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Episode 13,799
1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eli wakes up after dreaming he was back together with Lani. Gabi wonders … Chez JJ, he complains to Lani he could not access Gabi’s app. Tis too protected and she gets all alerts from Julie’s device. Lani wants no cops … Gina wonders who stole the cigarettes from her office … Shawn has been summoned by Rafe. He asks what the problem is with mom Hope … At the pub Marlena assures long distance John she is just fine and asks about him. He sighs no sign of Stefano in Prague. The intel did not pan out but the phoenix will not win. Steve overhears him call Stefano a filthy bastard. He clenches his glass and breaks it … Lani argues Gabi could push the button against Julie in her rage. She now asks about breakfast. JJ got her fav kind of chocolate croissant. He also heard something at DiMera mansion. Gabi and Eli have wedding plans … Gabi assumes Eli was dreaming of her, hence the smile. He assures her he is happy and kisses her … John misses sweetheart who misses him back. Steve picks up a piece of glass as John promises to keep the women he loves posted … Lani digests. Eli said nothing about marriage! JJ explains he just decided after he talked to him and further upsets her by admitting he agreed to be best man … Eli wants to set a wedding date. Gabi checks her calendar. June … He suggests Valentine's. She agrees and they get loving … Steve approaches John from behind with the broken glass in hand, his eye filled with evil intent. John ends his call and turns around, startled. Steve smiles he broke the glass and will clean it up. He suggests they meet down at the café. John goes ahead. Stefano rages tis time to claim his queen …

Kate joins Marlena, asking about John. She soap stares when she hears he went to Europe to search for Stefano with Steve … Gina colors red on a picture she drew of Marlena … Rafe updates serious Shawn on Hope’s sloppy police work, smoking and other strange behaviors. She made a move on John. Shawn gasps … Gabi cannot wait to wed Eli. He suggests they spend more time in bed and takes away her phone. The he sees something about Julie … Lani demands an explanation from JJ. Eli put him on the spot and he had to avoid suspicion. Lani now wants to make the most of the situation. JJ can get closer and expose Gabi … Eli calls Gabi guilty … of texting Julie behind his back to make wedding plans. She lies that is right. Valentine's is two weeks away. He cannot wait … Stefano Steve slips his phoenix ring back on. Bored Gina calls for the latest. He almost offed John Black but exercised restraint. Gina reminds him of the plan. He agrees they make Marlena believe John is dead, make John believe Marlena is dead and then get what they want. He reminds her to protect Marlena. Gina looks at the blood she colored in her Marlena drawing and plays along. Stefano orders her to sit tight and do nothing until he contacts her… Kate is concerned John left Marlena alone when Stefano is on the loose. Marlena smiles Hope the commissioner is here … Gina storms into Rafe’s office for her cigarettes. Shawn watches her threaten Rafe. He greets MOM and asks what is the matter …

John sips his coffee at the continental café. Stefano enters. He has a lead. John drawls so does he and suggests he turn around. There stand elegant Tony and Anna. Steve acts surprised to see them. Tony murmurs he is aware of his plan … Kate reminds Marlena she and Hope have issues. Marlena promised to give her friend another chance. No one can come between her and John. Kate whispers she knows something …. Gina smiles and asks Shawn why he is in Salem. He notes she did not come to Hong Kong. She reminds Rafe he has work to do and makes him leave. Now she wonders what Rafe said … JJ wants someone tech savvy like Theo to open the app. Lani reluctantly agrees. Gabi now knocks on the door with Eli. They are here for the best man … Marlena waits. Kate remembers Stefano’s warning that exposing him would also expose the fact that she covered up for him for months. She now reveals Rafe said Hope was acting strangely … Shawn denies Rafe said much. Gina/Hope knows he must have shown him the useless dossier he has on her. Shawn suggests she tell him her side of the story. She claims Rafe cannot accept they are over. Shawn invites her to lunch. She turns him down and adds Stefano is back …

John is ready to confer with Tony about Stefano. Anna sits at the table, miffed the world travelers are missing their schnitzel and strudel cooking class. Tony is charming as ever. Steve questions what he could possibly have on Stefano. Tony suggests something significant. John raises an eyebrow … JJ tries to get rid of Gabi and Eli but she pushes her way in gushing they wed on Valentine’s Day. Lani is hiding. JJ looks distracted. Gabi notices a woman’s fallen item of clothing. JJ does not kiss and tell. Eli suggests he invite his mystery woman to their new wedding. Gabi makes a catty comment about the clothes. They leave and livid Lani comes out … Marlena wonders what Rafe said about Hope. Kate’s break is almost over but she warns her to watch herself. Now it is back to waitressing. Marlena considers …

Hope promised to protect Marlena while John and Steve search for Stefano in Europe. Shawn asks her out to dinner. She gets her cigarettes back and he acts sympathetic. She suggests he text her. They can have a bite at the pub sometime. He agrees and she smiles seeing him was a great surprise. Then she exits. Shawn sighs … Steve sarcastically suggests Tony would not betray his infamous father. Tony admits he pledged his allegiance to fatha in the past. Presently he is committed only to Anna, who smiles. He informs curious John his last communication with Stefano was when he wanted to get his DiMera shares months ago. He would not meet in person, which made him suspicious. He decided to give them to brotha Chad in his war with Gabi. John asks if he could contact him again. Anna does not want him to have any contact with that hideous man. Stefano Steve stews … At the square Gabi is anxious about the last minute wedding. They could elope. Eli quips Julie would die … JJ tells livid Lani to focus … Anna calls Stefano an evil twisted old spider who should stay away from her Tony. He ruined their relationship, lots of lives and never paid! She smugly states he is a coward, now all alone. Steve thunders at “woman” to shut up … Marlena leaves John a message. It is about Hope … Kate storms into Gina’s office demanding answers about her scheme with Stefano … Rafe returns to Shawn, who drops a bombshell about “Hope.” That woman he just met is not his mother!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, January 28, 2020