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Episode 13,771
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Hope comes home to John with wine to discuss her day. She finds out Marlena is working late … Brady enters Marlena’s office asking about Mackenzie. She only knows Eric and Sarah took her to Boston. Brady seems stressed, remembering his loss … Kristen and Lani are having a spa day. Kristen wants to concentrate on what they can do and cackles about their revenge … Gabi leaves Eli an anxious message, wanting her DiMera shares. Chad appear and smirks trouble in paradise? … Eli is with Julie in sleeping JJ’s hospital room. He brought the addict home and fills Julie in … Kristen is almost grateful for JJ’s almost attempt on her life and tells Lani to prepare for pampering. She opens the door to a couple of Italian hunks. Lani is not interested. Kristen explains they are masseurs and they laugh. Kristen is giddy about getting back what they want … Brady opens up to Marlena, lamenting the loss of his and Kristen’s baby. And that poor nurse … Eli gives Julie the short version with no mention of seeing Kristen or Lani. He is summoned by boss lady Gabi and Julie thanks him …Gabi insists all is well and boasts Eli is about to give her Kristen’s signed transfer of her shares. Chad notes he is not even here. She warns she will have him fired so he reminds her he is a real DiMera whereas she is the unpopular widow of an unpopular one. He grins she will not get Kristen’s shares. Gabi doubts it! Eli appears. Chad smugly excuses himself with a ciao. Gabi wonders where Eli was and warns Chad said the trip was a bust. He sighs he is spot on …

As they are massaged Lani complains to Kristen that Gabi has all the leverage. Kristen smirks not exactly … Brady recalls crazy Kristen but Marlena does not like that crazy word. Brady ends his pity party. Marlena invites him to dinner with herself and John. He does not want to intrude. Marlena notes they are never alone anyway … As she enjoys her wine beside John on the sofa Gina tells him the tall tale of Rolf pushing Jennifer from the balcony. When she pouts she feels like a failure, John gives “Hope” a pep talk. She hopes he means it when he calls her amazing …Back in her DiMera bedroom, Gabi wants Eli to explain. He saw Lani who was about to become a nun in Italy. Gabi grills him on his feelings and he claims he had none. But it was JJ who prevented his plans with Kristen from coming to fruition … Salem patient JJ wakes up and asks Julie not to call Jen or Jack. He would rather they not see him this way and updates her on Lani saving him. Julie wonders why she was in Rome. She was there with Kristen to become a nun. Julie questions if they are even qualified … Kristen boasts she still has the DiMera stocks Gabi wants. Lani suggests they give them to her in exchange for a promise she will not harm Julie. Kristen is impressed but she is keeping her stocks … Kate is surprised when Chad comes into the pub wanting champagne. He still has a shot at getting Kristen’s shares after all. Then he will show them to Stefano. Kate listens and opens the champagne bottle. He deduces Stefano was angry he was unable to follow the original plan because Kate told him …John refers to Marlena also being smart and caring like Gina. Gina smiles a fake smile and pretends to be Hope being hard on herself. John gives her a friendly hug and she hangs onto him. Enter the Marlena and she is not amused …

John gets up to greet his wife, who wonders what is happening. Gina/Hope updates her on Rolf being the culprit. John points out Hope feels badly. Marlena sweetly suggests she find Rolf. Gina gushes Rafe is on the case. Marlena calmly asks for a word alone with her man … Kate pours the champagne and tries to change the subject. She claims she has had no contact with Stefano. Chad asks how he knew his story … Kristen fumes her father always favored his sons. Chad had his chance. Lani understands. Kristen cackles they can still dangle the stock to Gabi and sock it to her … JJ gasps Kristen almost got killed by him. Julie exclaims the drugs are to blame. He knows it would not have brought Haley back and starts to shake. Tis his withdrawal. Julie promises everything will be alright and heads out for help …Stylish Gabi is horrified to hear JJ is back on drugs. Eli admits he did not even make the offer to Kristen for her stocks. Gabi gets mad. Eli snaps JJ almost shot Kristen. He had to get him home before his life went to hell. She only cares about the deal. Eli asks if it was more important than JJ’s life … JJ imagines Haley tending to him … Julie comes to Marlena’s office but she is gone. Brady is still there and asks what is wrong. She updates him on JJ being off the wagon, how he went after Kristen …

Post massage Kristen sighs nothing means anything without Brady. Lani urges her to go to him. Kristen feels out of chances without their child …Marlena can see John wants to be supportive of Hope. However, she should move out and find a new life. It is starting to feel like there are three people in their marriage. He wonders what she means. She means Hope must move out. He believes it is best to wait until after the holidays. She believes being with Doug and Julie at Christmas would do Hope a world of good. John agrees. She steps out for food so he can speak to Hope … Julie tells Brady the whole sordid Rome story. He gasps is Kristen alright? She was fine when they left the convent … Lani gives Kristen a pep talk about revenge. Kristen kisses her friend’s forehead and gets a wicked idea … Offended Eli opts to sleep in the guest room. Gabi begs him not to go … Back at the pub, Kate convinces Chad she was not involved in Stefano’s knowledge of his missteps. He decides to call the convent and track down Kristen … Ring ring! Tis Abigail with shocking news. Kate wonders. He updates her on Rolf pushing Jen from the balcony and doctoring his image to look like Eve. He needs to know if Stefano was involved and leaves to find out. Kate faithfully calls Stefano to forewarn him …

Gabi apologizes. Eli reminds her there is more to life than money and power. She praises him for saving Kristen and JJ and starts to kiss him. Eli responds … Kristen leaves Gabi a message. She heard she wanted her DiMera stock and is ready to talk. Click. Then she grins at Lani. It has begun … Brady deduces Kristen turned to the convent for refuge. Julie heard she became a nun. Gasp! Brady promises to keep JJ’s secret and she goes back to him … JJ feels like a failure but Saint Haley wants him to find peace by letting go of his rage and the drugs. He can live to help people just as he was her hero. She begs him to stop the drugs for her. He cries and agrees. She is gone when he looks up again … Hope has the salad ready and wonders where Marlena went. John looks up at her …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, December 17, 2019