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Episode 13,802
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Victor wants Xander to relax but he is highly stressed the unreal parents are being tested ... Sarah and Eric are with Mickey in Kayla’s office waiting for a match miracle … Stefano Steve is on the phone marveling about his imminent reunion with Marlena and wants to know whether John lasted the night … Gina approaches John, who is hanging from the ceiling out cold. She gushes to her love soon they will be together … Stefano marvels Marlena will be his soon, ends his candid call and takes off the phoenix ring, putting back the patch. Then he enters the lair where Marlena is tied to a throne and morphs into Steve Johnson again … Chad and Abigail return to the gatehouse where he forgot his phone. He sees a message from Stefano … Marlena updates Steve on Hope being Gina a she unties her hands. Rafe was the one who warned her … Gina shouts pretending to be trapped as Hope. John wakes up and gasps how did she get here? He explains Rolf is to blame. He also offed his best friend Steve … Stefano Steve ominously assures Marlena she will be alright … Nicole summons Brady to discuss a situation. Kristen told Eric they were a couple. She felt a connection with Eric after he came back. Brady suspects he was upset to hear she was with him … Maggie joins Sarah and Eric, who have both heard they are no match to be donors to Mackenzie. They are reaching out to all blood relations and they have many. When Sarah mentions Summer, Maggie admits she might not be alive but they shall find their match … Xander worries about Sarah suffering. Victor snaps to keep his silence about Maggie. Maggie arrives with the news neither Sarah nor Eric matched …

Stefano’s last message to Chad was an apology for having to leave. What he must do is for family. He even praises him for fighting his way back to the fair Abigail. Chad is touched he called him a true DiMera … Marlena wonders how Steve found her and asks about John. She fears Gina is after him and asks how it went in Prague … Gina pretends to be shocked when John emotionally states Steve saved his life but Rolf killed him. The bastard phoenix must pay! Princess Gina proceeds to untie him with her black nails … Abigail suggests they keep staying at the main house but Chad snaps he will not be under the same roof as awful Gabi. Abigail gets excited about renovating the gatehouse … Marlena rubs her sore wrists. Steve pours her a glass of water. She wants to know what went down in Prague. He confirms they came across Stefano … John believes Gina to be Hope and is anxious to stop Stefano from reaching Marlena. He gets mad Hope is not in Salem protecting her as promised … Maggie goes to get tested and suggests Xander do the same since he loves Mickey. There must be a match … Brady praises Nicole for protecting him. She admits she wanted to upset Kristen but it backfired. Eric will never forgive her … Sarah has Mickey at the nurse’s station as she waits for Eric to get the car. Xander gives her a sympathetic embrace … Nicole knows what it feels like to lose a baby. Brady sadly states he and Kristen said goodbye to their baby girl. Nicole notes such grief can bring a couple closer. Brady agrees they should end the charade … Xander gets coffee for himself and Sarah as she talks more testing. She smiles warmly when he states he is being tested too. She feels helpless. He gushes she has him so she shows him his mom’s lucky bracelet. He vows to move heaven and hell until they have a match. Eric texts her from the car so she thanks him and leaves with Mickey. The big guy is close to crying …

John is finally freed and gasps why is Hope not with Marlena and why is she here! She has something important to tell him … Marlena demands answers about the man she loves! Steve agrees to tell her what really happened … Eric is back at the Kiriakis mansion with Sarah and Mickey. She states Xander offered to move out but she wants him to stay. Eric agrees but no meal sharing for him … Xander returns to Victor announcing he can ask Brady, Kristen or especially Tate. A sibling or half sibling has a better chance. Victor refuses to agree as it would arouse suspicion. Xander vows to protect the little girl … Abigail suggests they start moving stuff out. Chad smiles … Seated on his throne, Stefano Steve claims Rolf set them up and he had a gun … Gina lies to John that Marlena was taken by scary Stefano again. He rages where did they go … Sarah is tired in her room and sits on the bed. She thanks Eric for being understanding about Xander. She suggests he let Nicole watch Mickey sometimes and teases he should spend time with her. Eric laments she let him down by getting involved with Brady again … Brady believes nervous Nicole should tell Eric the truth as soon as possible. Xander interrupts gasping Eric and Sarah were not a match so all family members must be tested. Brady and Nicole agree but Xander brings up Tate. Brady assumes it is cos they are cousins. Xander gives him a look and agrees Tate and Mackenzie are definitely related. If only Brady knew …

John snaps and tries with all his might to pull open the doors. He has to find doc … Marlena assumes John and Steve won. Steve explains he overpowered Rolf but John took on Stefano. Marlena wants to see him. Steve solemnly states Stefano killed him. John is no more … Maggie returns to Victor after praying in the chapel. She wishes she had not sinfully fallen off the wagon last Mother’s Day, a day she has no memory of. The Greek gushes she is the most beautiful woman in every way that he has ever known … Brady calls Tate a stretch. Besides he is a little boy and it would be a long procedure. Xander rages a child’s life is at stake. He urges him to contact Theresa to have Tate tested. Brady becomes suspicious and eyes him. Why assume his son is a match?? …Sarah gives Eric a hug to make him feel better. She is here for him. He impulsively kisses her … At the gatehouse Abigail is removing the sheets from the furniture. She opens a closet and finds the strange portrait of Steve posing like Stefano. Chad is stunned … Marlena cries it cannot be and falls apart. ‘Steve” lies John’s last request was that he look after her. Marlena sobs. Stefano holds her and breathes in the sweet scent of his obsession … Gina informs raging John that Marlena refused to accompany Stefano so he shot her stone cold dead. John falls apart. Gina wickedly smiles and clutches the object of her obsession …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, January 31, 2020