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Episode 13,760
1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ben has a beautiful visitor. He thanks God for her …. Meanwhile Clyde pays Will a visit in his cell with murder on his mind … Justin has asked Kayla to move in with him. She is surprised but he is ready … Marlena ends a call with Sami and informs John she did not sign the card attached to the flowers. He deduces doc is in denial. Both of them are cos that S …. She gasps Stefano … Gina unveils Stefano Steve’s portrait. He sighs it will have to do. Gina is disappointed … Kayla feels Justin wants his answer too fast but he felt today was perfect, which is unusual for the Kiriakis mansion. He calls it a sign and praises her for helping him through losing Adrienne as he helped her through losing Steve. Ding dong … Marlena breathes it cannot be Stefano. When she and Steve saw him in jail in Prague he was unwell. He disappeared but she doubts he survived. If he did why would he come back? Cos Gabi got her hands on DiMera. John warns he would still be obsessed with her as well so they must not let their guard down … Stefano assures Gina the problem is not the portrait, it is his ... the fact that he now has Steve’s face … Marlena questions what Stefano could even do to them now. John refuses to wait until it is too late … Stefano admires the real Stefano portrait. Gina reminds him that with his ailments he deserved a better body to be inside. He rages the one that Rolf gave him was not what he had in mind. Gina reminds him Rolf even gave him a synthetic eye where Steve did not have a working one. It could be worse … Ben holds Ciara’s hands as she updates him and passes him Xander’s partially burned note that she found in the fireplace. Tis part of a confession about offing Jordan. Ben is stunned. So is Ciara …

Will sarcastically states Ben is not present and suggests Clyde go. He then tells the burly guard, but Clyde has done him favor and makes him unlock the door that stands between himself and Will … Chez Marlena and John, he decides to call the ISA and get the team together. Marlena argues it could be anyone else like Sam at the deli. He teases her about her secret admirer so she counters their roommate is his not so secret admirer … Stefano Steve complains about his bad blood with Steve Johnson. He loathes having his cocky smirk on his face. Gina calls it the ultimate victory for he also made him lose the love of his life …Mayor Abe bears medals for Justin and Sonny’s road race finish. Justin thanks him. They ran in honor of Adrienne. Abe teases he almost beat Sonny’s time. Kayla offers him pie but he has more medals to deliver. Before he goes he wishes them happiness together for the two good people do deserve it. Then he departs … Justin asks sweetheart her thoughts on moving in with him. Alas she cannot agree …

Ciara complains to Ben she wishes she had gotten to the paper before it got too burned to use as proof. He is relieved the little girl was rescued. Ciara calls Clyde a man with no soul … Will protests but the guard goes. Clyde corners him and claims he is gonna take him down … Kayla does not want to intrude on all the memories of Adrienne in the Kiriakis mansion. Justin understands. She invites him over to her place to watch the game with snacks. He kisses her … Clueless John is convinced Hope is not after him but the blonde knows better! Knock knock! She sarcastically pretends it is Stefano …Gina is perched on her throne with her wine, pleased how Stefano had Steve imprisoned to prepare. With time he knew Kayla would believe he had abandoned her. She was impressed with the signed divorce papers. The ex-wife turned to her dead sister-in-law’s handsome husband. The only woman Stefano Steve wants is his queen of the night! He gently holds the black queen from his chess set …

Abe is amused Marlena addressed him as Stefano. John updates him on the flowers card signed by S. Abe hands John his gold turkey trot road race medal. John missed competing with the now deeply undercover Steve. Abe would like to take a look at the card signed by S and notes it is not Stefano’s handwriting. John will check with the florist. Abe feels it would be a miracle for the ailing phoenix to be alive … Gina pouts about insufferable Marlena who is keeping her and John apart. Stefano Steve stands up and warns her to watch how she speaks of his beloved queen, promising to tear her and John apart … Clyde leers he is not after anything from Will except his life for he is a loose end! He holds his knife up. Will cannot make a move … Before Ben must go Ciara promises she will find a way to pry open Xander’s secret box and prove he and Victor offed Jordan. He loves her and is overwhelmed. Now he is led away. Ciara watches with longing and determination … Subdued Kayla admits to Justin she and Steve used to watch football together. She wonders whether he even remembers. Justin gets where this is coming from, decides to stop watching and suggests their own traditions. How about a romantic comedy? She is in … As he sips Gina’s concoction Stefano Steve admits he has a plan but the law could pose a problem. She coos they made her commissioner for that very reason. When she mentions Sami stealing half his fortune he complains that woman will not let him near Elvis. She wants to hear his plan. He promises he will get his queen and she shall win the pawn …

Chez John and Marlena, Abe ends a long distance call with Theo, who has heard nothing from Stefano. Marlena wishes there was a way to find out if he was in the land of the living. Abe has an unorthodox idea. John peers at him … Ciara gets on protective glasses and takes out a drill, delighted her shop class came in handy. Time to open Xander’s box of secrets … Will stammers he has not done anything. Clyde claims one of his men overheard him talkin to Ben about the baby kidnapping leading to him. He has to finish off the loose end. Will gasps he will say nothing. Clyde is about to stab him when Ben bursts in and pulls papa Clyde back, growling to get the hell off him … Kayla and Justin enjoyed the timeless movie. Kayla invites him to move into her place for their own fresh start. Justin likes the sound of that and they kiss in bliss … John is stunned Abe would even suggest psychic Celeste’s assistance. There is nothing to lose so Marlena agrees. Abe goes and will be in touch after he talks to her. John chuckles good luck. Marlena is desperate to find out if the phoenix is alive. John ominously adds if he is dead, he will rise from the ashes. Always … Stefano Steve has accepted his new portrait. Gina proposes a toast to getting everything they want. He deeply declares tis good to be back and drinks to that …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, December 2, 2019