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Episode 13,762
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gina sweeps in with a couple of coffees, complaining to Stefano Steve she was unable to sleep. She blames Marlena. They must break up her and John. Stefano Steve has bigger news to digest – today is the day daughter Kristen becomes a nun … Back at the Italian convent, Kristen insists Lani call Abe. Tis time to bid farewell to the old life. Abe assumes she is returning and mentions Eli. Lani explains she is committed to another … Gabi joins Eli at the square. He warns someone is about to dump a great deal of DiMera stock … At the pub Kate comes to take Abigail and Chad’s order … JJ greets sweet Jen in her hospital room. He took a shift on Thanksgiving. She is so sorry about Haley. He laments losing the girl he loves and is beyond help … Waitress Kate is waiting for Chad and Abigail to order. He will never get used to seeing her in such a position. They order the usual and she updates grinning Roman. One year ago Kate had complained about Tony getting put in charge of DiMera and accepted Roman’s offer of a waitressing position. It seemed better than being stabbed in the back … Gabi worries Chad wants to get his hands on more stock. She orders Eli to find out who is selling and make certain she gets it … Back at the pub Abigail shares her concern with Chad over JJ wanting to track down Kristen … Purple pajama Jen asks JJ to speak to Marlena. He refuses as nothing can heal his broken heart! He storms out and needs a fix. His eyes wander over to the nurse’s station …

Stefano Steve has eyes and ears everywhere. He is aware Kristen plans to give her DiMera stock to the church but he has plans … Lani ends her call with Abe and updates Kristen on Jen waking up. Kristen is happy for her. However, she will also find out what Kristen did to Haley. Lani reminds her even the D.A. agreed it was an accident. Kristen sighs not everyone thinks so … JJ steals some hospital meds and keeps going … Abigail admits she fears JJ is after revenge against Kristen for Haley. Chad gets an unexpected text from Father about Kristen’s plan to donate her stocks. He requests Chad to take the DiMera jet and stop her. Abigail assures him she will be alright alone in Salem. She is investigating Eve’s claim she did not push Jen. Chad urges her to proceed with caution cos the culprit could still be out there … Steve updates Gina on sending Chad to Europe to handle the situation. Gina quips it is hard acting like she likes Jennifer. He knows what Gina did and asks if she is concerned. Gina claims she will make sure Jennifer keeps her silence … Jen calls Jack, worried about where JJ went and leaves a message to call her. Ring ring! Tis Kristen calling …

Back at the pub, Roman is grateful that Kate can cover for him. They remember a year ago when she made her first big batch of tips. He offered her full time with the lure of the simple life. No more corporate chaos or DiMeras making her miserable! She had agreed to help her old friend until something better came along. He now sends her off to refill Abigail’s coffee. Abigail bids her sit and asks about the career. Tis honest work. Kate asks about her reporting. Abigail is happy to have something away from DiMera. Kate is pleased to see Chad and Abigail are in a good place but warns this worst wicked version of Gabi could pose a problem … Back at the outdoor café raven haired Gabi suggests they expose Chad to the board for trying to buy up stocks so as to undermine her. Then they fire him. Eli spies Chad approaching and taunts tis perfect timing. Chad drawls he needs the DiMera jet to fly him to Paris to close a deal. Eli and Gabi are suspicious. Chad sarcastically suggests he try snooping on his laptop again cos Abigail told him all about it. Gabi scoffs it was for security. Chad smirks his laptop is secure. Gabi sends Eli off and grills Chad about his mysterious deal that requires him to head to Europe … Kristen heard Jen was awake and wanted to share her good wishes. Jen thanks her and is sympathetic about her and Brady’s baby loss. Kristen is calling about Haley and insists she did not intend to harm her but when she heard her baby was gone, she reacted. Jen reminds her she was cleared and wonders why she fled. She could not overcome losing her baby and believes she must atone. She is aware JJ does not accept it was an accident but wanted to call Jen. Before polite Jen gets off the phone JJ enters, grabs it and shakily demands Kristen reveal her whereabouts to him … Alas she cannot. He wants to clear the air and accuses her of hiding. Then he curses her and slams down the phone. He tells Jen he will trace her call and has no intention of forgiving her. He gets testy when Jen uses the A word. Accident. She wants to help her son …

Roman has chowder for Abigail to take to Jen. She updates Salem’s former top cop on investigating Eve’s claim that she did not push Jen, who still cannot remember her fateful fall. Roman reasons as the case was closed she can access the evidence. Abigail is intrigued and calls Hope … Gina scoffs as Steve makes her answer. Abigail wants to come discuss the Eve Donovan case. Gina will see her at the station soon. After the call ends she gets a bad feeling. Stefano Steve suggests she take control of the situation. He also hopes Chad has learned his lesson about control … Gabi slyly suggests she accompany Chad to Paris as the CEO to solidify his not so solid communications deal … He plays along and adds he leaves today. Alas Gabi has to attend Arianna’s recital. He promises to keep her posted and walks away with his briefcase … Abe greets Eli at the park and updates him on hearing from Lani. Eli lies he is over her and is now happy with Gabi. Abe sighs it sounded like Lani moved on too, having committed to someone she did not mention by name. Eli claims he cares not and would rather not hear her name again …

Jen promises petulant JJ she is not siding with Kristen. Roman arrives and the young man takes off. She explains they were talking about Haley. Roman feels for him. Jen just fears if he does not stop focusing on Kristen his broken heart will never heal … Back in Italy, Kristen confides in Lani that she feels guilty about Haley. Even though she will give her life to good deeds, JJ will not know and his pain will continue … JJ pauses by a park bench and downs some of the meds he stole … Jen updates Roman on JJ refusing to speak to Marlena. Roman updates her on Eric reaching out and getting slugged by her son. Jen suspects someone else will get hurt if his grudge goes on … Back in Italy, Lani and Kristen support one another. Kristen calls what Gabi did to Lani more than cruel. Lani feels for Eli and hopes he finds out the truth about blackmailing Gabi one day … Back in Salem, Eli returns to Gabi, who realizes running into Abe made him unhappy. He denies Lani moving on makes him unhappy and shares important information. Chad’s DiMera flight plan is not to Paris but to Rome, which is where Kristen, the one trying to sell her stock, is located. Perfumed power Gabi decides Eli will board the DiMera jet instead of deceitful Chad … Nuns Lani and Kristen believe they are ready for their vows. Salem is the past, God is the future. They proceed to pray, feeling peaceful … Chad texts Stefano that he is en route to Rome to get Kristen’s stock and Gabi is unaware … Gabi lets Eli know she will handle Chad. Meanwhile he must go to Kristen in Rome and make her an offer she cannot refuse. JJ has overheard and goes after him … Jen is very worried about JJ. Roman brings up Abigail’s investigation into the night she was pushed. Jen trusts her daughter, who believes Eve is innocent. Roman reasons Abigail might be able to get to the truth by working with Hope … Abigail asks Hope to allow her to see the evidence against Eve. Hope – who is now Princess Gina - points out the guilty party is in prison. Abigail announces she thinks Eve did not do it. Dangerous music plays ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, December 4, 2019