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Episode 13,768
1370 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Justin starts to leave the slammer and runs into surprised Will, who seeks a word …Outside suited Sonny ends a call with Gabi and assures her he will be alright eating breakfast alone. Then he remembers Evan’s kiss. Speak of the devil … Inside the pub Eric gets coffee in a hurry. Roman asks about Nicole. They did not work anything out … Brady bears bad news for Nicole at work. About ailing Mickey … Sarah cries to Maggie with an update at the Kiriakis mansion. The redhead hugs her. Sarah wipes her nose and notes she and Eric are heading to the hospital. Maggie wonders about Xander … Kayla catches desperate wannabe dad Xander searching her desk … Nicole feels for Eric and fears he will start drinking again. Brady doubts it but wants to see him. Nicole wants to see him too. When Brady disagrees she storms out … At the pub Eric updates papa Roman on his tragic news about Mickey’s stage three cancer. Roman gasps oh God and hugs him … Maggie is horrified to hear that Sarah agreed with Eric’s wish to keep Xander out of the loop. Meanwhile Kayla firmly informs Xander that Eric does not want him to have any information from Mickey’s file … Will apologizes to Justin for what happened to Adrienne. He will hate himself forever for taking her away from Justin and Sonny … Sonny seems distracted with Evan at the pub. Evan apologizes for the kiss so Sonny makes light of it. Waitress Kate has overheard and hisses why was he hitting on her grandson’s hubby! Sonny sighs …

Will explains he will never have peace for he is to blame for what happened to Adrienne the good. Justin knows he did not intend to cause her harm. Will now reveals that he wanted to do the right thing so he suggested Sonny stay away. Justin alludes to Sonny being affected and assures Will he hates not him, only what he did. Adrienne was like Will’s mother. Justin still feels like his father in spite of the hurt and lets him know he loves him …Sonny calls Kate outta line. Kate counters he is still married! Evan says something so she shuts him down. Kate insists Sonny go see Will. Sonny snaps he does not want him around and orders more coffee … Eric gets his coat on. Roman believes Mickey is fortunate to have him as a father. Eric breathes as he is fortunate for Roman … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Maggie gets mad at Sarah and suggests she not let Eric dictate who she does and does not have contact with. Xander proved himself as Mickey’s papa! He was also devoted to her daughter so she thinks it is unfair for Eric to decide Xander is no part of Mickey’s life. Sarah sobs she hates this but Xander cannot be her battle now …Xander sits and hyperventilates his apology. Kayla apologizes for not being able to tell him more. He gasps Eric is being unfair. Kayla thinks it was unfair of him not to let Eric know he had a child … Eric walks out of the pub and runs into Nicole. They stop and soap stare …

Eric starts to go but Nicole stammers she is so sorry about Mickey. She regrets keeping her from him all this time. He sadly states he prayed to God and knows he cannot help his daughter if he is bitter. She wonders whether he forgives her. Pause. She wants to help him through … He stonily states he can only think of his daughter and departs … Kate informs Sonny she saw Will and they can overcome! Sonny snaps Will ending his mom’s life is more than just a tiff! Kate reminds him Will came back from the dead for him and goes to get the coffees. Evan feels badly. Sonny leaves cash on the table and decides they should depart. Kate tells Roman she is taking an early lunch and also leaves in a hurry … Will is overwhelmed. Violins play. Justin informs him he is with Kayla now. Life goes on. Will asks if he is happy. He is. They are friends and lovers now living together. Will is truly happy for him. Justin urges him not to give up on life and embraces the tearful tormented young man … Xander is waiting at the nurse’s station when Sarah arrives with Mickey and Maggie for the oncologist appointment. She lets Xander hold the baby and he gushes daddy is here. Eric arrives, stonily stares at the scene … and then explodes. He thunders he was clear about keeping Xander away from his child! Xander begs to attend the appointment. Sarah is now holding Mickey … Kate pays Will a visit in the slammer and suggests he fight for Sonny before he loses him forever …

Sonny and Evan sit with their coffees, surrounded by outdoor poinsettias. Sonny scoffs Kate has been wed more times than Henry the VIII and her kids are a mess! Evan is sorry he kissed him although he did enjoy it. He acted on impulse. Sonny admits he has been pushing Will away … Kate updates Will on someone kissing Sonny and the guy seems to have chemistry with him. Will realizes it was Evan and notes he is nice. Kate insists Will and Sonny were meant to be. Will sighs he let him go. She and the rest of the world should accept it … Sonny sadly states he could not forgive Will so when he pushed him away he did not protest … Kate weeps at Will not to push Sonny away so he forgets about him … Nicole returns to curious Brady at Basic Black. She cries she could not give Eric any comfort … Eric is sorry but he does not want Xander here! Sarah apologizes to Xander and follows Eric and Mickey into the doctor’s office ... Glum Kate goes back to the pub and complains to Roman about Evan. He snaps to stop already. Eric’s baby girl has cancer … Brady advises distracted Nicole to take the day off and praises her for trying with Eric. After she goes he gets to thinking … Sarah is in a state as they wait, wanting only Eric to hold the baby. She feels to blame. He calmly replies all that matters is that Mickey’s parents are here. They will help her make it through … Xander is upset he cannot be with the baby. Maggie promises to keep him in the loop even if Sarah leaves him out. He decides to depart … Kayla joins Justin at home. He updates her on seeing Will …Sonny is done with the coffee. Evan deduces he should keep his distance and turns but Sonny stops him. He could use a friend and likes him. Evan admits he feels more than friendship. Sonny does not want to lose his confidant! The prison calls. Must be Will. Evan asks if he is going to answer …

Sonny accepts the charges. Tis woeful Will who asks to see him … Justin is so grateful to have Kayla the good and understanding woman he can confide in, whereas Will and Sonny have to go it alone. Kayla reasons they will find their way back or find a way to move on … Roman gets emotional about his grandbaby’s life being cut short. Kate gives him a pep talk about all the advances that have been made. She fought and won. If Mickey is anything like Eric and Sarah the fighter then she shall overcome. Roman cries damn it and agrees … When Sarah and Maggie come home with Mickey, Xander is waiting with a big teddy bear. Maggie takes the baby to her room. Xander asks what the docta said … Nicole finds Eric at the apartment and asks if he is moving back in. He announces he is leaving. Meanwhile Sarah informs stunned Xander that she and Eric are going away and taking Mickey with them …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, December 12, 2019