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Episode 13,766
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jen is stressed on the balcony. Abigail asks what she remembers. Looking at the monitor and then … someone else arrived! Down below worried Gina watches. Jack asks “Hope” what is the matter … Pub Chad gets his text from father. Meanwhile Stefano Steve learns from Kate that his son has been lying and confided in her that the phoenix was alive. Impossible says he! Kate explains how Gabi sent Eli to Europe instead to get Kristen’s shares. Bearded Stefano takes a deep breath … Lani glides out to stop JJ. He laughs she looks like a nun. This is a trip! She tells him tis real and implores him to stop the insanity. He rages Kristen killed his beloved Haley. She gently assures him it was an accident. He warns her to stay away. She tries to talk him down. Eli watches and waits … Jack is searching for the fair Jen, who left the hospital and has not been in touch. Hope shares that she is on the balcony. He races up. Jen informs Abigail that Hope is there. Gina and Jack have just arrived. Jack ushers stressed Jen away. Hope lectures Abigail for not listening … Chad comes across Gabi in his room. She hisses for him and his wife to get the hell out of her house … Stefano teases Katarina and she remembers ten months ago when she was given a hard time by crass customer Gabi. That was when Stefano first texted her. He grins t’was impeccable timing… JJ is now behind Kristen. Lani argues she paid the price by losing her little baby. She has been there with Eli. She cries and reminds him he shot Theo. Abe was as angry as JJ is now but he and Theo and all of them forgave him. Kristen raises her eyes to the heavens as her fellow almost nun implores JJ to forgive Kristen her soap sin …

Jack has sat down Jen. Hope suggests she go rest at the hospital. Jack decides it was enough for one day and takes her back. “Hope” proceeds to act indignant about Abigail pushing her fragile cousin. Anyway Eve was the culprit and the case is closed. Abigail argues mama Jen had a memory of a flashdrive, which seems to have been removed as evidence. Hope calls it irrelevant but Abigail calls it the key to solving the mystery. Did she see any flashdrive? Hope/Gina remembers removing it and acts clueless …Stefano is seated on his throne beside the macabre candelabra. Tis all very phantom of the opera. Kate dramatically recounts how she could not resist believing as he knew she would. Then she saw him but he did not resemble the Stefano she knew and loved. She remembers entering the dark room, how he emerged in his suit and greeted Katarina. Their eyes met … Chad lets Gabi know how low it is of her to try and kick out his family. She hisses he will soon be out. He grins Kristen is not gonna give Eli her shares cos Kristen is all about family … Back in Rome, JJ fumes how to forgive?! Eli assures him he will find new happiness as he did with Gabi. Kristen jumps up, appalled he is with Gabi and blasts him for not seeing the love in Lani’s eyes. Lani tries to stop her. Kristen now informs annoyed Eli that she and Lani pray for healing for all of them, but Eli only feels sorry for himself! Furthermore, JJ should use love to heal and not commit murder. He will not find peace by pulling the trigger. She pulls his gun to her chest, whispering she would rise from the ashes like the phoenix … Kate remembers Stefano explaining the art of using Steve Johnson. She was upset. He insisted his choices were limited but it was rather poetic. He sensed her suspicion and suggested she test him with a fact only the phoenix would know. The insulin dose she injected him with daily. He answered correctly. She scoffed it could be a guess. He referred to their dance when he blackmailed her into a marriage which turned out to be a marriage of great passion. He kissed her on her neck fav spot and she cried he had come back. He hoped she was happy. She wondered what he wanted. He wanted and wants his beloved as his ally …

Back at DiMera mansion Chad warns Gabi she would have a hard time getting a court order against him in his own family’s house and laughs Eli will return emptyhanded … Hope makes light of the flashdrive but Abigail is not done yet. She recalls Hope’s story but something is not right … Stefano was up front with Kate about his plan to rebuild his empire and take it all back. But he needed allies. YOU WERE BORN TO RULE. He suggested she keep her waitressing job so none would consider her a threat. She admitted she loved being a threat and wondered why to trust him … Gabi argues Chad and Abigail left Salem for Paris. He calmly replies his wife is well now and warns she would never win against them, the perfect match. Gabi glares … Abigail asks Hope how she did not run into whoever pushed the fair Jen from the balcony as she arrived just as she screamed. Oooo … Purple pajama patient Jen is more worried about JJ than herself and tells Jack. Her son is not himself … The church bell rings. Kristen tells JJ she and Lani have more important things to do and they leave. JJ does not shoot her in the back. Baffled Eli grabs back his gun. JJ is equally baffled by their behavior …

Stefano recalls how he got Kate to trust him again. He argued he was taking a chance as she could expose him to his many enemies. But he believed the gamble was worth it. Kate had accepted his hand and he kissed hers the way he used to. Now she questions whether she was mad to make a deal with the devil and sips her drink. Stefano Steve gazes at her … Back in the chapel, Kristen comes to the dramatic decision that she should not take her vows. Instead she shall return to Salem and take back DiMera! She dares Lani to accompany her and not let that beech Gabi win … Gabi agrees Chad can stay for now but warns she will win this war … Gina stammers she may have been in the elevator when Jen screamed. Then Eve escaped on the stairwell. Abigail the reporter reasons one cannot change a statement like that. Gina quips she has only been a reporter for five seconds. Abigail is astounded. EXCUSE ME?!

Stefano downs his drink with gusto and claps his hands. He is grateful Katarina agreed to trust him and be his eyes and ears in Salem. She asks what he will do about Chad. He will take care of his son and kisses her on the cheek. Kate sweeps out. Stefano sends a text. Chad reads it. Father knows he has been lying! … Gabi enters the pub, angry she has not heard from Eli about Kristen’s shares, removes her red coat and haughtily orders Kate to get her a black coffee … Lani is livid that Gabi stole Eli for her sinister self and is IN with Kristen. The habits are officially off … Eli warns JJ he could have been arrested. He now gets the biz text from Gabi but ushers JJ away instead, more focused on finding a way to keep him out of jail. They pass the Madonna and child … Jack promises Jen they will help JJ and be a happy family all together this Christmas. They kiss in holiday bliss … Hope apologizes and repeats Eve was found guilty. Abigail fears she might not have been the felon who made mama Jen fall and wishes she too would try to find the real one. Gina condescendingly smiles and hugs her. She considers pushing the girl over the balcony and whispers there is only one thing left to do. When she stops hugging her Abigail wonders what exactly that is ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, December 10, 2019