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Episode 13,770
1460 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Evan enters the festive pub but Kate refuses to serve him. He came to say he is sorry … Woeful Will summons Sonny to the slammer since Kate warned he was about to lose him … Meanwhile Clyde taunts Ben about his rat for a rat … In his office Xander suspiciously asks Ciara wot she knows about his swapped box. She acts innocent … At the station Rafe is stunned Hope wants to leave just before they are about to find out who attempted to off Jen. Abigail appears announcing they now know who pushed her. Dr. Rolf! Gina makes the sign of the cross …Ben learns Clyde was released from solitary. Clyde is still bitter his son sold him out … Will explains Kate told him about the kiss. Sonny explains it just happened. He did not initiate anything. Kate must have misunderstood as he and Evan are not involved. But Will believes they soon will be … Kate tries to dismiss Evan, who explains he kissed Sonny on impulse. He assures her he respects that Sonny and Will are married. In fact Will just summoned Sonny … Sonny is irritated Kate ran to Will. He is not in a romantic relationship with Evan! He is still married to Will and that will never change. Will thinks it should change … Ben insists he told the truth cos Clyde attacked Will for no good reason. Clyde considers him a loose end who knows too much and wants to know where he is. Ben grabs him by the collar and utters a not so subtle threat …

Ciara knows nothing about Xander’s box and stammers she has work but he stops her and recalls the time he caught her in his office and she did not turn around. They were interrupted when he got the call about his daughta. She calls him paranoid as she could never open his box anyway. He talks drill … Hope happily confirms that is Rolf on the footage. Rafe reasons he had motive as he wanted the flashdrive back. They suspect he stole it. Abigail is relieved. She sensed Eve was innocent. Hope apologizes for not knowing. The expert agrees to give a sworn statement. Rafe wants an APB out on Rolf … Clyde warns his boy to watch his tone. Someone should warn Ciara she has got some competition … Ciara laughs what drill? Xander heard it in the house the otha nite and Sarah stated she was trying to open a box. She stammers it was from high school and the key would not work. Xander suggests she how him her box at the mansion. When she turns to get back to work, he fires her on the spot …

Sonny is bewildered. Will explains Kate urged him to fight for his hubby. However, he now realizes Sonny’s needs are not being met. He took that from him as well as his mother. Sonny disagrees. Will believes Sonny the good stayed in their marriage only out of loyalty. He deserves better. A tear trickles down Sonny’s handsome face and he wonders what Will is alluding to. Will decides he wants a divorce so Sonny can be free to love again … Back at the pub Kate admits she warned Will that there was a predator near Sonny. Evan denies being a predator and refuses to stay away from Sonny when Kate demands as much … Sonny looks like he has been slapped a thousand times. Will hates to see the pain in his eyes and papa Justin too. He robbed Justin of the love of his life. Sonny assures him they are attempting to forgive. Will sadly states they will never forget. Besides Sonny deserves better. Sonny asks if this is about Evan. Will shakes his head. Sonny begs him to reconsider but Will believes they will never be in love the way they were. He cries Sonny should be with anyone who makes him happy in this life, so he is setting him free … Ben is bemused and knows his pop knows how he feels about Ciara. Clyde scowls to stop worrying about Will. Ben knows he still needs his protection from papa Clyde, who argues he has been trying to save him. He even abducted Xander’s kid but his son’s gal pal ruined it. Ben wants him to back off from Ciara as well as Will. Clyde suggests he get his priorities straight cos he is running out of time. Ben believes Ciara is his best bet …

Ciara refuses to accept CEO Xander’s attempt at firing her as Victor is chairman of the board and he is on her side. Xander threatens to reveal what a traitor she is. She calls him a gardener. He claims when he speaks Victa listens. Ciara argues he is lashing out as he is upset. Victor will not be impressed. Xander calls her a bundle of skills. She looks him in the eye and waits for him to back down … Abigail is aware Chad was supposed to meet Rolf at the Salem Inn at room 311. Hope will stay at the station and sends Rafe ahead. Abigail takes off as well, amazed Eve was telling the truth … Gina opens her laptop, also relieved and somewhat surprised … Rafe and Abigail end up at the hotel room which has been conveniently cleaned. There is no sign of Rolf. Rafe calls for Hope, only to hear she is gone for the day … Gina visits Stefano Steve, who is at his chess set. Checkmate. Gina bears news. He updates her on arranging for it to appear that Rolf pushed Jennifer from the balcony. He heard Gina’s plea and would never abandon her. Gina smiles and asks how he made Rolf’s image replace hers on the footage …

Evan assures Kate that he will only be friends with Sonny as long as he is married. Kate warns the nanny come lately he would not be the first with unrealistic high hopes … Sonny wishes Will would not cut him off. Will weeps he is only an anchor weighing him town. They both admit they have felt their marriage was over for a while. Will emotionally apologizes for everything. Crying Sonny does too. Will whispers goodbye and goes out without looking back. Sonny whispers goodbye, his heart breaking … Rafe recalls how anxious Hope was to leave. He overheard her on the phone about leaving the USA. She said she wanted to see Shawn and Belle in Hong Kong for the holidays. Abigail informs him that Shawn and Belle will be in Salem for the holidays. They discuss all the other bizarre behavior of Hope, who seemed to be stonewalling. But why? … Stefano airily states he is a man of influence. He was able to influence the DiMera expert with a phone call, reminding him he was in charge. He also threatened to expose his bribe to get his son into an Ivy League university. Quel scandale! And so said expert agreed to do his bidding … Gina is impressed and notes Eve will now be free. Stefano assures her she will be safe, whereas Wilhelm must take one for team DiMera … Ben boasts Ciara got him Justin as a lawyer. Clyde warns him the loser lawyer will not be able to save him. Ben thunders then what can he do. Clyde advises his boy to start thinking outside the box and go to plan B. He adds to give Will his best … Xander concedes Victa would not let him sack the spawn of Bo Brady so Ciara is safe. However, she must bring him her keepsake box. She replies she will bring it in tomorrow. He fumes fantastic and kicks her out of his office … Cellmate Will is back with Ben, who warns him Clyde is out of solitary. He then sees the expression on his face and wonders what happened … Evan finds Sonny at the park and asks how it went with Will … Will hangs his head and claims not to care about Clyde. His marriage is over … Abigail goes to update Eve. Rafe agrees to keep her in the loop … Stefano suggests Gina have a nice glass of wine but she is worried Rolf might talk. He assures her he will reach Rolf before the police. She thanks him for saving her and they embrace European style. Stefano smiles not to forget. Meanwhile Rafe tries without success to reach Hope, wondering where she is and what she is hiding ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, December 16, 2019