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Episode 13,798
1220 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Will digests Maggie causing Adrienne and Sarah’s accident. Ciara wants the world to know it was not him. He breaks down about being innocent … Xander curses, unable to reach Ciara. Victor doubts she would destroy Maggie’s life … Maggie informs Sarah she regrets missing Mickey’s birth. She believes she was at home passed out because of Summer ... Papa Eric is at the pub with the baby. Nicole got him a sandwich cos he needs to take care of himself too … Kristen is relieved she and Brady relived that day together. Their daughter will remain in their hearts forever and they will always be her parents. Brady looks emotional … Will gets emotional as Ciara insists Adrienne swerved to avoid Maggie’s black car, not his. She updates him on Victor and Xander making him the fall guy after they heard him confess. Victor cannot get away with it … Victor assures Xander he would never admit they swapped the babies. Xander hopes the OBGYN they paid off will stay away. The Greek tycoon grumbles if they know what is right for them. Together they protected the women they love. Victor is sorry for Brady’s suffering though … Brady admits he was moved Kristen wanted their baby to be named after mama Isabella. He adds she had Kristen’s eyes. He called her Rachel Isabella. She weeps she had dreams for their daughter and he grabs her in a hug as she cries on his shoulder. He gallantly gives her his hanky and offers to accompany her to their daughter’s grave …

Sonny drops by to see Evan. Rafe is off on a stakeout. Sonny announces he and Will signed the divorce papers. Sympathetic Evan asks if he is alright. Alas he is not … Will hears how Victor claimed he wanted to protect Maggie. He doubts Maggie would have agreed. Ciara explains she has amnesia about leaving the house in an alcoholic stupor. They realize it would ruin her to know. Will questions whether the truth should come out after all … Nicole dines at the pub with Eric, praising Mickey’s parents. He is anxious to be with Sarah when they get the new test results so Nicole offers to look after his little girl. She wants to make up for the months she kept the secret Xander did not let her repeat. He knows he and Sarah pressured her and accepts her offer … Victor complains he lost Brady also because Xander made him make him CEO. Xander reminds him he is the only reason Maggie is not in the slammer. He covered … Sarah brings up the mistake Will must live with. Maggie could never imagine the feeling of being responsible for the death of a family member … Ciara believes Maggie and the authorities must know. Will must be set free to reunite with Sonny. Will seems to have accepted his fate. He is sorry she cannot clear Ben but she also wants to clear him. He belongs with Sonny … Evan hears Sonny ended his marriage with Will in person. He acts sympathetic. Sonny sighs he could not overcome what he did to Adrienne … At the square Kristen has white flowers while Brady’s bouquet is pink. Nicole and Eric with baby happen by. The brothers greet one another and hug. Mickey cries. Brady introduces Kristen to Mackenzie. She admires the beautiful baby, not realizing she is hers …

Will stammers Sonny is spending time with Evan. Ciara argues Will is the love of Sonny’s life and he can reclaim that life. He worries what Victor would do to Ciara, who is determined to do the right thing … Xander boasts his loyalty was worth something and he is a stellar CEO. Victor quips but the baby belongs to Brady and Kristen. Xander warns him no one can know … Sarah gets emotional about Xander delivering Mickey. The redhead reasons his love is real and asks how she feels about him. Sarah can only concentrate on Mickey. They both pray someone in the family will be a match … Eric updates Brady and Kristen on Mickey needing a bone marrow match. Brady is sorry. Kristen will pray. She hopes they never endure what they did. Nicole gets miffed she sounds like the baby will not make it. Eric understands what she meant. Nicole wonders where they were going. Kristen points out they want to place flowers for their child and quips does Nicole think she is making moves on her man?! Eric is bewildered. Nicole cringes when Kristen refers to Brady and Nicole as a couple …

Eric suddenly refuses Nicole’s offer of looking after his daughter and departs, sarcastically stating she and Brady must have better things to do. Kristen leaves with Brady, who alludes to talking to Nicole later … Sarah anxiously awaits the test results for Mickey as Maggie tries to make her feel better. The redhead raised her to be strong and vows she will never let her down again like she did the night Mickey was born. She feels badly she was not there … Will worries Maggie would be ruined. Ciara argues Sonny and Arianna would rejoice. She only wishes there was hope for Ben as well. Right now, however, Will can be with Sonny, who would be so happy to have and hold him … Sonny wonders how to tell Ari that he and Will ended their marriage. Evan is here to help. Rebound Sonny reasons he showed him he had a future after Will. Then he kisses him … Victor is certain Ciara would not tell Maggie she was the driver. Now they must focus on protecting her. Maggie appears and wonders. Victor was worried she was spending too much time at the hospital. She wants to be here for him, her daughter and grandchild. Xander now hears Mickey must have a bone marrow transplant. Both Eric and Sarah have been tested. They hope one parent will be a match. Victor looks away. Xander looks numb …

Eric joins Sarah at the doctor’s office with Mickey. No results yet. He asks about Maggie, who still feels badly about not being there when the baby was born. Sarah regrets not letting Eric know he was the father. He forgave her and she realizes he still has not forgiven Nicole. Now he only wants to focus on saving Mickey … Kristen and Brady stand at Rachel Isabella’s grave in the snow. She cries if only their daughter could have lived! Brady wipes away his tears and pulls her close. Their daughter knows they love her … Will is grateful for Ciara’s news. She cannot wait to tell the whole world! He needs some time to think and suggests she let Victor and Xander assume she said nothing. Ciara knows Maggie would want him out of the slammer for Sonny. She asks him not to file the divorce papers and agrees to let him sleep on it. Overwhelmed Will watches her leave … Evan stops. The divorce papers have not been filed! Sonny insists it is over and he wants him. Evan kisses him and takes him by the hand …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, January 27, 2020