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Episode 13,761
1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Shopper Brady walks and talks to Nicole on the phone, holding his coffee. She complains about Eric being absent. He suggests they get together so she is not alone. She appreciates it but turns him down. Seconds later Eric enters … At the Kiriakis mansion Xander enjoys Kayla’s perfect pie. Victor growls to get the door closed. He assumes he did not write his crazy confession after all. Xander flashes back to writing and later burning said confession in the fireplace. He now promises uncle their secret is safe … Sarah comes across Ciara with her drill and demands to know what she is doing … Ben wants Clyde to drop the knife but in the scuffle he gets stabbed. Will cries out BEN! Clyde watches his son stagger and fall, clutching his side … Eric growls he came to get some things and refuses to say more to Nicole. She gasps they are over? … Sarah is miffed the noise might wake the baby and wonders what Ciara is doing. She fibs she wanted to open her old school lockbox that was full of letters … Xander elegantly pours himself coffee and claims the kidnapper must have gotten cold feet. Victor is less optimistic. Someone out there still knows what they did … Clyde babbles to Ben he did not mean it. Will pushes him aside and places his own shirt on Ben’s bleeding side, yelling for a guard. He blasts Clyde for trying to stop him as he yells he stabbed his own son. GUAAAAAAAARD!

Brady runs into Rafe and David. He is shopping for just Tate. Rafe is still sorry for his loss … Sonny drops by Rafe’s kitchen to return Evan’s fallen scarf. Evan invites him to stay for Kayla’s perfect pie … Clyde claims to the guard that Will stabbed his son. Will tells him the truth and suggests he ask Ben. The guard hauls Clyde back to his cell … Back in the Kiriakis living room Xander assures Victa that the anonymous texts stopped. He will find who it was that took his kid and make them pay. Victor growls that is Eric’s kid … Eric blasts sorry Nicole for keeping his daughter from him for a whole year. She begs for another chance and promises … He thunders she cannot deliver her promises as he well knows! He is especially upset as he could have had both her as well as Mackenzie. She sobs tears of torment as he warns they will never get back together … Evan thanks Sonny for the Thanksgiving invite. Sonny sighs it was his first big holiday without his mother and Will … ONE YEAR AGO Will sweetly went over Ari’s thankful list with Sonny. She was most thankful for her tiara. Will asked hubby Sonny what he was most thankful for. Sonny quipped his tiara and mom’s cooking. He teased Will, reminded him he was crazy for him and kissed him. But that was then this is now.

Eric cannot forgive Nicole. She reminds him of all their years. He thunders she lied about his daughter and wants to leave with his belongings. She gives him back his red ring box and breaks down. Exit Eric … Xander argues he has been the only fatha to Mickey. The Greek tycoon tells him Sarah is gonna cut him out of the family portrait. He warned him not to get too attached. Xander argues he did so for Sarah. She will want him in the baby’s world. Victor quips not if she finds out what he did … Ciara apologizes and asks about Mickey. Young mom Sarah admits she is concerned she might remember the kidnapping. Ciara is sympathetic. Sarah wishes she could thank whoever called in that tip. Ciara asks if the cops have leads. They think it might have been an attempted extortion cos of Xander but now everyone knows he is not the father. Ciara smiles Mickey traded up. Sarah defends Xander as a loving dad. She has seen the good guy deep inside. The baby is heard crying. Sarah wishes her luck finding her hidden treasures and leaves. Determined Ciara quietly gets back to drilling Xander’s box of secrets … Sonny sighs he misses his mom as he and Evan discuss what they are thankful for. Evan loves having Sonny as a friend and feels he has known him forever. Sonny feels the same way. Rafe returns with toddler David, who missed his nanny …

Christmas shopper Brady gets a greeting from Victor, who is having coffee at the square café. He missed him at Thanksgiving … Brady is still smarting from him giving Xander his job after he had already lost it all … Xander bounces the baby on his lap and asks Sarah about the noise. She updates him on Ciara trying to open her locked box … Xander has other matters on his mind and misses the clue. He hopes he will be able to stay part of little Mickey’s life. He loves her as well as her mama and presses Sarah for a response. Enter Eric, here to talk custody with Sarah in private. Xander hands her the baby and mutters not to agree to anything without an attorney … Clyde visits stitched up Ben in the infirmary. Ben grumbles he almost got a vital organ and adds Will would not have said anything so there was no reason to go after him. Clyde urges him to tell the guard – as he did – that it was Will who attacked him. He uses the I am your daddy card. Here comes the guard … Outside Evan thanks Sonny for his scarf. Sonny suggests they get together and they hug. Then Evan kisses him … Sarah puts the baby in her bassinet. She apologizes to Eric but he is furious she let Xander play papa with his daughter. She argues she did not want to ruin his relationship with Nicole. He snaps her plan pulled him and Nicole apart … Xander rages at Nicole for ruining everything with her bloody big mouth … Ben explains his father did not stab him on purpose but they were fighting over the knife. Clyde was trying to attack his cellmate and he was trying to stop him. The guard hauls Clyde back to solitary. He leers at Ben … Ciara has spread the contents of Xander’s box of secrets on the bed. They are souvenirs of his misdeeds. She is convinced something will connect him to Jordan’s demise and takes a look through some papers …

Sonny pulls away. Evan apologizes. Sonny assures him it is alright, bids him a good night and goes. Evan feels like a fool … Victor apologizes to Brady but he felt he was not in the right condition to run the company. He was hoping he would understand in time. Brady storms off … Nicole tells Xander not to shout. He asks why she told Eric. Cos he proposed. He thunders was that not wot she bloody wanted! Alas she had a crise de conscience. Xander believes the baby is already bringing Eric and Sarah closer … Sarah urges Eric to forgive Nicole for keeping her secret. Never! Sarah reasons Nicole did eventually tell him the truth. He snarls he cannot say the same about Sarah … Ciara accepts a call from Ben. He asks about Xander’s box. Alas she found nothing connected to him killing Jordan. Ben curses. She complains she had to go online to order a lockbox identical to the one she just destroyed. He groans and she worries. He pretends he pulled a muscle in his back (he has many). He insists she stay away from big bad Xander but she refuses to back down until Ben has been cleared … Shopper Brady gets a call from unhappy Nicole, who now needs some company … Sarah promises papa Eric she will agree to a fair custody arrangement. He, however, has a condition … David's helpful nanny is putting away dishes. Rafe smiles are he and Sonny seeing each other? Not exactly. But he does have high hopes. Rafe warns him he could get hurt … Sonny walks alone and looks at his wedding ring. He remembers himself and Will marveling over their last Thanksgiving together … Ben is back in his cell with Will, who offers him his hand and calls them even. Ben shakes it, then perches on his cot in pain. Clyde is back in solitary. Ben warns he will come after them both when he gets out … Xander enters his office and Ciara pretends she was leaving her analysis on his desk. He suggests she leave it with the assistant next time. She agrees and goes, quietly vowing to bring down he who framed her beloved Ben …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, December 3, 2019