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Episode 13,764
1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eli calls Gabi from a restaurant in Rome. She warns he had better get Kristen to sign her DiMera shares to her fast … Lani joins hopeful nun Kristen, having had her interview with reverend mother. Kristen senses her uncertainty. Lani senses she too has doubts … At the condo John hands Brady his old baseball card collection. Brady seems to want to share with Tate. He spies the flowers with the card from S. Sami? No and John now suspects Stefano … In her office Marlena informs Eric that Mickey has a fever … Sarah and Xander are smooching up a storm … Brady believes Stefano is dead. John believes the phoenix might be announcing he is alive. Brady wonders whether Kristen is with him … Back in Roma, Lani reminds Kristen of the women they were before and all those worldly goods they had. They would also be giving up Eli and Brady for good! Kristen feels tis too late for her. But both women agree they have found peace in this place. Kristen calls the church their future … Eli assures Gabi that the convent will not take Kristen to court for backing out. He will convince her to sign the DiMera shares over to her and feels smug about besting Chad. Back in Salem, hothead Chad storms into Gabi’s office and orders her to end the call … In the Rome restaurant Eli mutters to himself about meeting Kristen. JJ listens behind the bushes …

Xander and Sarah are on the bed … Marlena suspects the baby could have a virus and suggests they get her checked out. Eric worries … Gabi taunts Chad is not in Paris. He rages Eli took the DiMera jet to Rome! Gabi accuses him of wanting to get Kristen’s stocks in Rome and hisses she will get them first …Kristen has found her inner peace working and gardening. Alas her baby girl is gone and she reacted to that unfortunate nurse … Kristen and Brady had waited for nurse Haley, who brought back their sleeping baby. The proud parents stood together. Back to the now. Kristen laments losing her daughter. She would rather remain in the convent and pray not to be found … JJ pops a pill and listens to Eli calling about his room, mentioning an important meeting he has no address for yet. He ends the call, sips some wine and leaves. JJ now hallucinates Haley stopping him from following. JJ vows to get to Kristen and make her pay. Ghost Haley blocks his path … Brady confirms to John he has not heard from Kristen, who withdrew after losing the baby. John drawls if she is with Stefano everything is dark. Brady is worried about her wellbeing … Back in Italy Lani understands Kristen’s sorrow, having lost a child with Eli. She is filled with regret and remembers the wedding day, when she summoned Eli to her room. She should have told him everything and imagines how he would have reacted. Eli would have gotten mad, hugged her, and gone after Gabi … Kristen states there is still time to tell Eli the truth …

Gabi haughtily pours herself some coffee. Chad warns Kristen will not let her have the shares. Gabi argues she will promise to help the sisters as well. Chad does not believe she will win. She cackles to fly commercial to Italy. He complains he cannot cos of the storm. Gabi adds insult to injury by firing him … Sarah smiles Xander surprised her with how much he cares for her and Mickey. She will miss him at the mansion. He kisses her again truly madly deeply … Dr. Kayla has checked the baby and wants to make sure she has no bacterial infections. Time for tests, an IV and forms. Eric calls Sarah, who answers out of breath. He explains the baby has a fever. Kayla is admitting her in case it is a virus. She is on her way. Xander declares he is driving … Haley feels for high JJ, who wants justice at any cost. He was so sweet before … He slurs that was before Kristen killed her. He will make her pay! Haley implores him not to throw away his life. He refuses to make peace, kicks her out of his head and takes off …

As she lights a candle Kristen sighs she is a lost cause, unlike Lani. She should tell Eli all about Gabi’s blackmail. Lani fears Gabi would kill Julie as payback. Therefore she should stay put. Kristen questions her on whether she is only here to hide and not help God’s work … Chad stands up to Gabi, arguing she cannot fire him without the board and he is the son of Stefano DiMera! She claims she can convince Shin. He counters he will expose her for setting up Abigail. Arianna would find out what kind of woman her mommy really was … Gabi snaps to keep her daughter out of it but Chad has clearly hit a nerve … Sarah rushes to Eric at the hospital. He updates her and hates seeing Xander. Kayla comes out to take the blood sample to the lab and lets Eric escort Sarah in to see Mickey. Eric demands Xander stay away from his daughter … Brady admits to John he was unable to find out where Kristen fled. He insists to his doubting dad that she was a changed women at least for a little while. If only their baby had survived … He remembers and gets emotional. Kristen was crushed and he felt helpless …

Lani finds the forgiveness part hard especially concerning Gabi. Kristen suggests they pray together for guidance … Chad assures Gabi he would never harm Arianna. However what she did to Abigail could end up being gossiped about in the playground … Gabi agrees to let him stay but as soon as she has Kristen’s shares she will replace both the board and him if she does not get her way … Eli is getting ready in his hotel bathroom when JJ slips into the room. He searches his bag and pulls out a gun in his drug trance … Eric threatens to toss Xander out. Xander growls after just one day with Eric the baby is sick. He had no such problem! Sarah intervenes and promises to come back and update him if he stays put. Then she heads into the baby’s room … John acknowledges Brady did his best to help Kristen the loner. Brady thanks him and hopes someone is comforting Kristen. John breathes but not Stefano … Post prayer Kristen is ready for her forever vows. Lani will be in the chapel to join her for their vows soon. She then sits alone and prays … Eli decides he does not need his gun and goes. JJ ignores ghost Haley’s last plea and follows … At the hospital desperate Xander asks Marlena about Mickey. She states she is sleeping like a baby. He believes he should be with her. Marlena suggests he not stay since that is Eric’s baby but he refuses to leave the little girl he loves as his own … Sarah weeps at feverish Mickey’s side. Eric puts his arm around her … Gabi makes an announcement to Chad. This means war! Chad boasts he will be the victor and destroy her. Then he departs. Raven haired Gabi glares daggers … Lani asks God how to forgive Gabi for ruining her life and is this her right path? She seeks a sign. Enter Eli. She turns around and their eyes lock … Kristen is outside praying about her path to a statue of Madonna and child. JJ steps forward, his hand shaking with the gun pointed at her. Dangerous drums play …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, December 6, 2019