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Episode 13,763
1420 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gina asks Abigail if she believes Eve is innocent then who pushed Jen off the balcony … Sunny Marlena visits Jen, who has a flash drive of the latest news summaries from Jack on her laptop. Marlena admits it is not easy for even her to keep track of all the changes … Working girl Nicole threatens to fire a fashionista for not bringing her the best designs and slams down the phone. Brady appears, asking if she is alright. She gets sick to her stomach … Xander opens Sarah’s door, gasping Mickey is missing. The same people must have snatched her! Sarah updates him on letting Eric have her for a little while … Kate, Roman and Eric admire baby Mickey at the pub. Kate complains about kids getting older and ignoring their folks. Roman asks her to just get Eric some coffee. He wonders if Eric has a custody agreement with Sarah. They will but now he is still stewing from her keeping his child a secret … Nicole apologizes to Brady, who assumes she is hung over. She does too after all the drinks she downed last night while drowning her sorrows. She is sorry she drank in the presence of the ex-drunk. He was there to support her through her sorrow. She hates how she hurt Eric and complains he is done with her. Brady believes his brother will come around but emotional Nicole wants his forgiveness and another chance now … Gina is irritated when Abigail argues she spoke to Eve in the slammer. It does seem she was framed. Gina begs to differ. Abigail, however, refuses to risk the real fiend who pushed the fair Jen remaining on the loose, hence her intent to investigate. “Hope” explains why Eve was convicted by the evidence. Abigail asks to see said evidence. Impossible. Rafe has opened the door and asks why Madam Commissioner cannot grant access …

Jen laments JJ being in a bad place and asks Marlena to talk to the troubled young man. Marlena agrees. Eric is even better at getting through, though he is also going through a lot with his new daughter … Roman still believes Eric and Nicole belong together. Eric is still incensed. Roman talks forgiveness … Nicole thanks Brady for his hangover remedy. She swallows it and starts to feel better. Brady pleasantly escorts her outside for fresh air and some food … Xander cannot believe Sarah let Eric call the shots without a lawyer. He hates going from a dad to an outsider and asks to be filled in. Sarah slowly states Eric agreed to share custody 50/50. Xander approves. She sighs there is a condition attached … Abigail already knows from Roman that Eve’s closed case files can legally be looked at and explains her reasons to curious Rafe. He wonders why Hope is against it. Gina claims she is concerned about Jennifer … Jen smiles about Eric finally becoming a father. Why did Nicole not tell him? Marlena explains she feared she would lose him though now she has … Roman reminds Eric that he and Nicole are destiny. Kate hands Eric his coffee and reminds him Nicole is a liar. Eric heads off to introduce the baby to grandmother Marlena … Roman points out it was a private convo. Colorful Kate the flirt dares him to fire her …

Xander is happy for Sarah and for Eric understanding. He smiles and asks about the condition. Sarah stammers he wants Xander out of the picture. Xander suddenly looks like he has been slapped a thousand times … Eric pushes the baby carriage through the square marveling over Mickey’s smile. Woeful Nicole and Brady approach. Eric ignores Nicole and pushes past. She sighs he hates her. Brady goes after him and wonders why he was so rude. Nicole loves him! He gasps he still loves her but it is not sufficient … Roman realizes Kate speaks her mind but … She sighs parents want to protect their kids from pain and Eric does deserve better. Not like the mother of his child cos she considers that one worse … Sarah shares Eric’s demand that Xander not live under the same roof with her and Mickey. The hothead’s first instinct is to fight. She fears the judge could rule against them. Besides Eric is convinced the baby was snatched because of Xander … Jen has high hopes about heading home for the holidays. Marlena complains about Hope moving in. Now she is the houseguest who will not leave …

Gina condescendingly claims Abigail’s investigation could cause her mother stress by bringing back bad memories. In the end nothing will change as Eve is guilty. Rafe thinks they should let the girl decide for herself. Gina acts like Hope caring about Jen. Best to forget about what went down on that balcony. Abigail considers … Eric is still smarting that Nicole did not trust him enough. Brady believes a baby brings people together. Eric is sorry about his loss but he blames Nicole for lying. Brady counters she was insecure. He blames himself, Kristen and Xander for coming between her and Eric in the past - for that was what led to her fear she would lose him again … Nicole ends a work call and wistfully stares at a picture of herself and Eric on her iphone … Kate talks bad choices. Roman teases her about her own. She teases at least he was a good one. When Roman reveals that Xander is sweet on Sarah, she sighs poor bastard … Sarah is certain the Mickeynapper was after a big ransom from Xander. He remembers being blackmailed over what he did and storms out to stand up to Eric …

Marlena complains to Jen that friendly Hope makes it hard for her to have alone time with John. Jen makes light of it. She trusts Hope with her life … At the station strange music plays as Abigail asks to look at the evidence. “Hope” sends her down to the records room. After she goes, Rafe asks what is really going on … Gina plays it cool. Rafe is concerned since she did not seem too stressed about Mickey being snatched. She used to be more front line. She coldly thanks him and reminds him they are not married anymore. He gets it. The sultry brunette purrs to focus on his own job and leaves him even more baffled than before … Marlena repeats to Jen what she told John. Hope does not seem to be the Hope they used to know. Jen had not noticed and points out John and Marlena will get their space back after her renovations are over. She hears Marlena is about to meet her new grandchild and gushes how happy she is for Eric … Eric rages at Brady and refuses to cut Nicole any slack. She did not believe in the power of their love and lied! He will never overcome. Brady wonders whether he will turn away from Holly. Eric breathes he will always be there for Holly though not Nicole and departs. Heartbroken emotional Nicole has overheard … Sarah leaves Xander an anxious voice mail, imploring him to avoid Eric. But tough guy Xander is back, out of his love for Sarah. He would not want to provoke Eric into suing for full custody and decides he is right about him being bad for Mickey. She believes he is a better man. He hates having to move out and will miss his time with the woman he loves and the baby. However it is out of love that he is putting her happiness first. Sarah stops him … Gina spies on Abigail as she looks inside the evidence boxes … Rafe sits in the pub and Kate offers him coffee. She can see he is distracted. He sighs Hope seems like a different person … Jen suddenly flashes back to the night she was pushed and sees herself sitting at a laptop with a flash drive … Brady catches up with Nicole, who woefully states she blew it with Eric … Eric wants Marlena to meet beautiful Mickey. Marlena soap stares. Eric senses something is wrong … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Sarah grabs Xander in a super passionate kiss ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, December 5, 2019