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Episode 13,797
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Ciara is with inmate Will and his divorce papers. She exclaims he is innocent! He did not cause Adrienne’s death …

Will in the past confessed to Sonny that he ran Sarah and Adrienne off the road. That means he killed his mom … Jack is in Jen’s room. JJ enters and Jack suggests a burger. Abigail is getting one. JJ has something to tell him about Adrienne ... Justin weeps how to go on without her … Xander gives Sarah the Black Baby as her own. She notes she does not look like she remembers … Kristen’s hysterics over losing her baby have caused Haley to tumble down the stairs. Another life is lost. Abigail was a witness! Kristen covers her mouth in horror … Sonny digests. Will was driving the other car? Yes. Sonny doubts it. Sarah said the car was black. Will argues his is dark grey and it was dark. Sonny argues he is too good a driver. Will admits he was distracted by texting. Sonny snaps … Xander suggests Sarah is confused … Abigail cannot find a pulse. Kristen walks away. Abigail screams for someone to heeeelp … Xander admires the little one. Rafe comes in and congratulates them. Kristen had a baby girl as well and Brady is elated. Sarah gushes. Rafe asks about the accident. A car came into their lane and Adrienne had to swerve. It might have been black but he should ask Adrienne. Rafe realizes she is unaware … As Justin stands with Kayla, he cries and remembers the day he gave Adrienne her wedding ring. It rendered her speechless. He puts away the hanky to remember and regains his composure. Time to see Sonny and call the others. Kayla assures him she is here and they hug … Jack looks like his soul has been slapped. He is stunned little sis is gone. How to tell Jen when she wakes up?! They were thick as thieves. He wants to see Adrienne and stammers someone must tell Abigail. JJ goes to find her …

Brady comes back to Kristen’s room and wonders where the baby went … Abigail is sitting near the nurse’s station. JJ arrives, sorry about what happened. She assumes he means Haley. He gasps what ?!! She sadly states she is gone forever … Jack finds Kayla near the late Adrienne and asks if he can be here. Of course and she offers her condolences. He holds his sister’s cold hand and asks if she called Steve. She left a message and now gets paged by the nurse’s station. Jack is left alone with his late little sister … Sonny wants to know what was so important Will had to text and drive! He stammers he was sending Sami a text. Sonny bellows at him for being busy. Justin appears. What is wrong? … Sarah starts to hyperventilate. Sorry Rafe steps out. She blames herself but Xander slyly suggests she blame the other driver. She wants them held responsible! Xander now gives her their name … JJ is in denial. Abigail updates him on hearing Haley and Kristen arguing. Then came a scream and she saw Kristen at the top of the stairs, lifeless Haley at the bottom. He takes off to get answers … Brady tenderly asks Kristen what she means. JJ bursts in and rages at the crazy beech but Brady keeps him at bay. Kristen looks broken … Brady reasons Kristen just gave birth. JJ rages she shoved the now late Haley down the stairs, vows to make her pay and storms out. Brady soap stares. Broken woman Kristen sits in silence on the bed … Kayla has updated horrified Abigail on Adrienne and offers to take her to her. JJ wants to say goodbye to Haley first. He agrees Abigail should be with Jack but not tell him about Haley yet for he would worry. She hugs her brother in support …

Justin asks what the fight was about. Will sniffles he will find out soon enough. Sonny steps away. Will lets him know he loved Adrienne. Justin replies she loves him like a son as does he. That makes it harder for Will to say … Sarah wonders why Xander did not reveal the driver’s name to Rafe. He wanted to inform her first. He overheard Will confessing to JJ. Sarah is shocked by the tragedy of him killing his husband’s mother … Justin digests Will being the driver who caused the crash. He admits he did not exactly see everything. Sonny snaps he was texting. Justin rubs his head. Will stammers he saw the two women unconscious in the car but Adrienne woke up and said another car came into the lane, running them off the road. Then he realized it was his fault. Adrienne was so nice and he is so sorry. Justin shouts he lost the love of his life because of him! Sonny tells teary Will to just go. Will wishes he had been the one instead of Adrienne and woefully walks out of their lives. Father and son emotionally embrace …

Kristen croaks to Brady that nurse Chan upset her. Then she fell. Brady asks what she said. That their baby did not survive. Kristen still does not know what happened but their baby girl is gone! Brady does not believe it … As Sarah hangs onto her baby Xander gently advises her Adrienne would want her to focus on baby first, mourn later. He asks about a name. She smiles Mackenzie and Mickey for short. He thinks naming her after her adopted fatha sounds perfect. She cannot wait to tell Maggie … Brady argues the baby was perfect. Kristen cries she said there were complications. They do not want to believe it. Brady insists she stay while he get to the bottom of it. Kristen gets back on the bed and huddles … JJ looks down at dearly departed Haley, so young and beautiful. Kayla is sorry and gives him privacy. He weeps for his sweet girl, his double happiness who made him believe and love again. Tonight would have been the beginning! He woefully takes the engagement ring he never got to give her out of his pocket and breaks down beside her …

Brady returns to Kristen’s room carrying a baby. She is not alive but neither knows it is the wrong baby! Time to say goodbye. Kristen sobs as he takes her hand and gives her the infant. He holds her and for a brief moment they mourn. Rafe enters, sees the scene, apologizes and agrees to come back later. Kristen cries on heartbroken Brady’s shoulder as Xander sits with happy Sarah and child … JJ places the engagement ring in Haley’s hand … Jack and Abigail stand in silence as Kayla pulls the sheet over Adrienne’s face … Will stands and speaks with Rafe while Sonny and Justin watch …

Back to the future … Ciara has finished telling Will her story. He is stunned the real driver was Maggie. She insists it is time for the world to know what really happened …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, January 24, 2020