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Episode 13,765
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gina complains to Stefano Steve about Abigail’s investigation. He growls tis not good. She pouts little Miss Reporter might soon have a problem … Abigail updates Jen on having access to the case files. Jen is distracted and admits she had a flashback thanks to her flashdrive from Jack … At the pub Chad sarcastically orders Gabi’s head on a platter from waitress Kate … Julie warmly greets stylish Gabi at the club, surprised to hear Eli is overseas on a mysterious mission … In Rome Lani questions whether this is her right path and seeks a sign. Eli arrives and is stunned when she turns around … Kristen prays to a statue of Madonna and child outside. Trembling JJ takes aim and stands before her … Lani gasps how did Eli find her! He gasps why does she look like a nun! Cos she is becoming one tonight … JJ laughs when Kristen lets him now she is becoming a nun. She talks atonement. JJ leers she is too late for heaven. He is here to send her to hell … Jen remembers planning to read what was on the hard drive. She is sure she did not remove the flashdrive from the computer. Abigail takes out the police pictures but there is no sign of a flashdrive … Gina suggests Stefano get Chad to help talk his wife out of her investigation. Stefano replies he is on a foreign mission - to get Kristen’s shares before the infernal nuns do. He is waiting for word … Kate assumed Chad was trying to make nice with Gabi. Chad had a plan but there is a problem. Kate promises him his secret is safe so he opens up about not being able to get a flight to Italy. Gabi beat him to it. Kate tries to make him feel better … Julie is against anything to do with Kristen and exclaims Eli could be in danger. Gabi has faith in him and complains Chad and Abigail conspired against her. Julie is sorry since she cares for them all … Eli learns Lani’s commitment is now to God. He assures her he had no idea she was here. He came for Kristen …

JJ shakes all over as he recounts how Haley was killed by Kristen for being the messenger of bad news that her baby did not survive. Kristen insists she did not mean to harm her. JJ hisses postpartum depression was her lie of an excuse and announces he is her executioner. He prepares to pull the trigger … She knows he is high and in pain. He blames her. She reasons revenge will make it worse. JJ laughs she cannot talk him down so she takes a deep breath and closes her eyes … Eli updates Lani on his DiMera business. She is stunned he is now DiMera security chief and assumes he works for Tony. Negative. Tony took off to live happily ever after with Anna. Gabi is CEO and they now live, work and make love together. Lani is horrified …Vision in blue Julie credits Gabi with giving her Stefan’s heart and making Eli happy. She is sorry for ever having a grudge. Gabi can relate and alludes to going crazy … As Abigail probes, Jen insists something significant must have been on Rolf’s flashdrive for him to react the way he did …

Eli reminds upset Lani that he was with Gabi before. He blasts her for breaking his heart and adds Gabi put him back together. She cries tis cruel and exclaims he cannot be with that girl. He wonders why … Gabi sighs she did something did way worse than just denying Julie a chance at life … Abigail warns worried Jen that Rolf is back in Salem. Jen wants Hope involved but Abigail stammers they should have something solid first. She has a plan. Jen agrees it is a good one and cannot wait to retrace her steps … Gina sits on her throne with her wine, talking about herself. Stefano Steve is impatient as he has not heard from his son. He rages he needs to be out in the world and not relying on his son to do his bidding! Gina quips to hope he does not disappoint him … Before Kate goes to get Chad his club sandwich, she sees his message from Stefano asking if he has yet arrived in Rome. She acts astonished. Chad comes clean about his communication with father without a face to face meeting. She suggests he reply but he has no good news and does not want to disappoint … Meanwhile Stefano Steve complains about Chad’s no reply. Gina heads out to buy some wine to go with the filet and smiles she will stop by to see John …

Abigail arrives at the scene of the crime with Jen … Julie states Gabi is not the same woman who was mean to Abigail. Gabi glumly admits she made Lani beg for Stefan’s heart. Julie understands since she was crazy with grief. Besides she has been no Lani fan since she dumped Eli at the altar. She believes Gabi is better for him and laughs she now sounds like her biggest fan … In the chapel Lani cannot believe it when Eli claims to have found love with Gabi. She exclaims he does not know! He bitterly wishes her luck and heads out to find Kristen … JJ wants Kristen to beg but she believes cowardice is a sin. She could not bring herself to end her own life and calmly claims she was once a model citizen. Then she fell in love, lost the man she loved and even worse, she lost his baby. She has buried two babies! He quips he has buried two lovers. However, he is no monster like her. She argues that was the first time she ever offed someone. Losing the baby was too much. He accuses her of hiding. She wanted to turn the pain into something positive for God but perhaps this is her destiny … She kneels down to die. Eli interruptus … Kate gets Chad his club sandwich and gives him a pep talk about Stefano’s love for his son. He is grateful and swears her to secrecy. Kate heads off as her shift is over … Julie pours Gabi some wine and some for herself. A glass a day is good for the heart. They toast to second chances and unexpected friends …

Jen remembers being at the balcony and steps to where she stood that fateful night. Abigail’s hand steadies her … JJ growls he is busy. Eli is stunned to hear he stole his gun! He urges him to put it down. JJ warns no one will stop him. Lani glides out and claims she can … Shopping Gina spies Jen and Abigail on the bistro balcony and gets a bad feeling … Jen holds her flashdrive and inserts it into the laptop like the night she fell. Abigail waits with bated breath but Jen seems to have a headache … Stefano Steve breathes a sigh of relief when he reads Chad’s text about getting closer to closing the deal. He replies he has confidence in him. Chad finishes his pub lunch … Meanwhile Kate has been summoned by Stefano Steve, who proudly points out his son is handling the Kristen situation. She warns him his son has been deceiving him …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, December 9, 2019