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Episode 13,801
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Roman wants Hattie to tend to one of Kate’s tables. Kate is having an intense conversation with Chad and warns him away from his father. Chad suspects she heard from Stefano but Kate denies it. She has his best interest at heart and offers pie. Chad leaves and solemnly says thanks. Hattie approaches and can see she is jumpy … Hope is gone from the station. Son Shawn just wants to find her. Rafe worries. Gina is always after John … Marlena wonders why Hope has a gun. She apologizes, puts it away, and fibs she is here for protection. It seems Stefano sent John and Steve on a wild goose chase which means he might make a move here. She wants to take Marlena to a safer location. So she says … In Prague John confronts Steve for having Stefano’s ring. Steve acts indignant about his snooping. Back in Salem, Shawn and Rafe must call Marlena and summon Roman for his expertise … Gina advises Marlena not to take Rafe’s call and claims he must be working for Stefano. Now they must go. Marlena hesitates …. Hattie can see Kate is concerned about Steve and the Stefano hunt … Roman asks the ladies to hold down the fort and leaves … Kate reminds Hattie to keep her silence about Steve being in her room … Chad loves kissing Abigail when he returns but complains Kristen and Kate are hiding something. He senses a secret surrounding Stefano … John was concerned cos Steve has not been himself. Steve scoffs Anna is a loon and acts like Tony is not a useful contact. He wishes John had not kept him in the dark about contacting Tony. John gets back to the question of the ring. Patch promises the truth, with a glint in his eye …

Abigail feels for Chad, who is desperate to get DiMera back from Gabi. She made them dinner reservations at Bistro but offers to cancel. Chad is anxious to get Gabi’s shares. She reminds him it is best not to move out no matter how hard it is being at the mansion. He has an idea … Steve drawls he took the DiMera ring when Chad told Kate he did not want it. He adds the lad has always loved and respected his father. John wonders. Steve suggests they use the ring to lure the phoenix … Marlena wants to contact John but Hope is impatient. Marlena offers to pack while she gets the car. Hope hisses to hurry and leaves … Back at the pub Kate complains a customer did not pay for their drink and accused her of messing up their order. She shouts and Hattie urges her to calm down. She will help if she confides in her … John reminds Steve of their history. He was surprised Hope never revealed she contacted him. That was rather off. Steve states he came back to help Marlena, who is special. Furthermore, they should focus on finding Stefano the enemy … Rafe and Shawn ask Roman to help with Hope, who thinks she is Gina. Roman warns them to remember Gina’s John obsession and wants to check on Marlena ... Marlena listens to a message from Rafe about someone turning Hope into Gina, so she should stay away. Hope comes back and senses something. Marlena suggests she is not herself. Hope gets a gun on her and slyly states she thinks she is Gina, does she not?

Gina taunts doc for taking so long. Marlena informs her the real Gina is not alive, which means she was brainwashed. Gina boasts Rolf helped her take control of her body … Kate sits with Hattie and admits the mess is about Steve and Stefano. People she cares about could get hurt. Hattie is on her side …John sighs it is frustrating not finding anything. Steve boasts an old man that might be the phoenix rented rooms over the town square. He claims his contact just texted him said man came back and asks for the ring. John gives it to him and gets his gun ready … Chad takes Abigail to Ben’s closed gatehouse and suggests they move here. Tis a good alternative to the big house with Gabi in it. They could make the place bigger for the kids themselves. Abigail is not sure. He reasons the place has two bedrooms and another bathroom. They can kiss the big old mansion goodbye. He could live anywhere with her and the kids … Marlena calls Rafe as Gina aims her gun at her. She states John knows Hope is Gina and wants her in Prague, where she is headed. When she asks Roman to promise her they will keep … Gina grabs the phone and ends the call. Shawn has a bad feeling. Roman decides to escort Marlena to Prague. Rafe and Shawn continue their investigating …

Rolf appears and threatens to shoot John and Steve when they appear at his hideout in Prague. Steve laughs he is no killer so Rolf shoots. John yells Nooooooo, not realizing it is fake blood oozing from Steve, who plays being dead with drama … Rolf threatens to kill John too when he tries to get closer to Steve, who is not moving … Abigail warns Chad of the stresses of renovation. He teases they have tackled way worse and the tiles will not be tough. She warns she is fussy, then gushes she is good living anywhere with him. They kiss in bliss … Kate laments John and Marlena’s relationship might be ruined because of her. Hattie seeks to understand. Kate admits that Steve is actually Stefano. Hattie digests … John rages Rolf will pay for killing his best buddy and approaches him. Steve whacks him from behind and he collapses, out cold … Rafe gets a call from Roman and updates Shawn. There is no private flight planned to Prague. They are now on their way to Marlena … Gina boasts of all her machinations and the fact that John was tempted. Marlena explains he loves only her. Gina declares she needs to die so SHE can be with John …

Chad and Abigail cuddle on a covered couch. They are always home when they are together. She is sorry about Stefano. Chad has all he needs when he is with her and the kids. Then they kiss … Hattie realizes why Steve did not have the patch on. Kate also admits Stefano had Rolf turn Hope into Princess Gina, who wants John and hates Marlena. Gina is indeed dangerous but Stefano promised Kate they could run DiMera together after they deposed Gabi. Alas now Marlena is in real danger … Shawn and Rafe arrive at John and Marlena’s condo. Tis empty. Rafe suggests they start searching … Stefano Steve appreciates Rolf’s help. The mad scientist reminds him he owes Gina nothing and suggests he finish off John for a clear path to Marlena. Stefano is impressed … Shawn fears Marlena did not even want to go to Prague and Gina abducted her … Meanwhile Marlena wakes up in Stefano’s old hideout, a prisoner on a gold throne, and sees his portrait. Gina warns her she will not like what she is about to tell her…


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, January 30, 2020