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Episode 13,769
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara visits Ben in the slammer. He is grateful she got Justin to take his case. They both know he needs new evidence. She adds she hears things at the Kiriakis mansion where the key players are. Ben does not want her in peril. She explains something has happened … Sarah updates Xander on the baby needing immediate treatment. The best place is Boston. Xander wants to come with … Eric impatiently updates Nicole and points out all they can do is pray … Jenny is waiting for her release at the hospital. Jack arrives with a wheelchair and whisks her away … Abigail hugs Chad at DiMera mansion excited Jen will be returning home. She plans to head to the house soon and is pleasantly surprised Chad is staying in Salem since there is no sign Kristen will be selling her stocks to Eli. In addition, he has the DiMera tech company’s forensics expert ready to help in her investigation … Rafe teases Hope she looks great as she fixes her lipstick in her office. He wonders whether there is new evidence in Jen’s case. Negative and she does not believe Abigail’s theory that Eve is innocent. Rafe probes so she pulls rank. Rafe is bewildered by her bizarre behavior … Ben is sorry to hear about Mickey being unwell. Ciara too but it means Xander will be vulnerable. She plans to befriend and expose him – in that order … Sarah screams Xander cannot come to Boston as Eric would never agree. He tenderly asks wot she wonts … Nicole will pray for Mickey. She has prayed since Eric taught her and now prays he can find it in his heart to forgive her …

Traditional romantic rogue Jack carries Jen over the threshold of her house … Chad and Abigail inform Hope of their DiMera forensics expert who has a new improved technology. Rafe hears Hope turn down Abigail’s request to allow him to look at the footage from the night Jen was pushed. Hope is sorry to say they cannot use a civilian. Rafe steps up suggesting they use the expert as an unpaid consultant to find out everything possible. Hope plays along. Rafe will prepare the footage … Ben fears Xander the natural born killer would not hesitate to harm Ciara. Besides he would give evidence against Victor. Ciara snaps Victor can go to hell. She cannot be without Ben! Ben feels the same way and begs her to leave everything to Justin. He could not bear to live without her … Sarah wants Xander with her but must put Mickey’s needs first. Now is not the time for conflict. He offers to stay somewhere nearby in Boston. Sarah is stunned he would even give up Titan … Eric is mad as hell he lost months of knowing Mickey was his and now she might not make it! Nicole believed he was about to get back together with her … Suave Jack places Jen on the sofa. She smiles how romantic and wonders where the family is. He wanted them to have some alone time. Abigail will arrive later and he left a message for JJ, who must be busy with work. He grins they never got their wedding night. Jen grins back … At the station Chad introduces his forensics expert to Abigail and Hope. Rafe appears announcing it is all set up. They all go together. Gina makes a panic stricken call to Stefano. She must fly out of the country right away! She hangs up when she realizes Rafe has returned. He asks whether she is really leaving the country … She fibs she wanted to see Shawn and Belle in Hong Kong. He muses she would miss the Horton Christmas … Chad and Abigail come back with big news. The DiMera expert concluded the footage was doctored! Abigail announces that means Eve did not try to off her mom … Nicole states Mickey was Sarah’s secret to tell. Eric bitterly reminds her of her past lies like when Kate paid her five million to leave him for Lucas. She has not changed! Nicole reminds him he was responsible for Daniel’s death but she forgave him so why can he not forgive her …

Xander glumly sits on the sofa. Sarah cannot be a referee between him and Eric since she must focus on Mickey. He cries he has to do something! She cries she knows it is unfair. He asks her to keep him updated. She breaks down and blames herself for not seeing the symptoms. Xander hands her a hanky. She stands up and promises to bring her daughter down to say goodbye … if she is awake … Ciara promises Ben she will not take any unnecessary risks. The guard is not looking so they share a kiss. Ben groans as his back hurts. Ciara senses it is more than merely a pulled muscle and insists he tell her what happened …He was stabbed but states it was superficial. He admits Clyde did it. Ciara is horrified so he admits he was defending Will. The old man is now stuck in solitary so he and Will are safe. Ciara cries she loves him so much. He loves her too and urges her to be careful. She will and heads off to work before a certain someone gets suspicious … Sarah lets Xander hold the baby. He smiles at Miss Mackenzie and shows her his present. A big teddy bear he hopes she can take with her. Sarah sniffles her room has to be sterile. Xander promises her teddy will be waiting and urges her to fight with all her might. Sarah agrees to stay in touch. Xander loves Mickey so much and adds he loves Sarah. That will neva change. Sarah whispers goodbye and goes back upstairs with the baby. Alone in his heartbreak, he now also whispers goodbye …

Nicole apologizes for bringing up Daniel. Eric admits he feels speechless. She offers to look for another place to live. He suggests she do what she wants for he knows not how long he will be in Boston. She weeps she will be waiting and will not give up … The DiMera expert briefs Rafe and the gang. The editing that was used is state of the art. Eve’s face and body were superimposed on someone else. He will now unscramble the edit and reveal the real culprit. They wait with bated breath. Gina’s eyes widen … Jack shows Jen their new wedding day photos in the album. She is reminded Adrienne was there. Jack regrets all the time they were apart and promises nothing will ever keep them away from each other again. He kisses her and excitedly gets her surprise cake with a bride and groom on the top. He bought it after a botched attempt to bake. She gushes it is beautiful and insists they cut the first slice together … Gina fake coughs and excuses herself. Then she calls Stefano again and wishes he would answer the phone … Eric solemnly states it took two years for Nicole to forgive him for Daniel. She wonders whether he will keep her posted on the baby from Boston. He suggests she contact his family and goes as she bids him good luck and Godspeed. Then she breaks down … Xander kicks his office chair and punches his desk. He is an emotional mess when Ciara enters with files from legal needing his signature. He snaps to leave them. She heard about the baby and is sorry. He asks her to overnight something to Sarah at the hospital. Tis a bracelet that belonged to his mum that she said warded off illness and evil. He starts to open his case and notes the key is not working. Ciara stammers perhaps the lock rusted …

Chad gets a text and informs Abigail the DiMera jet has landed in Salem. She suggests he check it out and promises to keep him posted. The forensics expert explains they will have their clear picture soon … Jack and Jen enjoy their wedding cake. He wishes he would be a better dancer but she loves the way he hooooooolds her in his arms and asks for a first dance. Jack is happy to oblige … Sarah starts to cry at the door and tries to be strong. Eric assures her this is for all their sakes and they head out with Mickey … Xander deduces he has the right key but the bloody box is wrong! He wonders wot Ciara knows and she cringes … Ben finds a dead rat on his prison cot … Hope is about to leave when Rafe stops her, wondering where she is headed … The expert reveals the face of the culprit and makes it clear. Abigail was expecting to see Rolf but what she sees makes her gasp in disbelief …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, December 13, 2019