotted outside Salem approaching a building. The dedicated detective is on his way! Jack, Jen and Abigail all look relieved … Stefano hands Rolf his bag and sends him to the airstrip where a private plane awaits. Rolf thanks sir. Stefano insists he also take his old portrait. Ominous music plays. Stefano offers to have it delivered to his safe haven after he gets there. Rolf has been honored to serve him. Stefano now gives him his last hug …

Kate loses her nerve and notes Marlena is the love of John’s life. No one will be able to come between them. She remembers saying the same to Gina and Stefano. The phoenix had warned her to keep her silence. She now tells Marlena she can say no more … Gina wants John to be honest so he does just that. He is married to the most wonderful woman in the world. The love of his life, his forever is Marlena only. If he unintentionally misled her he is sorry since she is such a good friend. It was a great year but he is not in love with Hope, who deserves to be with a man who loves her back. He decides it would be best for all if she packed up and went. Gina whispers ok, downs her drink and numbly departs. She will send for her things. Outside the door she quietly cries. Inside John takes a deep breath … Coffee Kate gushes to coffee Marlena to go home to her adoring husband. They hug and her good friend goes … Back at the house Jack can see the fair Jen is distracted. She wonders what was on that flashdrive Rolf was so desperate to have. Jack decides when Rolf is in custody they will get the answer … Gina returns to Stefano, who assures her he sent Rolf out of the country. He can see she is stressed and learns John asked her to leave just before Christmas. She blames his queen of the night, then decides she blames Stefano for losing sight of their scheme. They were supposed to break up John and Marlena. He assures her he is about to take their plan to new heights … and then the day of glory shall be theirs …

Kate sips her wine alone at the bar and remembers. She only agreed to help Stefano with the business side. He accepted that. She warned Gina if she harmed Marlena she would come after her. She was confident the pouty princess could never come between John and Marlena … Marlena is relieved to hear John had Hope move out. He agrees it was the right thing to do. Marlena is over the moon they are alone again. He loves her and holds her as she swoons … Jack takes Jen’s little hands and alludes to his own amnesia. One cannot force the memories. They will come back. She hopes she did not ruin their night. He grins they are together forever. She bats her eyes and reminds him tis still their wedding night. He invites Mrs. Deveraux upstairs again and off they go … Chad is standing at the decorated fireplace when Abigail comes back. Father assured him he would deal with Rolf. Abigail updates him on Rafe following a hot lead …. Gina wants to know what comes next. Knock knock! Detective Rafe is outside, ordering the door be opened and he has backup. Stefano and Gina start to panic ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, December 18, 2019