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Episode 13,767
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric holds the baby as Sarah informs him her fever is down. So far the tests have shown nothing out of the ordinary. Meanwhile Kayla is with Marlena in her office impatient about the results they have not yet received. Marlena offers to wait as Kayla’s shift should be over. Kayla grins Justin is going to move in with her today … At the Kiriakis mansion Ciara sees the boxes and congratulates Justin on his move. She gets a call from Ben about his lawyer. The guy quit … In his room Chad reads a text from Father. Stefano knows all the details about Gabi getting Eli to go after Kristen’s shares. Chad counters he claimed he was on it. Stefano is mad about being misled! Chad suggests they speak on the phone … At the balcony, Hope ominously informs Abigail the time has come to put an end to her questions … Kayla updates Marlena on everything feeling right with Justin. At her new place it will mean a fresh start. She admits Steve’s signed divorce papers saddened her. Marlena is sympathetic. Kayla sighs tis time to move on for Steve will never return … Stefano Steve suggests Chad keep him informed in the future, no call necessary. Chad wishes he would trust him enough to talk on the phone … Stefano texts he will be in touch. Goodnight. Chad is confused by how clandestine he is … Hope agrees to reopen Jen’s case. Abigail gives her a grateful hug. She gets going and Abigail breathes a sigh of relief. She is closer to finding the real culprit who pushed Jen that fateful night …

Sarah and Eric watch the baby rest. Sarah heads to the lab to see about the latest results. Eric bonds with his little beauty and lets her know daddy loves her so much … Xander catches up with Sarah at the nurse’s station, relieved to hear Mickey’s fever is down. She is sorry he went from father to outsider … Kayla believed she and Steve would last forever. They always found their way back … Now tis the era of Justin. Marlena gushes he is a good man and is glad they found each other. They hug and Kayla goes … Ciara is upset to hear that Ben’s lawyer left him high and dry as he had no proof. Ben is down. Ciara decides to go Kiriakis on Xander and demand a confession. Ben gasps the guy is dangerous and disagrees. She ends the call and tells Justin she is off to find Xander. She hears he is with the sick baby at the hospital and decides it would be the wrong time. Justin suggests she trust in him so she blurts out tis about Ben … Abigail returns to her bedroom at DiMera mansion, surprised to see Chad. He unpacks and complains about Gabi sending Eli on the DiMera jet to Rome. She laughs about how he packed. He points out Gabi did that packing in an attempt to kick them out. She calls her a beech. Chad is confident they will win against her. She wonders whether Gabi knows about Stefano. Not likely. However, Stefano seems to know all the secrets of Salem …

Gina goes back to Stefano and complains about Abigail and Jen. Abigail was suspicious of her statement and realized Rolf’s flashdrive was missing. That girl is getting too close so she did damage control … Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Justin is sworn to secrecy. Ciara believes Victor wanted Ben away from her which was why he ordered Xander to off Jordan and set up Ben. She has been spying and overheard Xander and Victor discuss sending someone innocent to the slammer. She sighs Ben’s lawyer quit so she shall confront … Justin warns her that would not be wise. Ominous music plays … Sarah is sorry about Eric shutting Xander out. Marlena arrives with the results. Xander asks … Marlena coldly replies she will talk to the parents first. Sarah asks her to share the results with Xander after and now returns to Eric with Marlena. Tragic news. The baby has neuroblastoma - cancer with a low survival rate and Mickey’s tumor cannot be removed. Sarah breaks down. Marlena is so sorry … Justin warns Ciara that career criminal Xander would admit to nothing and he is very dangerous! Ciara agrees not to confront him and wonders whether she could trick Victor into confessing. He doubts it. She suggests he get him to confess but Justin has a better idea … Kayla takes her and Steve’s framed wedding photo from a box. A harmonica plays in the background. She shoves it in a drawer and takes the trash out …

Gina is miffed her vanity seems to be missing. Stefano replies Rolf took it to fix a scratch. She wishes he would take care of Abigail as well and boasts she made a shrewd move. Stefano is listening …Back at DiMera mansion Abigail updates Chad on the hole she found in Hope’s statement. Then she backtracked! She could be hiding something. Chad asks if she suspects Hope was the one who pushed Jen… Drums play in the slammer. Ben imagines a threatening visit from Xander about Ciara. He ordered him away from her. Too late. He already strangled her as he did his sister! Ben blinks back to reality, beside himself with worry … Kayla surprises Justin with a special dinner. He feels very special and kisses her in his new home … Gina perches on her throne and pontificates about reopening Jen’s case to mislead Abigail. Stefano senses that girl will not give up … Abigail updates Chad on Eve insisting the security footage showing her at the scene of the crime was fake. Dr. Rolf could have done something. If only there was a way to prove it. Attentive Chad drawls actually there is a way …

Eric woefully wonders what comes next. Marlena tells honey to take the baby home. Tomorrow she will arrange for the oncologist to go over possible treatments. Sarah cries it could be a combo of chemo, radiation and maybe surgery. Marlena tells the parents not to give up. After treatment she might be alright. She hugs crushed Eric … Ciara takes a call from Ben. She bears news. He now has a lawyer … Justin enjoyed Kayla’s cooking and hopes he did not bring too many boxes. No as she got rid of some old stuff. He learns she left Steve’s stuff in the garage and plans to donate his belongings. Justin emotionally notes one cannot live in the past forever. He is thankful to have found love again with her. She gushes she loves him … Chad tells excited Abigail about the DiMera tech company that just developed the new technology that could help her investigation … Marlena takes Xander to her office to fill him in … Eric woefully wonders whether Mickey will make it. Sarah knows not and sobs on his strong shoulder … Ben is overwhelmed that Ciara got Justin to rep him and thanks her. She vows never to give up until she gets him home … Justin dries dishes and updates Kayla on taking on Ben as a client. That means more takeout. She smiles as long as they have this and they toast … Stefano grimaces to Gina that Abigail’s impudence is even affecting his son, who lied to him … Abigail and Chad are in bed. He is asleep but she has much on her mind. Meanwhile Stefano growls he might have to get that girl out of the way …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, December 11, 2019