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Episode 13,796
1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Xander and Victor worry since Ciara now knows what they did. It all began last Mother’s Day when Victor tried to protect Maggie …

Sarah and Xander admire her beautiful crying baby in the car where he delivered her. She thanks her hero, who also assures her Adrienne will be alright … Will admits to desperate Sonny he was there but did not exactly see the accident … Kristen is in labor. The doctor and Haley urge her to push. The last push is a hard one but Brady helps her through. The baby cries and the proud parents hear they have a girl. At the same time Xander escorts Sarah and baby into the hospital. JJ apologizes he had to bring Adrienne first and congratulates them. Sweet Haley takes Sarah’s baby for a checkup. They are awaiting word on Adrienne … Will stammers to Sonny he called 911 because … Justin rushes in announcing they lost her. Sonny sobs. Will digests … Kristen and Brady have a sweet moment with their baby. She was once a nice woman but then her baby died and she snatched Tate. She is sorry. Brady gushes she is going to be a great mum. She gushes their girl is lucky to have him and loves this day … Sarah is in her room with attentive Xander. She wonders why Maggie is not here … Maggie is asleep on a golden pillow. Victor is relieved everything is alright … Sonny weeps Adrienne was so happy, here and fine. Why did this happen? Justin assures him Kayla said she had no pain. Sonny wants to believe she did not know it was her last moment. Will stands in silence. Kayla asks if they want to bid her goodbye. Sonny sobs away with his father. Will bites his lip …

Xander remembers finding Maggie and fibs to Sarah. Victor said Maggie did not feel well. Sarah suspects Summer. Xander smiles she will see Maggie in the morning. He now asks if she noticed the other car, the driver. She only noticed it was black and asks about Adrienne. Tragic music plays as he suggests she rest, kisses her forehead and leaves. He asks Kayla about Adrienne. Alas she did not survive. Xander calls Victor in a tizzy. Adrienne is dead and it looks like Maggie was responsible … JJ finds weeping Will, who updates him on Adrienne dying. He blurts out it was his fault. Victor has arrived and watches with Xander. Will admits he ran Adrienne off the road and killed Sonny’s mom. Victor hushes Xander. He wants Will to blame himself. That way Maggie stays safe … Sonny and Justin have a sad goodbye with the late Adrienne. Sonny is overcome and Justin hugs him … JJ wants Will to elaborate. He texted Sami, took his eyes off the road for one second, heard honking, saw the lights and swerved. He did not think he was in the other lane but when he looked back he saw that Adrienne had crashed so he must have been. JJ adds Sarah said the car was black but Will’s car is grey. Will saw no other cars on the road. Victor mutters at Xander to keep his silence. No one will know it was Maggie. Xander reasons it would mean involuntary manslaughter for Will. Victor implores him to help him save Maggie again. He solemnly agrees …

Nurse Haley takes a picture of Brady, Kristen and baby. Brady steps out so Haley can check vitals. Mom is fine but Haley has to take the baby to the nursery. She will bring her back shortly. Mama Kristen kisses her bundle of joy … Xander goes to see Sarah’s baby. Victor accompanies him, relieved the baby was alright. Maggie could never have lived with it if she had harmed her own grandchild … Justin recalls the first time he met Adrienne, a young lass crying on a park bench. She brought out the best in him and he left her with a silk hanky she used to wipe away her tears. He cries he felt like her knight in shining armor. Sonny knows that story. Justin adds she also saved him! They must be as strong as she was …

Victor and Xander enter the nursery. Baby Horton is not in her bassinet. The doctor is sorry to say she is in distress. The monitor goes haywire as she tries to revive her. Xander wants to know wot is happening … In the waiting room Will is sorry. JJ understands what he is going through. Will is relieved Sarah and baby are alright. JJ tells him he must tell the police what he did. He agrees but only after he speaks to Sonny … In the nursery Sarah’s baby is lost due to trauma from the accident. Xander breaks down. Victor solemnly stares … JJ goes to call Jack … Xander snaps they said she was healthy! The lady doctor lets him hold his now late daughter. He cries he loved her. Victor stands by in the Greek tragedy and mutters Maggie can never know she killed her own granddaughter … Brady cuddles with Kristen and calls her a rock star. She gushes they got a baby girl. He wants to go call John and will be right back. But first he says he loves her … Xander asks if Victor will blame Will for this as well. No. The Greek tycoon glances at the baby in the next bassinet – Baby Black …

Justin thanks God for his last days with Adrienne. Sonny is inconsolable. Justin kisses her forehead. Until they meet again … Haley complains to JJ she must check the vitals of a woman who just heard the worst news. Once she steps away JJ opens his ring box … Kayla gives Justin Adrienne’s wedding ring and holds him … Sonny goes back to Will and hangs onto him for dear life. Will comes clean. “I was at the accident cos I caused it. It is my fault that your mother is dead” … Victor informs sleeping beauty Maggie when she wakes up she will have a new granddaughter and hopefully no memory of this night … Xander returns to smiling Sarah with baby Black, whom he places in her arms as her own. He calls her perfect … Uninformed Brady calls John with great news … Haley is surprised the doctor did not speak to Kristen yet. Kristen wants her baby. She promised to bring her back. Haley gasps she will go get her. Kristen follows her and stops her. Where is her little girl? Haley admits she was just in ICU. There were complications. They tried but she is gone. She is so sorry. Kristen follows her to the top of the staircase as she offers to find Kayla. She grabs her and shakes her, screaming she was supposed to keep her baby safe. Kristen is hysterical. Haley slips and goes tumbling down. By the time she stops she looks like a lifeless ragdoll.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, January 23, 2020