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Episode 13,800
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Shawn announces that woman was not his mother. Rafe wonders then who? Princess Gina … Kate confronts Gina in her office. She demands to know her and Stefano’s scheme. Gina acts coy so she threatens to expose them to Marlena … Kayla overhears Marlena on the phone at the hospital leaving John a message to call her. Kayla is stunned when she explains he and Steve are in Prague searching for Stefano … Chad confronts Kristen in her room, demanding the details of her discussion with father. Kristen remembers it well, how he proved the man who looked like Steve was him. She calls the encounter revealing … In the Prague café Steve explodes at Anna for criticizing Stefano. Tony and John listen. When he shouts at Anna to shut up Tony defends her. John jumps up as he rages about the charade and wonders what is going on … Shawn admits to Rafe real Gina is d-e-a-d. Rafe wonders how she could be here. Shawn suspects Hope was brainwashed into believing she was Gina … Gina informs Kate that ‘Steve’ and John are in Prague searching for Stefano. Kate worries what she will do to Marlena and threatens to have Rafe arrest her … Kayla is not surprised Steve did not share his travel plans. Marlena does not know much yet. Kayla claims he can stay away for all she cares … Stefano Steve rages about the insufferable woman. Tony stands by his woman. Anna argues Steve used to hate Stefano too. John senses they are missing something …

Kristen admits she almost did not recognize father. Chad chuckles. She refers to a defining moment when he called her his beautiful daughter in Italian. Daddy is back. She missed his love. Chad asks why he left … Steve denies defending Stefano. Anna’s anger for her father-in-law was … Anna calls him a monster. Steve asks if Tony thinks the same. Tony tells him she has the right to speak her mind. Steve quips he has the right to say she is a pain in the … Rafe is unsure until Shawn lists the key clues – the tiara, her smoking, lousy police work and obsession with John. She also hardly noticed him and it is Gina who dislikes him. In addition she did not mention troubled Claire. Rafe wonders who did this to Hope. Shawn speaks the name of Stefano … John wants Steve to take it easy. He refuses and recalls how Anna once shot him. She argues if he had not been in the way Stefano would have gotten the bullet. John watches like a hawk when Steve emotionally states the phoenix always rises …

Rafe hears more history from Shawn. He points out Rolf has access to the hospital lab and when he was in town that was when Hope seemed to change. Shawn now believes he brought Gina back from the dead … Gina calmly claims Stefano wants his queen of the night. Kate knows she also wants John. Gina believes they were meant to be and boasts about the plan … Marlena questions Kayla’s feelings. She fumes she is with Justin now, and Steve wants another woman … Steve reasons Stefano outsmarted them all like a genius. Tony thinks that is about to change. Anna senses Steve admires Stefano and he does not deny it! Dangerous drums play … Kristen admits Stefano left after she did not give him her DiMera shares. He was disappointed. Chad sighs he did not confide his plans to him. He senses Kristen is also keeping something from him and asks how he looked. Better than she imagined he would … John is puzzled by Steve praising Stefano. Steve drawls the dude is a survivor they might not be able to find. He asks Anna to get outta the way. John drawls he would have said that differently. Tony snaps Steve is a rude insulting ass. Steve snaps Anna has a big mouth. John pulls his partner away when it gets heated. Tony argues Steve would never tolerate him talking to Kayla the way he just did to Anna and orders him to apologize to his wife … Back in Salem Shawn wants to find Rolf. Rafe sighs he escaped with help from Stefano and left the country. Shawn curses. Rafe reasons they could confront the Gina in Hope. Shawn warns she would put up a fight … Kate is enlightened on John and Marlena each being misled that the other perished in the plan. Kate protests. Gina gets out her gun and strongly suggests she sit back down …

Rafe cannot allow Gina/Hope to run around armed and dangerous … Gina reminds Kate she could be well rewarded or … she would not get her reward from Steffy and could be considered an accessory. Kate cares about her friends. Gina coldly warns if she betrays her and her friend Stefano, no one will be able to save her … Marlena informs Kayla that Steve lied about another woman to keep her at bay. Kayla is baffled. Maybe he did not tell John the truth. Marlena wonders whether he would still have a chance with her … At the café Steve casually claims to be happy Kayla is with Justin. Tony seems suspicious. Steve refuses to apologize to Anna. She warns John that Stefano will smell the posse with Steve in it. Tony will be in touch if he hears from fatha but only with John. He waltzes out with his wife. John sits down his partner and gasps what the hell got into him …

Shawn and Rafe are both ready to end this princess’ reign … Gina puts down her cigarette, pleased she pushed Kate around, and prepares … Kayla is moving on with wonderful Justin. Steve let her behind. Marlena compliments them as a couple. Kayla gets summoned to a patient. Marlena gets a message … Kristen has to go. Chad suspects she did not share everything but accepts her word that Stefano left. He suggests they combine their shares for a coup to defeat Gabi. Kristen cannot risk her firing her from Basic Black. Brady would believe she was the same Kristen as before. Chad cannot convince her to help. She innocently adds father might have something up his sleeve … Steve growls Tony and Anna can get lost. Time for their next move. He will meet his contacts in town, tells John he cannot come as it might make them nervous, and will see him back at the hotel soon … Rafe and Shawn find a smoldering cigarette but no Gina. Shawn worries what she is up to … Marlena finds Gina at the condo, after reading her message and asks if something happened. Gina produces her gun and whispers it soon will … Waitress Kate puts back the coffee pot and asks Chad what Kristen said about Stefano. That he looked well but he senses he is being misled … John searches Steve’s bag in the hotel room and finds Stefano’s phoenix ring. Steve returns. John holds it up and demands to know why he has it in his possession. Stefano pauses ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, January 29, 2020